Would someone kindly red-pill me on mass immigration...

Would someone kindly red-pill me on mass immigration? In a way that i can state it without seeming like a total dickhead. i'm starting to lose debates to sjws.

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You have a glass of purified water.
Now, put a little dirt in it and it will float to the bottom and you can still drink it without getting harmed.
Now, dump a fuckton of dirt in the glass and drink it.
How does that water taste?

That is mass immigration. It is fucking common sense.


Mass immigration, while often blamed on the left, was actually invented by the right-wing to lower wages.
And now the same right-wing PRETENDS to want to end it so they'll get more votes, but in reality they want even more migrants for even lower wages.


Holy fuck. I was such a faggot all this time. Jews are shitheads.

US democracy came to Syria, Libya and Iraq, countries went to shit, people went to EU to get away from poverty and shit.

You can't.
The left shifted the Overton window in a way that any argument against their self-destructive ideologies can be dismissed with racism, sexism, misogyny etc.
You can't convince an indoctrinated SJW, you can only convince a neutral listener. Point out the self-destructive ends of mass-immigration.



Toothpaste still doesn't know the difference between Trump and cuckservatives/neocons.


this has to be the most jewish thing I've ever seen
I thought it was a goddamn parody before i realized it said "saft" and not "shaft"

For a mainstream approach, you can get yourself inspired by this:
and argue that helping them where they live willl help a lot more people, especially those that are so poor that they can't afford the human traffickers to move to Europe or the USA.

Welcome brother

You lose debates because you suck at arguing. You probably have a lot of facts, but remember they're just your opinion. Just because you state something as bad does not mean it is for another person. Once again learn how to argue if you want to overcome this.

>infographic and statistics

That is not how you win debates with someone. You take a lesson in arguing and convince your opponent to your side with good arguments and well-placed lies. It's not fair play and the one who is better at speaking and convincing people wins.

Of all the things that are helping me, the fucking gumballs are doing the best job right now.

>You take a lesson in arguing
will do.


I'm still providing information and quotes which can be used as artillary, also it helps to open the eyes of normie lurkers

Welcome newfriend.

Welcome to Hell.

Brits let thousand of Muslims in their country on the basis of allowing them to flee from their oppressors,
They don't bother screening who comes in and so allow terrorists to come in too,
Put all their muslims in the same neighbourhoods instead of spreading them,

What happens now is that terrorists use normal muslims as cover while starting terrorist cells from confused adolescents, also they impose the same horrors on the same people who ran from the middle east to get away from them.

Conclusion, Brits are idiots.

Modern economy doesn't need "masses of asses". The era of mass anything is long gone. Need skilled labor. All unskilled labor does is go on welfare.

Just use the economic argument. We already have high unemployment and low wages, plus automation is on the way. More workers means lower wages and increased competition for a dwindling number of jobs.

The only good Jew is a dead Jew. Your days are numbered kike. Even my normie friends talk about Jews now.

>I have friends
I don't believe you


You psychopaths don't understand the very concept of friendship, so you couldn't tell anyways.

You gotta go back jose

Talk of the kalergi plan, its the way they plan to change the ethnic map of europe by miscegnation and colonization to create a dumb subservient people.



>all jews are inherently evil and hate all non-jews

See this is the kind of mentality that drives normal people away, whether it's true or not. I get that we're on Sup Forums but don't do this in real life or on other parts of the internet or you will sound like a madman.


Currently, which parties are actively promoting immigration from 3rd world countries to israel and how can we promote that project?

Btw as it is promoted in european countries from israeli intellectuals

You are never to "debate" a known sjw. There is no discourse to be had. Neither you nor they are really interested in listening to each other's arguments, but instead just want to vent your talking points.


Mass immigration is simple. Western societies run on debt.

Each Average american, or european is in 30,000$ of debt. When you're in that much debt you don't exactly want to get in more debt, so you stop spending.

When you import someone from another country, they're fresh, they have debt that you can pile upon them to force them into the system you created. Each immigrant you import eventually ends up in 30k in debt. This grows the economy superficially.


Mass immigration creates societies, the individual members of which are way too different from each other to establish meaningful relationships. The society fails at organizing at a micro level. Being unable to start or partake in a movement, the individual is powerless. The society is therefore unable to resist the elites and is essentially subverted by the corporations and the government. Democracy is destroyed and corporate rule established. Humans are robbed of their human nature (to make families and children, to interact with their local communities) and reduced into mindless drones slaving their lives away for the corporations, just numbers in a spreadsheet. By the looks of it, this unnatural order is leading to the eradication not only of the white race, but of the human race as a whole.

At least that's how I see it.

>drives normal people away
We want that you silly redditor, if they can't swallow the hard truths they don't belong here.

use the workers as a weapon instead of focusing on racial purity

just say that the big corporations want to import all the cheap workforce and they are posing as the good guys on the media

The redpill is surprisingly close to what normies believe, which is that the immigrants are simply running away from poverty and war in their own countries. Much of this condition has been created by Western neocolonialism in the form of political assassinations, support for criminals and rebels, and crushing trade relationships that prevent their home countries from ever escaping the mire of poverty. Perhaps the only third world country that is escaping poverty is China, which is also the only country in the world that managed to stand up to the West in its own right.

They don't assimilate which raises the unemployment and incarceration rate. They are a complete drain on the economy. Illegals are literally modern day slaves because they work the shit jobs for less than min wage.

SJW will say we should allow refugees because we caused war in their countries, but they will always stop short of blaming Obama or suggesting we stop bombing their countries.

But then their children grow up to compete with our children for scholarships and jobs with a competitive advantage of race and poverty. They take the jobs Americans ARE willing to do.

>whether it's true or not

Whatever your opinion is on jews, atleast don't start an argument by advocating the killing of all jews and that there exists no good ones. Then you just sound like a crazy genocidal maniac.

I thought you wanted to change peoples minds and help them see your perspective. What hard "truths"? There exists no "truth", the only thing that does exists is your opinion and you will not convince anyone to your opinion by stating anything as the "truth".

I went into this thread to help OP but stayed and see if I could offer my advice to someone else. If you want people to stay out of Sup Forums and constantly regard you as the worst part of Sup Forums go for it. Otherwise take my advice.

Make them watch this video.


That's because they're closet white supremacists who are simply signalling their grace and virtue by their empathy for refugees. They leave the dirty work of rabble rousing and jingoism for lower class people.

This is why Germans and Swedes are by far the most racist posters on this website, despite their countries supposedly being the most "cucked." They serve as a "controller", signalling their virtue, and then playacting as victims that must be saved from their own naivete by the loyal soldier castes in less white countries such as the UK or Russia.

I can see how it would deter the normies from going deeper, i'll hide my power level more now.
>there exists no "truth".
...what? So if I was to say muslims are more likely to blow themselves up than all other religions, that's just my opinion, man? and not the truth?

>See this is the kind of mentality that drives normal people away

How's that a problem? Why would you want people here who can't accept the truth and would prefer to bury their head in the sand? There's the rest of the internet for that.

>whether it's true or not

So it should be ignored even if it is true like your failed muliculti country? Unlike the people you're crying about (normies, not Jews) we don't come up with a conclusion first and then use mental gymnastics to justify that position. If anything people here hope to be proven wrong and hope things are just a coincidence. The fact is they aren't and they never are.

I'm almost certain you're a Jew or at the very least part Jew.

dear info user do you have that picture that shows how many murders are commited by each religion?

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>SJW will say we should allow refugees because we caused war in their countries

"We" didn't cause war in their countries. The elites cause war and poverty in order to trigger mass migration and secure cheap labor at the point of production. If they were unable to do so they would have no economic interest in causing wars and poverty in the first place. Therefore it is our moral duty to stop mass immigration.

Thx, incase you other guys dont know this is a cuck from netherlands, recently his country needed to save itself but failed because there are too many cucks.

i will redpill you shlomo
its the kikes who use muslims to attack christians to celebrate purim , passover and hannukah. check dates with terorr attacks
also 6 millions...hmm or was it 11?


If you let sjws define 'dickhead' its a lost cause.

Sure, that is a truth if you got a source for it. However, it's not a truth that it's a bad thing. Some consider it good or just not relevant. See what I mean?

It's not about burying their head in the sand. Once again, what you consider the "truth" is not the truth for everyone and not bad for everyone. Some consider what you consider bad, good. That right there is what you need to change.



Immigration laid out in gumballs

Sorry deutchbro I don't

This is a classic example of the naked virtue signalling that gets more and more blatant the further towards the core of Aryandom you go. When the Aryan is not virtue signalling by calling for mass migration, he is virtue signalling by declaring he has no control over his own country and is the victim of an international conspiracy, despite Aryans having by far the highest living standards in the world. These mind games would be despicable if they were not so laughably simplistic.

thanks anyways, good job on the thread

>actually debates SJWs
They're unsavable user, and if you had the superpower of absolute persuasion we'd just be adding a zombie to our side. These conclusions must come from within for them to have any permanence.

We are the only ones disputing the policies of our elites while everyone else is sucking their dick. We preach what we practice. Get on our level.


Your level is about to be shit-low I'm afraid my dear befuddled Northern ape. ROTW is tired of your histrionic bullshit.

The day of the Aryandied is nearly upon us.

>i'm starting to lose debates to sjws

Reverse it back onto them, OP.


Why should we do it? Feelings aren't arguments
>Because they would help our economy
No they don't. And if they would send us only their good people we turn their country into shit

Bulgaria and tomania doesn't have enough qualified people left to maintain the infrastructure because they all go to the west.

You take out the people that keep the country in shape and wonder why it turns to shit.


[autistic screeching]
reply with "you are wrong and your kind of horrible egoistic acting ruined enough countries already" every time they try to say something.

watch them commit sodoku because you are the alpha SJW now

You gotta frame it in their language. SJWs get all bent out of shape over white colonialism so call mass immigration something like reverse colonialism; where instead of the west "stealing" the natural resources of shitty countries, we're "stealing" their human resources, or basically anyone with half an ounce of initiative. Doing this further impoverishes all the shitty countries and perpetuates their poverty so we need to end mass immigration for their own good. If they disagree with you it's because they obviously hate brown people and want them to stay poor forever.

This, also show them immigration and gumballs.

The man who is presenting even says the best of the poor countries are staying here rather than learning from us and returning to their home countries to make them better.

Even the slightest negative thing will get you branded as a racist. Don't argue with them, just simply tell them to fuck off. It's a waste of time and air.

Arguing with a SJW is like playing chess with a pigeon, they will just strut around and shit all over the board thinking they won.