If you became the president of your current country...

If you became the president of your current country, what would be the first thing you'd legalize and the first thing you'd illegalize?

First thing I'd legalize:

First thing I'd illegalize:

>legalize secession
>illegalize the constitution


kill yourself retard

>Killing any gang member/criminal/illegal (with cash incentive)
Basically legalizing vigilante justice

I couldn't think of anything better to illegalize. You win OP.

t. Intact penis

>legalize everything that doesn't pose a direct threat to other peoples freedom.

>illegalize treading on me

legalize prostitution
criminalize infidelity

>Make illegal
Infringements upon the Second Amendment. Federal law supersedes state law, so fuck you California, and fuck you NFA 1934.

absolute executive authority

opposition parties

>legalize: Sup Forums
>illegalize: reddit

16 year olds and weed

make illegal
being a faggot

Roody poos

Legalize hate-speech, illegalize adultery.


Every man, women and child must be trained in the arts of leafposting. Canada will rule the net.

>a leaf

Murder of brown people
Leftism of any form

I would mandate circumcision.
I would ban all foreskin.

First thing I'd legalize: Citizens can own any weapon that doesn't fall under the label of WMD

First thing I'd illegalize: Leftists

>women's sufgrage

If I were a dictator, the first thing I would make illegal would be for non landowning white males under 30 years old to vote. That's enough for me. Make whatever legal, I don't care.

ban anime
legalize the right to kill weebs
not kidding. sage btw, cause this is a fucking gay ass thread

>legalize betting on politics
>ban circumcision

illegalize: abortion
legalize: the illegality of liberalism