Russell Brand accuses member of his audience of being a 'Nazi',turns out member was Jewish

Russell Brand called a fan a 'Nazi' during a stand-up routine before discovering he is Jewish, it emerged today.
The controversial British comic heckled a member of the 160-strong crowd during a gig at the Proud Archivist venue in east London.
The star, 40, saw the fan raise his hand and suggested it was so straight it looked like a Hitler salute.He said: 'Yes, the young Nazi in the back row' and then the unnamed man yelled back: 'I'm Jewish'. Brand instantly apologised saying: 'It was insensitive and anti-Semitic', according to the Daily Star.


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Oy vey!

You know, the eternal Anglo would look quite terrifying if it wasn't so androgynous and femine

How the fuck is it anti-semitic if he didn't know the guy was Jewish?

he will be forced to record apologies and send it into space on next voyager probe

Russel brand isn't Anglo.

Who cares?

Stop shilling that mutant (you) faggot

Offending Jews is the definition of anti-Semitism. This is why it is anti-Semitic to be White.

accusations of anti-semitism are only built on a semblance of logic.

Don't defend the anit-semite, you nazi scum. Like that.

congratulations, you have just discovered how antisemitism was intended to work

I would like to punch this cunt right on the nose.

Tbh I would say the same just to fuck with him. It's not like they are going to check if my dick is cut.

Liberals really don't care about logic these days do they? If they don't like a guy, he's going to racist, sexist, or anti-Semitic... whatever is easiest.

Russel brand isn't Anglo.

He literally is


Maybe it's because I'm a Messianic but I've always found the Jew gags to be entertaining.

This guy is worse than Milo. Not even a fucking citizen talking politics and blaming people when is idiot shit doesn't happen.

Milo isn't a citizen though. He's using a visa (O-1 likely) to be in the US.

Brand's mum is English, his father Jewish.

< Brand's dad with another Jew.

Like all GOOD LITTLE LEFTISTS Russel Brand is a clueless criminal retard who gets SHREKT every time he opens his mouth.

These guys just btfo of themselves constantly. Someone should start a database of examples of the left eating themselves.
I assume it's going to only ramp up in frequency.

Unless he's taken his trials, no rabbi would call him a Jew. It's the mother that has to be the Jew.

I say im Jewish all the time, i love watching people shit their pants

>July 2015 get relevant prick

Degenerate kike brains don't seem to follow your stupid fucking book. Plenty of kikes with a jew father and non jewish mother still follow the same pattern.

You can spot jews by their desire to destroy society as we know it.

Remember that he's not a bad person, he's just a complete fucking retard.

Did you even read my post

Then it means they took their trials you baboon.

No. Jews will behave like jews regardless of circus tricks and hovering chairs.

Yes, I read it as you bashing Brand and basically calling him a retard for talking about US politics when he isn't even a citizen and that he is worse than milo. Both are true.
You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. If a Jew doesn't have a Jewish mother, then they must go through the trials like anyone else who is trying to convert to Judaism in order to be called a Jew by a rabbi.

Yeah, you're doing the most jewish thing you could possibly do which is to distract from the core issue by droning on about trivial details.

I'm not talking about what a rabbi says, i don't give a fuck what some curly haired faggot says. People with jewish genes even if they aren't approved by your arbitrary rules still behave like jews. And that's the problem. It's not about any ceremonial garbage, it's about behavior.

>It's about behavior
>Hur dur I think I know what I'm talking about
I'm not a pilpuli and I'm not a true jew according to the vast majority of rabbis. "Jews" who haven't taken their trials are not Jewish to a rabbi and so they will be treated as simply another gentile, similar to how I would be treated, except I'm kind of in the inbetween.

Stop mkaing this thread over and over

So you are a jew and you propagate degeneracy. You just add a little twist of "dude i'm not REALLY a jew" for credibility.

KYS you'reself

Walk on eggshells goy!

I'm not a Jew because I have been disconnected from my temple for accepting Christ. All I do for Sabbath is read the Torah the Gospels and Revelation.


Yet you still spew jewish propaganda. You're hardwired for this. This is why you need to go to the glue factory.

>British "comedy"

wow that poor jewish man being called a nazi at a comedy show. my god I can't imagine the pain he is going through. I'm going to start a fund to help this poor man.

His Father's name is Ronald Henry Brand.Sounds pretty English.He is photographer.
No mentioning anything about being a Jew.

>apologizes for antisemitism

Which one of those things is his dad?

Sure thing Medhi.
>Jewish propaganda
>pointing out how you know nothing about the trials and conversion
Sure thing bucko.


Always wondered what they are really dancing to. I thought music was forbidden for Orthodox Jews

>: 'It was insensitive and anti-Semitic', according to the Daily Star.
wew what the fuck
this is actually the worst about it all

>mistook a jew for most horrible people ever

seems like an honest mistake, how is one to tell?

> 'It was insensitive and anti-Semitic'

That guy is funnier than I thought.

Russell dreams of having the courage to "correct" his gender. He is 100% SJW dyke.

The thing on the right
Will do sir!

did he say it jokingly?

that would be pretty funny 2bh

>posting "lmao murder is okay live on welfare love odin not jesus" man
Kill yourself

You're walking, living proof that all jews have to die in order for society to prosper.

Tell Varg Vikernes that is where Paganism belongs.To the trash can of history.

How so you inbred baboon?

>tfw the guy wasn't even Jewish and he smartly realized how to troll the fuck out of Brand

>Comedian makes a harmless joke about how someone raising their hand looks like a Nazi salute
>Guy who raised his hand says he's Jewish
>Comedian apologizes immediately
For any rational person with a glimmer of understanding of context, it should've ended there with a general consensus of 'oh haha what a silly misunderstanding'. All this shit's just tabloid sensationalism.

dude, you're just being a dick. jews were the first people that Christ ministered to. the first christians ARE jewish.

the dude is brutally honest about the whole thing, and you're just acting like a cunt.

So i'm an inbred baboon because i'm not a jew and pointing out obvious logical flaws? Wow, guess i'm british now.

He shouldn't have even apologized tbqh. But I do enjoy liberals getting fucked by their own stupid ass politically correct rules

eh, that's just russel brand

he's a bit of a melt tbqh but i think this was just banter gone wrong

No you are an inbred baboon because, just like the reply before, you have no argument so you resort to simply flinging shit.

>father is jewish
this explains literally everything

It's true what Göbbels said. Calling a jew a jew is the only thing that will faze him. All facts will roll of them like a duck. So shut up jew.

Thanks user
Calling me a Jew would make you a liar and a retard as I haven't had an affiliation with them in over 15 years since the week I accepted Christ.

>Thanking your own samefag post


>can't formulate an argument so keeps on flinging shit

his first post identified himself as jewish you cretinous pustule

reading is fundamental

JIDF pays for 2 shills per thread these days? Wow, guess it's early enough in the fiscal year to deduct taxes on it.

>too lazy to google the word Messianic


Lmao you are actually this dumb. Wow, such a sad I me for America when we have you as a citizen.

You could have just used their greentext 2bh

>Comic apologised for gag after suggesting a fan did a Hitler salute
>He said: 'Yes, the young Nazi' and the man yelled back: 'I'm Jewish'
>Star apologised to him saying: 'It was insensitive and anti-Semitic'

Christ, that last one. Fucking spineless lmao.

>following the jew pattern of trying to focus on pointless details no one ever mentioned before in order to jew an argument

Your nose just grew 2 inches

thank you Mr JIDF thread bumper. now can you send me the form to collect my 2 shekels from you?

When being too liberal blows up in your face.
It's like poetry.

im jewish


ive a family member who sells that item ... btfo how will he ever recover

>Leaving a paper trail with jews

Fat chance. Also if you thought that you could play this off by pretending you were joking all along i see right through it.

>the messianic figure of his religion is called "The King of the Jews"

A new proxy huh?

I can't respect a man with a small dick, and believe me his dick is tiny.

>apologizing during a stand-up routine
>at all
>under any circumstances
does this nigga not know how to into comedy

Still waiting for an argument from you at all

Russel Bellend

I'm just calling you a jew. It's not an argument, it's a fact. You have all of the degenerate characteristics of a jew. Again, those are indisputable facts. You can try to skate around the topic all you want. It won't change the facts.

friendly-fire, they both are lefty faggots who would sling the Nazi term frivolously to silence someone they don't like.

Celebrities are NORMIE TIER !!!

Have a sage

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Feel free to copypasta that on all b8 threads.
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>degenerate characteristics of one
Name them faggot

Brand is a total faggot. Shocking considering his autobiography is called My Bookie-wook. His YT channel is pretty gay too. Uses a pink font. He also calls it "the Trews" which is a nonsensical claim for an effeminate comedian to be the paragon of real journalism

something something those you're not allowed to criticize

Trying to hide the fact that a jew is a jew. The most jewish thing of all.

Lmao you are so dense.
Once again I ask, name them.

>Hahahaha you just pointed out the things i asked you to do, now name them


>can't name anything
Let me know when you find some brain cells you potato

I graciously accept your defeat

A Jew can't be a Nazi as well? wow, you're a fucking moron Montenigger. Stay over there where you belong.

I wonder what new and exciting way he'll find to become irrelevant next

>purposely do a nazi salute
>sjw try to call him out
>sjw bows down to jews