Do you retards actually believe this Sup Forums?

Do you retards actually believe this Sup Forums?

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I don't care about space anymore, it's basically just an enlarged pile of mud, it's like being fascinated by the forms the dirt you trample on take.

fuck you

Why would they fake it? do you believe in flat earth? what do they have to gain from lying about it? inb4 muh jesus

I don't know that old fuck made me disappointed to be a trump fan

I don't think anyone would go through that much effort to fake something like space travel. You would have to show me some evidence to say the $500million plus rocket launches did not put a rover on mars.


The reply to the NASA tweet is a trump supporter

>enlarged pile of mud
lmao just like your extended family

space is a vaccum so no way to send signals to rover. its all staged here on earth


Yeah. Spending money on bolstering the number of third world people is much better

Then how does gps or sattalite tv work?

haha, savage.

>White people think they went to the moon and mars

We wuz kings meme has nothing on that.
eddie bravo + eric dubay

EM waves don't need air to propagate

No it's not, you can simply cancel that one. It's not one or the other.

hey man that was really rude please say you're sorry

why do you give a fuck what one random faggot Sup Forums has never heard of has to say?

hell if i know. the sats are close enough to be reached. seriously though it probably isnt fake but how would waves travel in a vaccum?

My dad works for nasa and I've driven the Mars rover. They control it with a modified xbox remote


>Believing that we went to space
>Believing that outer space even exists

Way to fall for the liberal indoctrination, you dumb sheep.


we can possibly find tasty fish in the deep blue sea too


I am shocked at how racist you are being sven

oh well now i know

>being this retarded

Over time its going to get cheaper, and sooner or later, we will have to get out of this planet for survival. It could be 60 years from now or a 10000 years but it starts at one point.

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Same user here to add on. Search up the Russian space station that burned up and crashed in the ocean, it was called the MIR


Yes! Mans desire to travel the stars is the ultimate expression of our desire to conquer the unknown. It is beautiful and epic and we should be spending every last dollar possible in its pursuit.

You can't be more than 14. There's no way anyone who has taken even a high school science class is this fucking dumb


Sounds a bit racist. Just like colonialism.

>implying colonialism was wrong

i used to work at the machine shop that made those wheels, and have a buddy wh still does.

cork it, commie.

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Posting just to thank you for checking that Swedish bullshit we see here every day.

it's the same way light moves in a vacuum

visible light and radio waves are literally the same thing, we just have organs (eyes) that are sensitive to a small part of the em spectrum

If anyone knows about muddying things up its a swede

kill yourself you dumb sheep. Elon Musk should tie you to the Crew Dragon when it orbits the moon.

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Today is your day, user.

No, but the added SSP budget will go to the Kekolic church and fund construction of the Kektacian in Antarctica. Deal with it, we gave you Trump, we get our Holy lands. Aren't you tired now, slide down in those sheets, get comfy and get some rest...

So cool we got to see some rocks and dust. After all, it's not like we're 20 trillion in debt or anything like that...

>what is the EMF
my guy come on


jesus man

Sup Forums actually believes the earth is flat...


Only thing fishy to me here is how that polymer insulation on the wires survived space. Now, I know the interior of Curiosity is heated by an RTG, but those cables look pretty exposed. Someone explain this to me.

>not beliving in flat earth.

Not surprised shitty 3rd world guy believes in flat earth

and the grand canyon and meteor crater are just big holes in the ground
go crawl back under your rock

Why the fuck not?
A magnetic field creates an electric field which creates a magnetic field etc, propagating the wave.
Waves don't need a medium. If you absolutely want one though, it would be space itself.

GPS works by triangulation.

3 nearest cellphone towers (which are NOT satellites and are completely on earth).

Exactly this extends to visible light too, a wave.
How the fuck do you think sunlight reaches us?

Satelites fly in outer atmosphere not space.

>this faggot thinks we live on a ball
Educate yourself

Sorry need to clarify I meant regular gps devices like garmin handhelds.

You're still breathing?

This is a solid troll post. What is light from the sun?

God damn user.

Ok yea you got a point they do orbit the exosphere.

+ 20 minutes of delay?

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Picture taken yesterday of Saudi Arabia from space
I hope all flat earth people know the rest

>muh fish eye lense

American education.....
do they even teach you about gravity

get a load of this faggot

Cringing at this shareblue post
>This was a serious attempt to turn people against Trump

this. and it's not flat, its a dome.

I've been a trump supporter since september 2015 fuck off

Pls be bait

Pls be bait

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What is GPS?

The global positioning system is a satellite-based navigation system consisting of a network of 24 orbiting satellites that are eleven thousand nautical miles in space and in six different orbital paths. The satellites are constantly moving, making two complete orbits around the Earth in just under 24 hours. If you do the math, that's about 2.6 kilometers per second. That's really moving!

The GPS satellites are referred to as NAVSTAR satellites.

I posted your bullshit for you so you don't have to, go away.

I'm not going to defend flat earth trump supporters. you guys are as degenerate as leftists

Top Kek

At last I truly see
Fuck drumpf and fuck white people

It'd amaze me how many retards we have, but I watched the Democratic convention and realized we have tapioca-brains to spare and more potatoes than an Irish cornucopia.

>muh Shaq flat earthing
>but the moon landing was all on TV!

The race into space went downhill because (((they))) realized that if we succeeded in getting a foothold out there, controlling a bunch of freespacers that can push rocks down the gravity well wasn't happening.

Thus, we're in the current year and barely outside atmosphere in a single dinky space station.

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This is a fucking psy op to discredit the far right. In my opinion, Eddie Bravo is compromised. I wouldn't be surprised if he took a bribe to start pushing flat earth shit after he and Joe Rogan got so much publicity after the show that Alex Jones was on. Notice how Alex Jones has deleted all the flat earth stuff off of Infowars and refused to let any flat earth discussion on his show?

>he doesn't know about the GPS redpill

Why? Control. Power. Superiority. To keep us subordinate to something they created. To create something we cannot influence yet must live based upon it's supposed findings; a world where only certain people determine the nature of reality, where it so out of reach to the average man that he cannot deny them or even have the grounds to question their authority. To shape our entire reality.

This, desu. We're so hopelessly far from anything even remotely inhabitable that there really isn't any use for space exploration. Unless we can break the laws of physics and reality, it's useless.

how do you think light and UV rays reach us from the sun?


>from space

What, 300 miles above the earth is """""space""""" now?

gravity is just a form of magnetism

as a theory it actually works outside of any atomistic cosmogeny, it's just not really contextually relevant

>the Illuminati has total control over everyones perception of the world and spends trillions of dollars and millions of peoples time faking space exploration but autists on twitter can catch the continuity errors

please note all these retards are always christian, this is where magical thinking gets you

actually they're quite often american too

Space travel forces us to problem solve and invent. This extends well past the space program.

Of course. What I don't believe is that the moon landing happened.
With all the fails, safety precautions, etc etc. That is happening nowadays, it's just ridiculous to me that anyone would still think the moon landing with actual humans.. FIFTY(50!!) fucking years ago, was legit.

Countries are still have problems getting a fucking rocket into space, even though the tech is here and top notch.
Just look at the russians, they were the first country that got into space and they still fail from time to time to get freaking satellites off the ground. Same goes for the US.

But again, of course we have reached Mars and the Moon now with our robots. No question about it.