Who here longs for the post apocalyptic world?


Don't know about apocaliptic, but I crave some starvation URSS style

Don't we all.

It's a fun thought experiment, but the reality of it would be horrific in scope and loss.

No, best to keep that as fiction.

>go on Sup Forums because I thought complaining about niggers and kikes might make me forget about today's episode
>first thing I see is this
Just tell me Kaban's gonna be ok man

A simple virus is all that it would take.

Why the fuck is that show so popular

Nobody longs for it more than I do.

I get down on my knees every night and pray to God for a nuclear armageddon.

It's super comfy end of the world.

Just watch it nig

Horrible taste

The end of the world would be anything but comfy.

Oh yeah, tell me more about it.

Assuming you survive? Ha

Go choke on a bag of cocks, America. Oh wait you've been doing that ever since you "won" against Britain.

Fucking retarded burgers will never appreciate how good they have it.

a world where the crap has been cut, sign me up.

Spoiler, you're the crap.


I don't truly want an apocalypse per say

All i truly want is to wander the lands living by my own with weapons at my side

Basically Fallout but with no nukes is what i want

What game is that?

What show is this?

you weaboo niggers aren't prepared

what show is this?

>No internet
>No NEET bux
>No tendies
Nobody on this board would survive and even if somebody did they'd be to socially awkward to be able to continue the existence of the species

Boku no Kemono

I kind of actually do.

Yes. I wanted to go to eastern Ukraine to shoot up some Ukrainians but then I realized it is just another goyim vs goyim fight with Shlomo in the background. Now I just browse online where to purchase a cheap respirator and helium tank.

>Everyone in this thread thinks they're going to be the last survivor walking around an empty city

You fat autists wont want if/when it happens, i promise.

>implying that we are not going to be the one who designed the virus.

We have been jumping timelines, or at least I have. It's a really odd perdicament. Climate catastrophe caused by Nibiru was supposed to change everything along with a pole shift. I don't see that happening now, which sucks because it was the ticket to kill off many undesirables. The Georgia Guidestones did nothing wrong. Guess we will see, but even WW3 is looking to be postponed... Real fucking lame because nothing else will correct things like female entitlement and other heavy handed NWO agendas.

sauce plz