Does Sup Forums have an official stance on the Herbal Jew?

Does Sup Forums have an official stance on the Herbal Jew?

I'm smoking right now. Please help me.

war on drugs is a good excuse to lock up violent niggers.

I don't smoke weed but I think you should be able to do it if you want to. Just don't drive, work, operate machinery etc while you're higher than the ceiling (just like with alcohol) and don't expect healthcare to be free if you get into trouble because of weed.
Sell it in legal stores and tax it.

what about degenerate white trash? hippies, crackheads, heroin addicts, drug dealers...

It's really not that bad for you but it is still somewhat degenerate and a waste of money.

If you had to ask, you know it's wrong.
It's a cheat. If you want to feel stress-free or "enlightened" or whatever, you have to put in the work.
Also weed makes people boring.

When did you first realize you're gay?

if weed became commercialized and not criminalized, all of its negative social effects would go away

>my friends actually believe this

Why dont Jews smoke weed?

Really makes you think...

Why is reddit so into legalization of dudeweedlmao?

This. You should be free to smoke if you want provided that you don't place others in danger through your irresponsible use of the drug.

In the same vein, I am free to judge you as the degenerate piece of shit you are.

kys fyrom degenerate

What are those social effects?

I fucking love paying taxes.

I'm neither reddit, nor pro-legalization, friendo. I don't care either way.

I smoked weed for a long time. Then I noticed little side effects. Extreme laziness, anxiety, paranoia. Then I quit smoking, life has been much better since then.

I didn't say you are reddit, user, that is a terrible thing to say. But liberals and plebbit are all over weed legalization.

Everyone is affected differently, so think for yourself.

Preachers of any kind are to be swiftly executed.


Make that shit legal, put taxes on it, eliminate crime related to Marijuana. While you are at it, make all drugs legal, people who are stupid enough to take them can deal with the consequences themselves and die of an overdose. All the crimes related to drugs disappear and all the scum loses their means of income!

Pathetic Bulgaria Ape.

Tons of people die every year from cigs and alcohol both of which are legal. Pot hasn't killed anyone. Legalize it, tax it, only allow for it to be smoked in designated places and have harsh penalties for dui, but other than that let people do what they wanna do. I would love to be able to come home from work and smoke a joint and not have to worry about my life being ruined over $20 worth of herb.

In moderation. Don't let it cuck you.

Anything that burns you out is bad and degenerate,


do you see him?