Trump is so incompetent he can't even get a single bill passed

>Trump is so incompetent he can't even get a single bill passed
>Trump just destroyed Obama and his legacy
>pick one

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When did this turn into Trump's presidency?

>yfw the nimble navigator just destroyed paul ryan and the democrat parties in one week

¡Jajajaja Obummer BTFO, that's what you get for deporting me you mulatto bitch!

..we fall...for this...okie dokie

>Has full authority to pass a travel ban
>Can't pass it. Twice.
>Signs a feminist EO instead.
So much winning.

seems like he's upholding the legacy of all POTUS's

bing bing bing

Trump accomplishments, first two months:
>businesses promise investment
>blocked TPP and TTIP
>began repealing Obamacare
>Russia and USA fighting together in Syria
>ISIS on Suicide Watch
>Car companies already abandoning billion dollars plans and coming back to America
>Mexico City Policy that cuts federal funding to organizations that perform abortion internationally
>Federal Hiring Freeze
>Dakota and Keystone XL pipelines approved and must be made of US steel.
>reversing Obama's executive orders on environment.
>wall being constructed
>more border and ice agents
>ending sanctuary cities
>ends catch and release
>deputising local police for Deportation control
>DHS agents given more power to deport illegals
>total refugee ban for 4 months (on hold)
>3 month ban on immigration from 7 high risk countries (on hold(
>To prioritise future refugee applications from those persecuted for their religion - but only if the person is part of a minority religion in their home country
>5 year ban on becoming lobbyist if you had a government job
>life time ban on becoming a lobbyist if you worked for a foreign organization
>Obama's coal regulations repealed through signing legislation
>Obama transgender school ruling overturned
>De-regulation task force in every executive agency
>Violent Cirme Task Force
>For every regulation implemented 2 must be repealed
>235k jobs created in February
>Border crossings down 40%
>Selected Neil Grosuch for the Supreme Court

The only reason the immigration restriction got stalled is that the leftist Democrats on the 9th Circuit were too butthurt at Trump to abide by the Constitution.

>hurr durr, why can't Trump do everything in 3 months?

The only thing trump can sign is the check to the golf club

You realise he owns that golf club right?

>Try to repeal Obamacare
>Everyone colludes to stop him
>Obamacare tears apart at the seams
>Trump can say he tried to stop it

is this the plan?

keep on fighting those strawmen

>when Obama can't push his bills
>he can't change things because racists in congress keep stopping him ;(

>what's that?
>Trump has political adversaries that try to stop him from doing his job?

It is now. Too many are unwilling to negotiate at this point and Trump needs to force them to the table.

But it's pretty sad the ordinary people have to be bled dry for that to happen.

That's why he signs the check
literally paying himself. its his only power
trump fags on suicide watch

Feels good man!

What the fuck is tgat upside down "!" and why is Mexican a gross language?

Trump IS Obama's legacy.

Trump offers to repubs. They fail at passing it and it's nothing worth having. Establishment lines are drawn and targets glued to backs in upcoming elections. YouPlayedYourself.jpg

Trump offers it to Dems. If they bite, it means they know it's bad and needs to change and they've been lying the whole time. If they don't bite it means when it blows up, they had a chance and refused it and eat all the blame since they made the original. I would imagine there are lots of records to store and reference later in case anyone tries to escape the blame.

Enter Trump care, I can't predict this. Could go either way, 87D Chess says it'll be breddy good xdd, OR ACA without the bad shit we all hate, OR something else.


You had to go back

Obama passed some idiotic regulations.
Republican donors phoned Mitch McConell and were like "Yo Mitch, this nigga wants me to ask for a photo id when selling e-cigarettes to people"
Republicans use the congressional review act to repeal those regulations, because Trump is to dumb to do it on an executive level.
Trump signes those bills.



No muslim ban.
No obamacare repeal.
No Gorsuch by Easter recess.
So far, much bigger war monger than Obama, who was in much bigger war monger than Bush. Many more drone strikes. Sad!
Will bankrupt the country with infrastructure spending, because he has a fear of falling tunnel tiles or something.

Yes. At his campaign and recent speeches, he's been repeating that the best thing to do is let Obamacare implode on itself, but that it would cause too much pain to our fellow Americans.

At least by pretending to be for Ryancare, he has plausible deniability and can claim he tried to repeal Obamacare. Also, Pence pushed heavily to have the administration refer to it as Ryancare to tie that disaster around his own neck.

Ryan and the dems just got checkmated and the media is too busy celebrating because they're stupid enough to think Trump lost.

You should do a list of the things he did while PEOTUS. It'll be just as long LOL. And all in two months with no real executive power or real obligation to work. Just a 'manchild' with a twitter and phone.

Hang Obama MAGA

You'd be better off leaving out the:

>pick one

So newfags/shills/antifags can expose themselves by not understanding 'proper' greentexting.

Why is it foreigners understand our burger politics better than most burgers?

I feel like the "let Obamacare explode and blame Democrats" would be a more effective strategy if

A. He hadn't signed that anti-Obamacare EO that allows Dems to claim he's sabotaging it

B. He wasn't the president, and thus the fall guy for all bad things that happen anywhere

C. He didn't repeatedly announce that this was his plan

>his smile and political legacy: gone

Yes, did you notice after Rand met with Trump, after the Tweet asking Rand to bend the knee that he didn't? The liberty caucus and other true conservatives are what stopped the bill. My guess is Trump asked Rand not to support the bill.

Sadly, because the average burger either doesn't care about politics, or the topic is over their head and they don't want to research it.

>>Dakota and Keystone XL pipelines approved and must be made of US steel.
>>and must be made of US steel.

By repeating this is the plan it mentally prepares people for the demolition to occur
It's difficult to spin the failure of the ACA onto Trump when he's been saying before he got elected that it was going to happen

Now that he's done something to try and salvage it, he's further absolved from its failure

>ping ping wahooo ahhh ahhhh wahhhh

I believe this, but help me out here

What evidence is there that Obamacare will "tear apart at the seams". Will it get worse than it is now? What would make dems bite the bullet and side with repeal and replace.

Oprah had a story a few years ago.

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