So as an American and former soldier I am looking to move to New Zealand. What kind of people (political wise...

So as an American and former soldier I am looking to move to New Zealand. What kind of people (political wise, social wise etc) should I be prepared to come in contact with.

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sheep fuckers. Expect sheep fuckers.

>sheep fuckers. Expect sheep fuckers.
I always thought that was Scotland?


Na just joking my nigger. New Zealand is nice, but it's well known for its earthquakes. Why not go to Australia? Oh right, we're full.

thats wales, not scotland

>New Zealand
>Not Australia

Get fucked, we own them and they know it.

I considered Australia but I thought New Zealand would be a bit more quiet, just looking for somewhere I can have some peace, not too many neighbors or young kids prancing around ruining my fucking day.

Bored Scots and Islanders with shitty dope. Also this really isn't very Sup Forums.

New Zealand is not nearly as awesome as Australia.

>Implying we have any room for the dude

Yea New Zealand is one of my top 3 countries to go to, including Ireland and Croatia. I also suggest going to the Great Barrier Reef since it's going to die very soon.

Didn't know of that boards existence but thanks for making me aware of it

How many muslims are in NZ and how high is the level of libtards?

That's sort of in the ballpark of what I was asking

Not a Muslims to have a voice I suppose

Sorry let me rephrase that, I'm pretty sure there isn't a lot of Muslims to have a voice on things and there's a church for the flying spaghetti monster so let's just go there.

I went to NZ for vacation last year and although it's about 10% Chinese, it felt like it was about 30% Chinese.

So that meme about the guy wearing the pasta strainer on his head for his ID photo is real?

Sure is

Not that I'm a racist but what's the Demographic? I know aborigines live in Australia but I'm not well informed on New Zealand

I spent 7 months in christchurch

I definitely recommend going to the south island. north island, especially auckland, is full of maoris. wellington is supposedly pretty cool, but more liberal

south island has mountain range, less people, whiter, etc.

nice people, fit women, great place; I intend to return some day too

there are lots of asians too, more than official numbers suggest

Stay out of the eastern parts. Sauron and his creatures rule there.

No save for Yankees
>image unrelated

Wasn't the first time I was told a Lord of the rings movie reference. Won't be the last