Feminism amplified.. Were screwed


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The new Queen of pol says digits.

Her child will have the power to raise the dead.

She found a stiffy and let nature take its course.

The only thing feminist would be if the state sued his estate for unpaid child support.

Holy shit.
>when Chad dies
Do they take child support out of whatever inheritance he built up?

pls be true

this news site is a joke guys
it's basically the Onion

There are articles about koala brothels and Jesus being a hermaphrodite

/thread. How the hell would anyone find out in the first place, did the dead guy demand a DNA test?

Behold the children of the dead seed.
Bow to the Seerdomin.

Damn it. I was so ready to believe. Was imagining how he was just recently dead and still had some sperm inside. So when they flushed the body the erection (as it does) came up and she had her fun, manged to spurt a little tasty bit out and voila - a legend was born (dead-mans-son his pirate name).

>koala brothels
yeah... just a big joke... haha

First, the sperm from a dead man most likely would not survive very long. Secondly, the only way she could extract it is through some kind of surgery. It's not like a dead man can ejaculate.

If you fuck a corpse with an erection it doesn't ever ejaculate you retard. You need to use an electrode in the ass and it only works if the corpse is very fresh.

>Women's bio clock stops at around 50
>Men can still impregnate after death

we need to push this PERFECTLY PLAUSIBLE STORY, some will definitely get triggered

Her child is one with the dead.
Kinda like the average user.

Don't talk about the fucking koala brothels mate

Why not? Emu pimps got you at gunpoint?


You gonna cite the Onion next you fucking dingus?

For those who don't know, post mortem ejaculation is tried on brain dead, not rigor mortis dead.
If Rigor Mortis has set in (which is the case with anyone who makes it to a morgue) then the body has been completely dead, not just brain dead, for hours. Even if you extracted the sperm somehow, they'd be dead.
Once the body temperature drops, the sperm has about 20 minutes of life.

Maybe a doctor or nurse could pull it off, but once it reaches the morgue, those sperm are toast.

Ah, the old zap-the-corpse-in-the-anus. Definitely an improvement over the wiffle bat to the ballsack trick. You only get pregnant from that like 1 out of 4 times.

Was the dead guy black?

This would mean the dad left the kid before they were even conceived that's some next level shit.

The niggest