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Continued from: Cyclone in Queensland. Anyone here in the vicinity?

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nah, got senpai hunkered down in the mid of it all thou, will find out how they survived in a day or so.

The official Aus/pol/ commercial:

aus/pol/ is gay

Some yellow kid ran away from home to escape his shame after getting in trouble at school:

The Asian parenting style has no place in this country. Keep them out.

A friend of mine lives in NSW. Is everything ok there? Can't reach him.

nah mate, too far south. heard some blokes up north were refusing to evacuate?

what's goin on boise

nah yeah he's fuckin right cunt

Strewth that trashy slut looks alright. It's not a trap is it?

Who here work 10+ hours a day, 6 days a week?

are we gonna see a bubble burst or economy crash by the end of the year lads?

Q and A has been pretty good for the last two weeks now.
Gippsland Police scanner.
quiet tonight, though

kids run away all the time

tranny from the other thread, shoulders/shoulderblades and hips say no
but there are always exception to that rule what with young transitioners and everything

I hope so. But people have been predicting economic Armageddon for decades.

Anyone here been through the outback? Was thinking of going walkabout this year, commune with the rainbow serpent.

Your mum

no its never going to happen, you are never going to escape being a useless under employed cunt without female attention

I never post that shit, I'm straight as a nail lad

How's your day been lads?

i hope you don't have a mortgage at this rate cunt

yes, the distance from the cyclone to even the border of NSW is more than 3 times the length of Denmark

Are you the fat round-faced balding one?

You are an absolute disgrace.

where you at want to suck some dick?


#dingotwitter is running a comp to win ya weight in VB for shitposting to QandA. Got 13 tweets up last night. Was top shit kek

is it even a hot tranny

Okay thanks m8. Did some work in the yard. Cleaning stuff up.

brisbane nudes anyone? I want to see girls that I know hahaha

I'm Asian myself. My parents whoop my ass when I'm out of line

not me but it must suck to be you

if its never going to happen and house prices are going to keep going up wouldnt it be a good idea to snap something up then?

implying i am a chink

i gave last night a miss
was it bearable?

The audience was dropping red pills left right and centre.

>>Sup Forums

bubble burst if negative gearing gets stopped, house prices plummet, rents go up for a few weeks as boomers and chinks have heart attacks or kill themselves.
rents plummet, houses become affordable.

australian economic collapse, basically great depression 2.0 australia boogaloo

I mean, sort of?



Not really it was let's suck some Muslim cock because they just killed 5 of us.

Sup Forums was good though you guys are champions.

should i watch it tonight instead of playing vidya or doing anything productive?


>Mate invited me to Q&A when it was in adelaide 2 weeks ago
>all set to go
>was going to wear my trump hat and yell abuse if anyone decided to act up WHICH THEY DID
>realised on the day I couldnt make it

No it is not worth watching without your mates in the official Aus/pol/ QandA thread.


Thanks I guess. I'm somewhat familiar with Straya's geography but not the distances because of Mercator projection.
>I'm getting called a stupid cunt in 3... 2... 1...

the banks are raising rates, that raises mortgage payments. it's going to burst if rates keep rising.

our economy is mostly geared towards the "service sector", that can only exist if people have a lot of spare money to throw around. haven't you seen the way boomers shop?

>Monash University has become the first in Australia to implement a policy of "trigger warnings".

It begins lads

you talk shit mate

Crikey lads my Uncle was moving down from Townsville to Melbcuckistan and managed to get the last fight out of the place and even managed to get his doggos put on the plane with him, what a madman


seems like the capital would be better invested elsewhere

>Not really it was let's suck some Muslim cock because they just killed 5 of us.
oh boy, i love those episodes

on second thought, it's not worth watching propaganda without the Q and A bingo thread to keep you from having a headache

nah fuck off mate i am straight

Am i stupid or does 'economic collapse' mean going back to the 80s and 90s and it being awesome again?

You don't have to answer that. They call economics the dirty science for a good reason because it's so unpredictable.

Based granny and based abo.

didnt happen


fuckin did cunt

>a Brisbane tranny
i probably know you.

nah didnt

qt kiwi heretic pls

economic collapse means people suddenly realizing that you can't spend $100 by spending $40 of your own money and borrowing $60 from the bank for nearly 2 fucking decades

half of our economy is going to vanish in the event of a collapse, that doesn't mean anything has changed, it just means that people have realized how far up shit creek we are

im not having it mate

fuckin did

cyclone? Are people at risk of death with the cyclone? Stay safe Aus/pol/ m8s

I wont link it but there is a forum with dedicated threads for specific Aussie city nudes

Nice, I always wanted to use one of those hedge trimmers and make some hedge masterpiece


Prove it! Post your best mummypasta!


>hedge trimmers
Your Mum needs one for her bikini line.

I've noticed, they never have worries.
it must be nice.

>going back to the 80s and 90s and it being awesome again?
that would happen if there was a bubble burst yes, economic collapse would basically be the rich get on fine and everyone else would starve

nah I've only been to one support group

Listening to police scanner
>man threatening suicide
>been trying t get help for about 30 minutes
>says he's got a history of ptsd, apurger and ADHD
>paranoid about the government and police and army
>wants suicide by cop, so i'll send you lads around

>"oh yeah, i know the bloke, i'll send 303 around"

>cloudy does not = cyclone



never knew MT was such a fattie

I used to love listening to the police scanner, but they went digital or something and can't listen anymore in my LAC. Shits fucked.

some mentally ill cunt on police scanner right now
>tried to suicide by hanging and overdose previously, and failed, threatening to kill his kids and is seeing imaginary people in his house
>15 gordon street

See I knew you were a faggot

What's your opinion of the current age of consent and why should it be lowered?

The Beat isnt a support group

they better hope that they die off soon, because the recent push towards nursing to help those cunts get through retirement is not a good thing.

>take cunts who could be working on expanding roads, revitalizing the car industry, setting up new powerplants and instead send them to work...
>wiping the arse of old cunts

we do not have good times ahead

you can listen on your comp and phone

its honestly a fucking embarrassment to go here, not that any other australian uni is any better

>43 year old male deceased in a unit

the what?
you probably don't know me then

>get a job at old folks home caring for boomers
>kill one occasionally on the sly

every 3dpd image could be a 2d waifu image
candy ass

it's a gay bar filled with nothing but women and men dressed as women, ya mental mong

he's fine

Yeah I know but my area upgraded their radios or whatever and it's not available anymore.

Listening to your link now.

He's a voluptuous qt

I got in trouble for saying cultures that promote incest are shit

It should not and pedos like you should be killed

Unis are fwarked

i feel bad enough fucking 16 year olds legally 2bh
first time i had sex was with a 13 year old.. and her parents threatened me with rape charges and sent her up to darwin to live with relatives. even though we had been dating 6 months and i was 14... lmao


ah, yeah I just googled it
its a dragbar
I'm trans, drag is basically a parody of transwomen that gay men do


Asian kid in my class did this after he got a detention

"Pedophilia" is a social construct.

Pedosexuality is completely natural and dates back thousands of years.