Generation Z are the most Conservat-


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(((Of course)))

It's just a meme propagated by self hating millennials. Gen z is more brainwashed than any other generation in history

Also conservatism is a dead ideology

I hate to say it, but I can confirm. Everybody knows that my generation is going to be of faggot retards.

Gen Z being "conservative" is a forced meme and a Sup Forums circlejerk. I'm not a leftist, but I know degeneracy when I see it and Gen Z is following the same patterns as millennials and baby boomers, just slightly different because muh current year.

>be gen z
>parents are mentally ill and persuade you into believing stupid shit
>grow up and start thinking for yourself
>realize how retarded they are because that's what every kid on every generation did
there, they are conservative now until the next generation

>Citation needed

It's because there aren't "redpilled generations", there have always been and always will be Cucks and faggots and butch women who spout progressive ideals, some of those ended up being good and we see those as tradition now, some were shit and were forgotten. All humans everywhere are really the same no matter what place or time it is.

Not surprising.
Everyone I know is transgender, me included.

Gen Z are the most polarized generation. You've either sucked more than 200 dicks or you're a reactionary nazi.

>"there weren't any gay people when I was a kid"
>>"that's because they all had to be in the closet"

I'm having a hard time thinking tranny growth is due to acceptance and not due to some kind of cultural influence, and this is making me rethink the growth in gay people over the years.

Seriously, the memes need to end. Gen z are 200% the reason for this whole translgbtjw bullcrap.

>Fuck you nonbinary matriarch, I'm going to start a business and have a white family

Holy shid!!!

This is d-generat!!!

Gen-Z!!! I am disappoint in yuo!!!

No it isn't you retarded leaf. Gen Z grew up with PC bullshit being rammed down their throats. When they come of age, they will rebel, and they will rebel HARD. They're already starting to and the statistics speak for themselves.


My little brother and sister are in elementary school and high school respectively. I can confirm that younger kids are getting more conservative from the stories my siblings tell me about school. Hell my sister used to be a shitlib when she was at this fancy academy and now that she got taken out of it and is forced to interact with normal kids and non marxist professors, she is slowly becoming more conservative and is pro-guns.


>as attention grows

That's about the gist of it.

Gen z is shit, but they're still kids. You can't blame them for trannies, just like you can't blame millennials for current campus culture and faggot acceptance.

That blame lies squarely on the boomers and early gen x's head

What if you've sucked one dick, but also own guns and fight for traditions and society?


Then you're a faggot.

They don't actually realize how terrible it is to expose kids to this. Most kids at some point get confused about gender but most come around, but now because of virtue signalling kids will choose this thing that fucks up their body without knowing any better. The dangers of hormone blocking, the statistically 20x more likely to commit suicide, this is basically child abuse

You deserve shock therapy and institutionalization

you belong on Sup Forums

>I'm having a hard time thinking tranny growth is due to acceptance and not due to some kind of cultural influence, and this is making me rethink the growth in gay people over the years.

Lefties play this game all the time with uncomfortable statistics.

"Oh no it's not increasing, it's just that it wasn't reported before, and now that we've progressed we're just finding out what was always true".

They do this with rape statistics for fucks sake. They have no shame and no consistency. And it's such a wonderfully devious tactic. Dark numbers. Underreporting. Does such things exist? Of course! Well, since you agreed to the premise, but you by definition can't ask for facts or statistics, you just have to assume I'm right about the untold numbers exactly matching the increase.

We won't see the fallout from this for decades upon decades.

For a precursor example look at the left pushing single motherhood and shitting on the nuclear family. They've done this for half a century successfully, with single motherhood rising consistently over time and divorce rates going up as well.
But now we're so far removed from the before and aftermath, we can see the trends in the statistics. And it's fucking horrible. Single mothers are great predictors for their kids being worse off in all categories, and boys especially are far worse off in a single parent (woman) home, with antisocial behavior risk being extremely raised.

They'll succeed again because it's impossible to show how wrong they are for a whole generation of people. And by the time you CAN show the results of their bullshit.. "well, this is just the world we live in now, times have changed".

See also the lefty tactic for the great replacement of white people. "It's just a few, don't be racist"/"We're a multicultural society"/"Too bad you're a minority now and you deserve to be"

Except my 10 yo brother's phone unlock is a literal swastika and he got the hitlerian haircut and says niggers more times than I say him to no say that if he doesn't wanna get beated sometime but he still doesn't give a fuck.
>pic related, nigger faggot brother

Sooooo... a larger number of suicides will result?

They need to be tested once matured.

There are parts of the brain that can be used to identify gender dysphoria.


42% Trump / 17% Clinton / 9% 3rd party candidate / 3% write-in candidate / 28% “I would choose not to vote in this election”


27% Trump / 24% Clinton / 9% 3rd party candidate / 4% write-in candidate / 35% “I would choose not to vote in this election”

I'll just leave this here

Well, anecdotal evidence from my little brother and his shitstain friends suggests otherwise.

I asked him a month or so ago when the PewDiePie drama was at its peak what he thought about him hating jews. He said that pewdiepie did not say "death to all jews" but "deaf to all juice". They are insensitized to it all, atleast.

Little white kids are also obnoxiously pro Trump because they see him as "le epic troll" which, really, is why we all love him so much too.

>doesn't understand population proportion

Fuck this is depressing

>rate of transgendered children increasing
Yeah because those kids' parents are the most liberal generation this far, and will take their son wanting to try on a dress or play with a doll as a full on cry for help that he wants his dick chopped off before he's even able to form a proper sentence

That's astounding if true. Conservatives have much higher birthrates than liberals and have contributed more to gen Z but I'm still not sure I believe this.

lol the west is so done. gonna move to russia

>10 year calls somebody nigger on the internet
What is this 2007? If you want him to stop saying nigger then drop him off in a black ghetto and tell everyone that he likes calling people niggers. Im sure a bunch of men 2-4 times his age grilling him will get him to stop... for a week

>gen z is represented by a girl with a hime cut
Will gen z make anime finally real?

It is true user, remember that there is precedent to conservatives winning the youth vote.

The pendulum swings to the right.

Don't call them Millennials; call them the Degeneration. Shows the degeneracy that is rampant in our world today.

>tfw spics will save America
Oh the irony

Its fucking Seattle.

>No it isn't you retarded leaf. Gen Z grew up with PC bullshit being rammed down their throats. When they come of age, they will rebel, and they will rebel HARD. They're already starting to and the statistics speak for themselves.

You only rebel to something being rammed down your throat if you already have a set of deeply held values. Children haven't lived long enough for values to set.

And neither have most young adults. Even if gen Z is conservative now, do you think they'll be conservative when they go to college and every single one of their professors is preaching regressive leftism?

>he doesn't know that Hispanic is an ethnicity of the white race

I feel bad for those kids who are getting brainwashed by this shit.

>on the internet
I have never said that user
He is a madman irl and doesn't give a fuck.
Also there are almost no niggers in my city, and he calls a nigger to anyone not very white.

Your brother will grow up into a fine man.

>[00] Kek
all the citation anyone needs

That's not all of gen z though. They are still mostly conservative

Gen Z's parents are liberals who think their kid picking up a girls toy means they want estrogen shots and mutilation


>every single one of their professors is preaching regressive leftism
This is literally what he's talking about, are you beinh retarded on purpose?
The number of trump supporters among freshmen here is astounding compared to seniors. The political pendulum swings back and forth endlessly.

Which is why it is so weird to see Generation X listed as super liberal when they conservative in their youth. Wonder if they're socially libertarian and that gets recorded as liberal.

>The number of trump supporters among freshmen here is astounding compared to seniors. The political pendulum swings back and forth endlessly.

Gen Z are freshmen in college?

Fuck am I that old now?

i take a lot of solace in the fact that the overwhelming majority of these "trans" kids are just attention whores who call themselves nonbinary and genderqueer

I remember in middle school every girl claimed to be "bisexual." 99% of them went back to being straight by high school. I think this is the same thing.

I can only hope so.
I meme much about nazis and "heil hitler xd" that he adopted unironically the "white master race" thing.
He's the one who got the better genes is my family, naturally fit, green eyes, blondish hair, etc.
Also he hates gays.

>as attention grows

Gee, they may be on to something.

This. Gen Z is composed of both the millenial-tier cultural Marxist brainwashed and the extremely repilled who had learned to refute the bullshit ideologies of their preceding generation


I think a better label for them would be libertarian. Socially liberal and economically conservative. I doubt gen z'ers want to ban gay marriage and keep weed illegal. They're not the kind of conservative you think.

Depends on where you draw the line between millennials and gen-z. If they're not frosh yet, they will be in a few years.

Was it an effeminate penis?

>You can't choose whether you're transgender
>Transgender numbers are exploding

Yet another reason why WA is just a colder California and should be nuked.


Confirmed one of us

>young kids do things like mentioning something once like they wondered what being the opposite gender is like or fucked around with their moms lipstick or something
>instead of chalking it up to kids being stupid and curious and not understanding anything yet millenial and other absolutely brainwashed parents think their kids are definitely transgendered

The fuck?

When someone is a tranny, I just hit them straight away.

No point being nice, we'll be exterminating trannies in any case, so they're like walking corpses.

What part of Toronto are you from?

The Gay part?
The Asian part?
The Muslim part?
The gay, asian, muslim part?

Go fuck yourself LARPer

1996 baby here. I'm considered the first year of Gen Z and I'm in my 2nd year of college.

>Depends on where you draw the line between millennials and gen-z. If they're not frosh yet, they will be in a few years.

Well here's another thing to think about

You said there's a huge gap between freshmen and seniors ideologically? Maybe because the seniors have been brainwashed for 4 years and the freshmen haven't.


>the more air I pump in the bigger the balloon gets

>I wonder if there's some connection?

There are no transgender children, only victims of criminal parents.

Arrest the pedophiles for abuse.

does he knows about blacks being in the wehrmacht right?

It's the 100 year cycle.
Battle lines are being drawn and everyone is being pushed to the extremes on both sides.

Absolutely this.

Streisand effwct raised a whole army of trannies where there were none before.

People are suggestible.

The fact that this is being inflicted on kids makes me want to execute all leftists summarily.

Nice try OP

Good point. Luckily I went to a conservative university in Alabama for an engineering degree so my exposure to leftists professors was very limited.

i'm ashamed to be under 18 for many reasons now.

>i'm currently useless
>not in the workforce
>inattentive and annoying in school
>wasting time here
what the fuck isn't to hate about me


Gen X is still the most conservative cohort user, you're probably looking at studies that spit up Gen X such as this one. Notice how the Roper Center suddenly adds in the "45-64" age range for the 2016 election.

Gen Z is going to be the most polarizing generation. It's literally "Sup Forums vs Tumblr" incarnate

as an 18 y/o high school fag i can confirm this is bullshit

This is one of the Left's most disgusting and unforgivable crimes.

But Gen Z is already showing the same patterns as the other generations. It's cool and fun to circlejerk about how prude and traditional they are, but I see no proof of it in their behaviors.

>the statistics speak for themselves.

You mean the same articles word for word that Sup Forums pulls out of it's ass when this topic always comes up? A lot of millennials too rebelled against PC ideals and le ebil feminism. Gen Z shows no signs that western degeneracy will stop or even be halted with them.

I'm from Ottawa you sperg.

It's not a hard rule and the definition changes from place to place. Earliest of Gen Z is 17-20 years old 2019 is essentially the start of the post Gen Z generation, so there's still Gen Z people yet to be born.

i hope they are conservative enough to bring back the National Origins Act of 1924

america for whites, africa for blacks, send those apes back to the trees, ship those niggers back

Look OP, we're going to have to accept that bodies are private property to end the scourge that is communism.


I'm just hoping the upcoming youth rebel hard as fuck against their gov't indoctrination. The current crop of college kids makes me think we're, and in my case (oldfag), more so they're, in for a world of shit.

Don't know why I never hear it mentioned by the likes of Trump, Farage, etc, but I feel the left stranglehold on public (and increasingly so, private) education is the biggest ongoing problem facing the US, and likely many other nations (those are still a thing, right).

It's probably a statistic for the only part of North America that matters

No, he knows history to the le hilter kill 66 gorillion jews and niggers and etc. And he is fine memeing with it.

sad but plausible

You mean the ones fighting in africa and being too fucking rare to see in the german side?

you must do some work there...

The greatest story never told

This really

There's no center with this generation it's the same as the generations that fought ww1/the Russian civil war/German street battles/ww2 either one is a hardcore left or hardcore right there's no moderate liberal or conservative anymore because both sides have failed us

There's definitely going to be more left/right civil wars once we start getting into politics and stuff


It's not you retard. Hispanic means Spanish speaking. Has nothing to do with white people or even race