I didn't vote for trump because I expected him to keep any of his promises. I voted for him because the left wanted him to lose. I couldn't care less what he does in office.

>NSA and CIA collect all digital traffic
>know about Russian "collusion" from spying on Russia
>knew this for months before the election
>no charges
>king nigger doesn't hold up election
>trump wins
Do normies actually buy this narrative that the previous administration and alphabets would allow this to happen if they knew about any illegal activity? It's a fucking meme to generate two minutes hate you idiots.

>comic sans

pick one


This, videos of socialists crying because worthless Shrillary lost were worth the vote. Also, fuck the Dems for rigging their primary. As Micheal Moore said, Trump is the hand grenade we throw at Washington.

Its almost like Presidents run on a campaign then need to go through the proper steps to get things passed

>Hillary's Presidential Checklist

classic weasel excuse

>Trump is the hand grenade we throw at Washington.

More like the hand grenade that slipped out of your hands and blew yourself up, dumbass.

Enjoy the years of phantom limbs, burn treatments and intense physical quadriplegic rehabilitation.

8 years

He might not have been successful so far but he's been trying


are you really a virgin?

On vacation atm

Is there a Hilary presidency blank checklist? Curious

Just wait. He knows exactly what he's doing. He hates Paul Ryan, and that healthcare bill was nothing like what he promised America. You think this is all coincidental? You keep losing because you keep underestimating Trump's intelligence. Keep it up.

Hmm Really makes you think.

8 years bitch.

>Defeat ISIS
He's sending special forces
>Ban Muslims
So it's his fault that court is blocking him from getting shit done?
>Repeal(change) Obamacare
Well, he's repealing it, he found out the replacement his mate thought of was bad, so like a grown up adult realizing his own mistakes, he is working on a replacement.
>Build a wall
They're still considering those tarrifs, Pedro.
>Investigate Hillary
Has better things to do
>Drain the Swamp
Done, he replaced all lobbyists from his court and made a law to ban lobbyists from any government position
>Refuse Salary
But he did?
>Build KXL (with american steel)
???? What does it matter if it's with american steel or not?
>Blame the media for making promises i can't keep
No, he hasn't blamed the media for any of that shit, his supporters are because you keep fucking whining every 30 seconds about how he hasn't fulfilled any promises when he's fucking 3 months in

Wow at last I like Hillary now!

>op BTFO
eat shit bitch

>Defeat ISIS
>He's sending special forces
>"special forces"

It's not like we have a national socialist candidate we can vote for.

Shut up pussy you can fucking read that Jesus Christ how long have you been saving your "le Combic Sangs :DD" comments

pick one

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>Defeat ISIS in 30 days
Alternative facts. Trump asked the military to COME UP with a plan to defeat ISIS in a month.
>Ban Muslims
Democrats throwing the constitution in the trash then lighting it on fire.
>Build a Wall and make Mexico pay for it
Money that'd be destined to gibsmedat for illegals will be used for the wall. It'll pay itself.
>Don't play too much golf
He literally never said anything about it.
>Investigate Hillary
Give him time
>Drain the swamp
Get rid of the establishment.

>Repeal ObamaCare
>Make no cuts to medicare
>Build KXL with American steel
>Refuse salary
I'll give you that, I haven't read much about those.