Meme war: Australia

So a Dingo was telling me the other night that the ""person"" who got rid of the White Australia policy is a dirty heeb who lives in Israel and shills for an Ethnically homogeneous Israel.

This being the case, why don't we bring the meme war to Australia? Let's meme the White Austrailia Policy back into exsistence.
>Shill the fact that this dirty heeb dismantled the policy and advocates for Ethno Nationalism in Israel, Hypocrisy! Via posters
>start poster Campaigns all throughout Australia highlighting the displacement of Australians in their own cities (Sydney, Brisbane M-Melbourne)
>Start hashtags
I'd really like to meme a white Ethno state out of Australia :^)

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A reminder of What we're fighting for


Won't you come a waltzing Matilda with me?

Not many people know this but race is actually written into our constitution. Probably a motivational factor behind the coon referendum would be to remove this "historical baggage"

>race is in your constitution
Even better, the legal frame work is already in place, you just need to apply the pressure

Could someone please explain WTF those things hanging from the hats are?

Not yet, we have to wait until things get dire.. democracy is kind of like that moron who only learns through trial and error, luckily Australia is a slow-progressing democracy.
All we can do until opinion changes is to make sure it stays that way.

They are abo mind control devices, noone knows the true depths of their stick technology. stay woke.






Cork. Keeps the flys away

There must be some way to "get the people's attention"
Does news out of Multi cult Europe and America make it down there?

Check #dingotwitter. Currently you can win ur bodyweight in VB if you can get your shitposts on QandA Monday nights

I mostly watch the ABC. During the refugee crisis and the terrorist attacks that followed they omitted more information than they released. During the US election they copied CNN stories almost verbatim.
Like most things in Australia (we are much like the U.S in this and many other regards) the media is largely monopolized, or behind paywalls (Think Rupert Murdoch).

>like the US in many regards
Do Australian people still harbor the same distrust in media as in the US?

Yes. Lots of us don't trust the news so we go to Twitter and Facebook. Bitches gonna bitch about fake news being spread on those platforms, but what do you want us to do? Sit down, shut up and conform to the bias of said bitch.

Fuck that shit.

It's no where near the same level

Its far too fucking late for any of that to happen.

Defeatist cuck

The best tactic would be to meme pHanson and her immigration stance n Aussie values. Make that the issue instead of "why have a plebiscite"

Keep Hanson at arms length, REALLY shill the policy itself, force the mainstream party to adopt it

The faggots shot down the plebiscite so they could keep pushing it in media without a vote since they would have lost.

ON is just a tool to express contempt with current policies, they aren't the party we need.

What would be the best way to "meme" support for a based immigration policy? (And to a further extent a white Australia policy)

My view is that politics will shift globally to the right in future decades, to an inevitable collision between Islam and Europe. Australian politics mirrors global western sentiment at a slower pace, I think we will have to wait. In the mean time reasonable discussions about things like immigration rate vs highschool graduate unemployment rate have been successful for me.

Look at Dick Smith for starters. Totally memeable name, household name, business man and fierce Aussie. He's told us to pump the brakes and look after our own

You'll always have success when talking about housing prices and how current gen were fucked out of buying anything a boomer got for a year of work.

Is this fellow in Politics?
>immigration effecting native Aussies
That's a good strategy to use.

I like to fuck with leftists heads by saying that immigration hurts the immigrants' country of origin if we really are taking their best and brightest.
Puts them in a tight spot

When are the next Generals in Australia?
You should reach out to the younger generation, specifically the ones who will be able to vote in the next general

Agreed, I often bring this up with people my age. Another overlooked statistic is that 30% of Sydney's population was born overseas. That's a good way to dive into that topic.
In a lot of ways we (((intersect))) with true environmentalists that advocate lower populations etc, and that is a non-confronting way to frame it.

Brain-drain is a brilliant argument, many such case studies about intelligent free-thinking Chinese fleeing China during the cultural revolution to Taiwan that show the effects.

Hey Satan, here's a good anti immigrant argument that applies to my country as well as yours
>you:Immigrants are displacing our people and our culture
Leftist swine: we did the same to the Aboriginals
>you: Exactly, do you want what happened to the Aboriginal people to happen to our people?
>leftist swine: uh...well whites are oppressive (or another non argument)

This works well as a foil for normies

This isnt Australian.

Exactly, the way that I see it since they care about these other people so much, it would get their attention if they knew that their liberal immigration policies were inadvertently hurting these countries,
Dumb cunts they are

Any aussies here listen to Redgum?

>Oi Breki is ready ya slack cunt
>blokes' dunny
That sounds Australian to me, at the very least it's Anglo

Not an Aussie but I Unironically love this song

That's the spirit, come home white man.

I want to come badly. It's so dark here. (In terms of skin color that is, and time zone)

On a semi related note, how's NZ? Any chance of you lot removing RICE?

Who do you think funds Lets Fully Welcome Immigrants?

(((Here's a hint)))

Probably not from the cities, but the shitskins stay away from rural area's (which is 99.999% of the south island), I think the locals scare them.

*laughter ensues*

they even repackage Chinese products as "made in NZ" - look up melamine in NZ dairy and honey - it's bulk purchased and repackaged there by the mandar slavers

good shit, I was only 19 gets a play at least once a year on ANZAC day

Well that's obvious.
What I think we should do in Australia America and Europe is identify the people who are pro open borders for what they are foreigners. (Many of them Christ killing Kikes!)
Donthis via poster campaign
Yea I heard your South Island was all set

watch this for some south island aesthetic.


I remember watching the kiwi (((news))) and some whackjob aussie was on it and he called the news lady a "femanazi bitch" and it immediately cut to ads.

10/10 anime, where's the manga?
Can I hear more Aussie media stories? I heard that one about the Australian military fellow who insinuated that the lady interviewer was a prostitute on live radio

fairly big meme so not sure if you've seen it already.

What do you cunts think of the current talk on 18C. Twitter is blowing up today and yesterday about it with #freedomofspeech and today is #anzacs.

I want the freedom of speech the USA has.

I haven't seen that

It's new zealand.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what's with this meme news?
>US freedom of speech
Our freedom of speech is fundementally flawed in it that it allows (((people))) to undermine national interests.
In short we have always allowed the Communists to ebb away at our free speech, at our values, and so on.

Right now it's beneficial to us but it must be revised in the future

>already has an offshore detention policy for refugees and undocumented arrivals, soon to be emulated by USA
>already has immigration levels lower than quota
>already has lazy racism at every level of society and policy
>all fairness in policy and law is just ass-covering by career politicians, lawyers and accountants the lot of em
You're a fuckin kid, OP. The policy is there, just not official. You just want to wave it from flags because you think triggering people makes you feel significant.
Shhhh, the racism and kicking of the weak is the very bedrock of our nation, don't stir up any shit, the left are all hiding in Universities doing nothing.

Yea they are pretty meme tier in order to still be relavent, still pretty jewy, but nowhere near as jewy as the stuff from 1,2 or 4.

>pro open borders

even foreign born Australians often hate foreigners. it's actually (((pretty specific))) who wants them here. Everyone else thinks we're massively overpopulated (SHUT UP ABOUT THE MARS-TIER DESERT WE ARE NOT LIVING THERE)

>I want to trigger people to feel significant
No I want to trigger people because it's entertaining
>leftists hiding in universities doing nothing
No, even if it seems like they're doing nothing they're planting ideas into the heads of your youth, why do you think our boomer hippies are such utterly cucked fuckwits?
Never become complacent

We have virtue signalling cunts take legal action to the human rights commission if you say anything on race that they take offence with.

They have to prove the are offended. Low bar. Then you have to defend your right to say what you did.

Should be that the offence taker has to prove you don't have the right to say what you did, innocent until proven guilty. But that's not how it works here

I think identifying (((them))) as foreigners is a better way to approach it, that way you don't get shot down with
>Anti Semitism

The outback would be a perfect place if it wasnt full of abo's, only white australians are nuts enough to live in alice springs.

Ah I see, amend it how you see fit, I'm just trying to say that our freedom of speech is both a blessing and a curse, tread carefully with it

>he doesn't want to live on a proto mars in the Australian outback

See if this website works in the states.

Yea it works, do you want me to search something on it?

Time to dump more memes:

We need more white people in the south island, it will become a mountainous safe haven, and will use less wall then mexico border.
Here's a good one

I thank you kindly my man, but he Was right in one regard, I'm just 18 ATM, going to uni next year. I'm pretty set on jumping ship tho, how's the job market in NZ?
More whites on the South Island? Shouldn't the strategy be to send more whites to the north to try and reclaim it?

Sounds about right lol

>Wtf you fuck knuckle?
>what kind of daddy will you be once we start ass fucking?


Plenty of farm and trade jobs. Not really the place for white collar jobs though. I work in the army as an electronics technician, best fucking job I've ever had.

Honestly I was kind of looking into becoming a train engineer and shipping out to Aus, I hear they pay roughly a hundered grand (US) in some places for that kind of work

sounds like a good plan.

That's mining money. You have to work in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere and the only thing to do with your time off is to drink or smoke ice

Kalgoorlie is a shithole, but so long as you dont waste your money on horses, whores and beer you should be able to retire in around 5 years.

Train engineers don have to live on site do they? They're the ones driving the trains (I'm talking rails, not those road trains you sly bastards run)
Anyway it was just a thought, I'm honestly a bit iffy about college anyway, I don't want to get fucked with debt, but I feel like so need a degree just to get a job in the US let alone in another country

Get your forklift license, best investment you'll ever do.

Not saying not to do it mate. Just beware of the isolation. You'll be working in brackets not your standard 9-5 Monday - Friday.

Good money and will instill a strong work ethic. Probably meet some top cunts along the way

Also dont fall for the boomtown shit, lots of people end up stuck in shitholes.

Yea I understand the rail industry is different from 5-9 type jobs, but I wouldn't expect that drivers would have to live on sight at the mines, I assumed they would live near a hub or something

Australia is such a fucking massive place, with so much space between towns everything becomes a shithole.

Right I've heard the mining industry is on the decline anyway.
Immnot going to pretend I'm 100% sure of what I plan to do, I'm a young cunt and I have a lot of research to do

I'll definitely look into the fork lift license, sounds very beneficial

Might I ask, are you a fork lift driver?

used to be, also used to be a dairy farmer.

Where did you use your forklift? Like what kind of work? Were you on a farm, in a warehouse, in a mine?

Im 25 now, I started dairy farming when I was 17, by the time I was 19 I had shit tons saved up and was pro with the tractor forks, I then decided to move into town where I got my forklift license and started working at a grocery store and then decided to move to australia to make some bucks ended up moving mining stuff onto trains hopping about from shit town to shit town, joined the army just last year.

Interesting, I'm assuming they use industrial forklifts at the mines correct?!if you're certified to drive forklifts are you certified to drive those?

yep, the actual course to get the license is only like 2 days, they only care about experience. Most grocery stores and walmart type places will take you even if you have no experience.

So I get my forklift license (I'm certified to drive industrial forklifts with this certification, correct? Or is that a different certification?) then I just need some experience driving it at a grocery store or the likes of and I'm good?

Not sure how it works in the states or if its changed but just get a license and experience and your good to drive industrial forklifts.

Sounds good man thanks a lot! Really, If this could be a good alternative to college aid take it. I heard mining pay is pretty sick, I can take the isolation for a few years so long as I make some good bank, besides I've always felt more comfortable working at my job after school (in a restaurant) than in school itself
I hate Education with a passion, it's such a waste, I learn more from one book than our kekd schools

As a quick follow up, how much experience do you think people are looking for?
A few weeks, months, what?

Not too sure, I had around 2 and a half years experience, although I wasnt using super heavy duty forklifts.

Do you have any idea where I might be able to research how much experience I should try to get?

I have some forklift mates but they arent the Sup Forums type, they probably dont even have emails. Probably just search google.