Hey little white boys don't you want to racemix with a strong independent black woman

>hey little white boys don't you want to racemix with a strong independent black woman

Bravo Marvel.

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First Iron Fist and now this. I'm sure SJWs will voice their grievances right away.


hot black chicks are far superior to white girls.
The ultimate redpill

consider the following

you're the jewish conspiracy

What's this from?

Can i get the link atleast?


I don't get it, what's wrong with just putting a black woman/black man couple? Why is it always a black man and a white woman or a black woman and a white man?


I think you know the reason


>black woman and a white man

This is actually quite rare.

You're being just as whiny as sjw's, nobody gives a shit, everyone knows that Mary Jane is the penultimate love interest, there's nothing wrong with Parker getting some ass on the side.


this looks terrible


not in recent media, but in IRL it sure is

When you're shorter than the manlet main character.

>IRL it sure is
its not though

The redhead MarieJane now played by a black woman...

They always the first to cry to cultural appropriation but look at this shit.....

I hope marvel goes bankrupt.

Doesn't end up with her anyways
It's Liz Allen
Also, this is younger, naive Peter
He's kind of stupid en and would stick his spider dick in anything that gives him a chance
Too bad he'll be sticking it in much better later
Fuck Liz Allen
Most worthless and bland side bitch ever
She'll be the one to dump him over some stupid shit later anyways

That's not fucking Mary Jane retard
It's Liz Allen
An unimportant stupid bimbo bitch

But OP, I *do* want to racemix with a luscious black honey.

>I approve

What media is it in?

Its even worst you fkn retarded faggot


Sweet jeebus. No more damn Spiderman. There are hundreds of other super heroes that haven't been done 5 times already. At least make it Cosmic Spiderman.



The trick here is that the media has been pushing BMWF for so long that by the time they start pushing WMBF the reaction is at least it isn't a black guy.

your like a decade late. its why disney owns marvel now

Nah, this is the first one in Marvel's full control in a while. I have faith in it.

>Post Birdman Keaton
>Avengers synergy
>Marissa Tomei is GOAT MILF

I'm feeling it.

It means she'll be discarded faster
She'll dump him over some stupid shit like
>I just can't handle you being a hero all the time I need to get daily dosage of dick
Then goes and dates flash or some shit

It's cringey as fuck to see DC rip-off the Stark-Parker relationship and force into Wayne-Allen. For fucks sake Bruce outs himself as Batman immediately to the Flash.

It looks like sure shit. Gonna be filled to the brim with stupid one liners and "OMG XDDD spoodermen so le randum" garbage

Stop replying to shill threads

It's pretty fucking stupid indeed. Normies will eat it up and won't know the difference anyway.

Precisely as it should. Try to have fun, user, it's just a comic book movie.

>Then goes and dates flash or some shit
You mean El Flasho?

naw bro


>skinny torso
>somehow still has disgusting hanging back fat
>stretch marks from ballooning baboon ass
>greasy hair you'll never be able to run your hands through

Why would anyone want to procreate with an independent woman of any color? Independent woman is just another name for fickle. She'll marry you and leave you eventually. Save yourself the pain and find one who has been raised to depend on her family, not see herself as above it.

I wouldn't mind oil drilling that specimen AYYYYY

i like how i know the whole plot and who all the characters are now. fuck trailers and fuck white people

>All the main characters are white!
>The minorities are getting oppressed!

>Everyone should be white!
>....but at least the minorites are getting cucked!

this guy gets it

How could this have possibly occurred?


That's the opposite, it's more common IRL than in media. Unlike black man/white woman which is every where in media and pretty rare IRL.



I had such high hopes for this movie.....

I prefer the darker tone in Marvel's Netflix shows

Because no one likes black women, not even black men.

Spiderman literally has zero white love interests in this film there's this black chick and there's the tomboy spic.

But isn't it obviously Peter is gonna actually fall for the lighter skinned spic?

>what's wrong with just putting a black woman/black man couple?
Unless the series has gone full SJW, they'll want a white protagonist to get more views. People are racist and prefer white protagonists.

Also, adding a black SO to the MC is the biggest way of saying "See, the MC ain't racist!". They usually go with the black best friend, though.

Anyway. They are making a product. If you don't like it, don't "buy" it, and in this case, "buying" includes watching pirated copies and talking about the show anywhere.

They'll either have to stop doing it to get money or their fanbase doesn't care and therefore they get to do it as much as they want, it's just offer and demand.

>hey little white boys don't you want to racemix

The pushback on this is rich coming from a race of people who willing fucked Neanderthals into their own race. Sorry about your browridges and stoneage waifus, user.

Nice roll

But white guys do want to fuck black girls, not because we want to breed with them, but because all whitemen have a colonial Master fetish.

kids like spidermango bruh

>Gonna be filled to the brim with stupid one liners
It's Spiderman... No shit.


nice. i'm going to watch this movie with my gf.

That's a man arm you niggerfaggot.