It doesn't feels so good when we do it, right whitey?

It doesn't feels so good when we do it, right whitey?

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I always sit at the back.

Well he was fired so...

considering he got fired I think the memes on him

Maybe he wanted whites to sit at the back to keep an eye on and supervise everybody.

Poor guy.

Where the fuck is Bolivia?

You god damn Uncle Jerry.

Leftists would call this reverse racism.

i'd rather wait for a white driver anyway

The cool kids sit in the back. Why do you think everyone loved field trips in high school?

The back of the bus is where all the magic happens.

black people here naturally gravitate to the back of the bus.
why idk?

I'm surprised you know what a bus is

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xD yes, because only in america there's things, the rest is just jungle and desert, amirite xD lol


Positive racism

They prefer to call them "death traps to take on death roads"

What do you mean 'we'? You're a southam spic, no a coon.

Dumb fuck can't even figure that part out.

that's interesting

and it really fires up my brain

I've always preferred the back.

Wtf is your country, and why does it look like taiwan.

Honestly, that is so fucking hilarious, I would let him get away with it.

EXCEPT that nigs are pile-on pussys. They'll try and kick your ass afterward, because they think they'd be vindicated.

South America. You're welcome leafbro.

>tfw racial segregation is inevitable no matter what the social norms are

Why even bother getting rid of it in the first place if this is the result?

Never understood why it offends people to sit in the back of a fucking Bus.

>tfw every bus route for school I've ever road through middle/high school had all the nogs gathering in the back and all the whites up front

At least they know their place

illegal, as always

If white people are sitting at the back of the bus that means that the blacks HAVE to sit at the front where its harder to misbehave and damage the bus, harass other passangers etc.

He was a race realist.

>man gets fired for being racist.

Working as intended.

Leftists constantly remind us it's not about equality or harmony between races, it's about the destruction of white people.

How's that "redneck revolution" going lefty cucks? We can smell your desperation

I dont know why blacks complain, cool kids alway sat in the back

I wouldn't care, but I'd enjoy seeing his bitter power-tripping ass get fired.

I remember being in a bus where the bus driver was ranting about God like he was some kind of cracked out homeless person, except he was driving the fucking bus. That was probably worse.

But the back is the dangerous part... the niggers LIKE it back there.


Blacks are easily triggered tbqh. They will go from zero to chimp out at the drop of a hat.

Get fired?
Blacks have the highest turnover rate of any employee, and the lowest level of personal ownership of private businesses.

Problem was that it was government mandated. Businesses and individuals should have had the choice to segregate or not. Now we have government mandated integration with businesses and individuals not having a choice. Get government out of controlling who can associate with who. Segregation or integration should be a freedom not an obligation.

provide link to story or it didn't happen.

tfw you thought you were in progressive Europe, but you're in backwards America, so you get fired for being a dick to whites.
That Shit may fly in liberal cities, but southern states don't tolerate this shit. He is lucky he didn't get beat up.

I like to sit at the back of the bus and the train to keep surveillance on everyone. If I'm at the back, I'm less likely to get shot by a bullied white kid, attacked by a crazy homeless person, robbed by a nigger, and I'd ost likely survive a mudslime bombing as the normies would absorb the brunt of the impact.

But then again, that's the price of living in Jew York.

I'm tired of this notion that blacks can't be racist therefore immune to laws. They are the most racist fucks in the world.

>majority white country
>completely build by white people
>minorities doing this
why is it allowed? i mean at some point there has to be new Hitler who goes out and say to white people that they are not pieces of shit who should be ashamed of anything and they have right to live in their own ethnicaly clean countries. today situation cant last

Typical fucking leaf

It's Burma, retard.

Makes sense all the people that smell like piss and booze sit on the back of the bus and it's always white people that smell like that.

your flag looks like bootleg toothpaste

It doesn't offend to sit anywhere.
It would offend to be forced anywhere based only on skin color.

Hard to shoot up horse if all the white people see it and are going to judge you, better the nogs stay at the back out of sight.

Kek. I dont understand people who make a big deal about stuff that happened when they werent even born, i mean cmon, what the fuck you could do about it

I never understood why this is supposed to be a bad thing.

Back when I used the bus, I always sat in the back so I could see everyone else to make sure they weren't going to get up to anything.

I'd be uncomfortable sitting at the front with everyone else behind me

>tfw I finally got a car and didn't have to use the bus with all the weird cunts

>Driver orders you to sit in Kool Kids Klub
>Hurr Durr Racism
people these days

>darkies sit in front so the whites can keep a watchful eye over them

I see little problem with this

It's the being told where you have to sit.

enjoy dying when some retard crashes into the rear

i don't see the big deal. just sit in the back of the bus. don't like it, buy a car.

>driver says you have to sit at the back
Did he have a gun? Why did these cucks go along with it?

he looks like he has a drop of chimpanzee in him you fucking bonobo

Fuck off with that gay pride flag, you homosexual aids bag.

Makes sense, I mean, look what niggers get up to at the back of the bus.

Busses are for poor brown people. Get a car, bike or helicopter

>Bus driver telling passengers where to sit
Deserved the slip

You have to be fucking kidding me. Fucking seriously? For what?

The bait is real.

I want people to stop using the word "reverse racism"

Racism is racism.

Racism against whites is still racism, it's not a different fucking thing.

Well, i usually would like to sit at the back of the bus, that way i can see everyone in front of me, especially if buss is full of niggers and mudslimes.

Secondly, id rather sit with other white people, than mixed between niggers.

Third, seems that only niggers take these racist vengeange stuff seriously, but whatever, i can listen the barking and even comply to some point, but if someone lays hand on me or my friends or family, they open a can full of shitstorm.

>even comply to some point

Why do you think? You can take the chimp out of the wild but you can't take the wild out of a chimp.

t. bus capcha

This reverse racism isnt teaching anyone a lesson. It's poking a fucking bear.

>shit jobs or no jobs
>constantly shit onby the left media and people of color because of our fucking skin color?
>highest rate of gun ownership
>keep getting fucked at every turn
>cant even gather to support a cause without having ANTIFA faggots attacking us

Only a matter of time, now.

>get on bus
>driver says "whites sit at the back"
>tell him to eat my ass
>sit wherever I want
>nothing happens

Tell me how he's gonna "make" me sit at the back?

Such ugly insecurity, what utter plebs you are. If you don't like white people, don't live in the countries we created. It's not hard to figure out is it? Yet you still flock to us, so I can only conclude your own people are incapable of running a decent nation and culture.

I asked this once at school many years ago, why reverse racism existed as a term when it's just racism against a white person. The teacher said that it's because white people are inherently in a power of position and by default are the racists, so any racism is actuall prejudice that's been cleverly turned back against them. I hated that cunt so much and never forgot, redpilled me hard against leftism too.

How do you like it, you pasty ass melanin deficient cave dwelling mutants? The era of the white man is over. We're living on a black planet now.

Fuck off nigger

Fag flag

I don't know man, I'm just telling the Germanistani why someone would get pissed off from being told where to sit on a bus, front or back.

Though the idea of not immediately bending over to a perceived authority figure is probably one a Germcuck could never grasp.

Rape requires power, therefore any black person cannot rape because black people don't have power

Less chance of weed smoke going forward instead of out the window.

Bolivia is that, dirty turkroach.

Where is this image from? She looks almost exactly like my gf

You cumskin cavebeasts need to sit in the back of the bus. I can't stand looking at your pimply pasty ass rosacea ass wrinkly ass neanderthal selves with your stinky demonic pocket puppers that you treat better than us blackfolk. Fuck you, Fuck Trump and go back to Europe, small dick cucks.

Leftist call it social justice and would give the man a medal.

True, a Germans only complaint would be that he couldn't suck the black drivers cock from the back seat


Fuck off nigger. Leave your ebt card when you fuck off back to that shithole continent of yours.

lefties call this checking their white privilege

dem digits of cuckdom

My Ppl Came Here in Chainz, Honkey. Gib Reparations and You Fucc Off.

I think her name is Aoi Shirosaki

The world has all kinds of problems

> starvation
> rape/murder
> war

feminists have decided to tackle the pressing issue of the "orgasm gap" by giving out free sex toys:

Do feminists actually want equality?

I raped a muslim girl and force fed her pork

Maybe you should stop oppressing them so much wyty

People on the front of the bus got smushed when a train clipped it a few years ago. It was a double decker too, 6 deaths including driver.

> OP is a fake
>image unrelated


>liberals can't even make their women cum