Ones white and the other is a nigger, moving on.

One couple accidentally left their cocaine within reach (should keep it in a safe next time), the other couple stole property that didn't belong to them.

Are babies physically capable of snorting cocaine?

One invests in the economy and the other leeches.

One can afford a hair stylist and one cant?

>wealthy tv celebrities are above the law
>poor people aren't
ya don't fucking say?

There are other ways to ingest coke you normie.

One crime happened in Arizona and the other happened in Wisconsin.


Is that Kelly Ripa?


Damn, Darnell's life has sure gone down hill.


>we din du nuffin

Sup Crabman!

White privilege got nothing on wealth/celebrity privilege.
If Morgan Freeman was caught with a dead hooker and 100 kilos of cocaine, he'd get at most 1 year in rehab.
If a random piece of trailer trash stole somebodies car they would be imprisoned from 5 to 10 years depending on their history.

>90 cans

Yeah dude that obviously its for feeding a child and not for reselling

Yeah, the niggers probably never apologized. Also, look at them. Also, theft by taking is definitely different than whatever happened with the white couple, which is probably that she breast fed after bumping all night or some dust accidentally got in its food. The niggers committed a black and white, no pun intended, crime.

Cans of powdered baby formula are allegedly used to cut cocaine or are sold in the black market or some shit.

I remember reading about this.

People don't steal 90 cans of baby formula for their kid. It's to make drugs or something.

Sage all spam.

One group committed no crime that could be proven (there is no evidence that they were the ones who put coke in their kid) and the other group was caught on camera stealing from walmart.


Yea one of them can afford Jewish lawyers

dis mane


Wow it's almost as if one rule exists for rich people and another for poor people.

>not blowing cocaine up your baby's butthole

Don't they go over this in the mommy classes?

>fails to understand that drug felonies vary by state law example: Florida will give you a felony for having any amount of a hard core drug on you such as LSD Meth Coke, etc
>instead of making it a class issue (which it could be) they want to play the race card

Normies are the ones who ingest coke you double-normie.

90 cans ain't a mistake

Rich vs poor people.
Money gives you power unfortunately


Morgan Freeman raped a girl, yet nobody seems to ever bring that up.

Thats because your country is a corrupt shithole like Africa.

>be my uncle
>be retarded but only get possession/trespassing charges, dumb stuff
>"hey dude can I keep some stuff in your car"
>"just for like a day, it's legit"
>"sure dumbass buddy of mine"
>cops bust buddy
>uncle gets conspiracy & possession of stolen property because his dukbass friend tried to put it on his shoulders
>normally 10 years or so
>the three strikes law was just implemented, judge wanted to make a point
>gets life

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it's just a weird life man

No. Morgan Freeman raped your mum.

all i mgetting is that he fucked his granddaughter, no rape

>Making light of it.
No, Morgan Freeman raped a girl in Louisiana when he was 20 or so.

NY Daily News posted a personal photograph of the coke people having fun to make people hate them, and Fox posted a mug shot to make people feel sorry for the shoplifters.

Yep,most problems people put down to racism, etc are really about class.

How violent and self destructive minorities are, however, not a matter of perspective.

A baby on coke would be the fucking worst.

Morgan Freeman used to frequent Yahoo and Excite chatrooms to meet random girls to fuck off the internet.

Nothing surprises me regarding him

>Drug users made a mistake
>drug makers stole to cut their cocain for the drug users

Nope, both trash

>Doing hard drugs while being a parent

>really chill guy
>turns out to be a former spy and in witness protection program
>turns out his black kid isn't his
>you will never see if he becomes his own man or a niguck
he was /ournigger/

Yea, one is bias to the left and the other to the right

Fuck, did Buckwheat fall off the wagon or what?