I will be visiting ukraine on a business trip for my job at northrop grumman. What can i expect...

I will be visiting ukraine on a business trip for my job at northrop grumman. What can i expect? What is the political situation over there with the "rebels" and the war and all that?

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Any russians or Ukraine posters awake?


what city?

fixed your image OP

also I hope you get killed by a Russian artillery strike

Americunts have no business in the Ukraine

you can't visit something that doesn't exist.

>saying you work for Northrop
That's how I know you don't actually work for them

FUck off Russian/Soviet brainwashed asiatic hordes. I mean you Bulgras really do look like Turks anyways. Ukrainians wanted to go closer to Europe because they are European. Not anti white Euroasian union with pro muslim putin on top. When Crimea became Russia you had Russians waving soviet flags

the Soviet Union was a 100 times better and whiter than the Cuckropean Union

As long as you're not a complete autist women will be throwing themselves at you once they know you're American. Get yourself a qt3.14 slavic wife

Need confirmation of this
If so I'll grab my flack jacket and fly over


You do know they forbid religion and destyored 20k churches will building ugly commie blocks?

stay kiev or east of kiev and you wint get caught in a war
Ukraine is basicly a white mexico

What's Northrop's interest in that place. They hardly have money to buy planes so I assume you've come to scavenge on Soviet tech

>wanting to wait 10 years for a car while not having electricity for more than 4 hours at a time

You mean west of Kiev.

Yea the chicks are really easy AND hot.

Cuck some filthy ukrops bro

>83 women for every 100 men
>almost all the men are blockheads, alcoholics, heroin addicts, or disrespectful tracksuit monkeys
>not in the EU so they can't escape easily

>Russian trying to gain US Intel
Reminds me of the good old days
Especially when we'd fuck with you guys in Mexico

also, communists actually imported niggers and vietnamese into Bulgaria you retard

Your map is inaccurate, faggot.

I hope the cockholes rob and rape you.

This is a meme. DYOR. Lack of game here means lack of game there. Only difference is money can compensate for looks.
Still, doe, make sure you have average game before going.

Kiew is the only acceptable city desu


L'viv is really nice - stupid kraut

Makes me sad we don't have neighbors to visit
All we have is war zone taco land and a fucking leaf

Probably. I mean okay , Odessa was pretty normal too

That's the point I was trying to make. As long as you're not an autist, know how to talk to women at a basic level, all you would need to do is brag about your $50k year job and comfy suburban American life

Op left

shut up britfag

He's right though

Well why are they not in EU now? Seems like EU kinda deserted them dont you think? :^)

They said NO to Putin, where is EU money, investments, democracy? Whats up with that?

Should have built a better military to defend Crimea

Don't fly on the same plane or at the same time as PUTIN when going there unless you like getting shot down

Crimea river

No it's not. Kraut is right - Kiev is the only acceptable city to live in Ukraine.
Lviv is just good for a visit, that's it. But it's a pretty shitty place to live.

Not really, it was correct. Russia violated a treaty that was signed in the 90's in where it would respect Ukraine national sovigntry in exchange that Ukraine gives up its nuclear stock pile. furthermore there was a clause in the Ukraine constitution that said that it would require parliament approval before a state could seceded. And guess what, it there was also voting fraud in that illegal section referendum.
so Russia is doing what the US did to cuba. going to war on humantraine grounds.

ohh shitserbia saying something. Apart from you guys not even looking like European and more like Turks, you live in a country where average salary is 200 Euroes and looks like a shuthole with all hose commie blocks. Ukrain economy was shit because they were under Russians for so long. Same as Belarus economy is shit because they are under Russian influence.



fucking dumb-ass OP left minutes before the ukrainan posted.

Still you said you dont want soviets, but you arent in EU and you are not in NATO, what happend? Why EU doesnt want you now?

>business trip for my job at northrop grumman

may we know details?

Yes, Here is a good video on RUssia youtube.com/watch?v=6krhd5MADzY
Russia is anti western which can be seen by their anti western propaganda and hatred towards west and they have Euroasian union and trade deals with china,brazil etc... Still use Soviet star as symbol. They invaded white Christian Georgia and Ukraine

Enjoy the hookers.

ur map is outdated, brah

He is a known shill sitting under different flags, just leave him alone.


Do Ukraine sloots speak any english or if I yell Devi at my dick will they get the point?

and why should we care exactly hmmm?
If anything it makes them more white, destroying sandnigger religion church and all.

>t. БКП
Hey, maybe THIS time socialism will work, right?

Shill squad parachuting into the thread!

I asked logical question, Ukraine denounce RUssia because EU promised them support, but country got fucked up and EU deserted them, prove me wrong please.

So you've become a war criminal in exchange for $100k/yr in pay and benefits. You sell your soul pretty cheap, don't you?

> 2 posts from this id


Only Ukrainians can tell you what is going on in Ukraine.

If you mean literal sluts you contact with them through an escort agency, not hook up one on a street. There's no brothels in Ukraine either.