Vietnam's defense budget: $5 billion

>Vietnam's defense budget: $5 billion
>USA's defense budget: $580.3 billion

Why did USA lose?

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If you think Murica lost you know shit about how wars work or what wars even are.

Got tired of fighting a pointless war. Anything less than total annihilation of the NVA would not have been sufficient for victory. Our K/d ratio was really good though.

>tehehe France lost against them, too
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we're the heroes..

They lost the propaganda war

we stopped caring

we won every major military engagement, and were winning the war. We signed some peace agreements and left. After we left, NVietnam invaded South Vietnam, and our anti war liberals and hippies held enough influence in government that we never went back.

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You can't expect to go in a foreing country and start shooting their peoples and expect they would just sit back and fight them in an open field and with conventional weapons, even the peoples that don't fight will be passive aggressive and either mislead you or just lie because you are the actual attacker.


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America withdrew because of traitorous commie kikes. That's it.

it was a proxy war between USA and China's "volunteer" army supported by Soviet Union's jet fighters

Otherwise USA would steamroll vietnam

Not really

By saying dumb shit like the US """lost""" because of your typical "gorilla warfare trumps imperialist oppressors" shtick

Gooks ran to North Vietnam and the US Army couldn't go there

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"China's volunteer"?
source on that or this's another "all rook the same" case ignorant murrican senpai, or you're thinking this is Korean war?

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>if I see a person running away he/she/it is a vietcong and I shoot to kill.
>if I see a person not running away he/she/it is a vietcong pretending not to be a vietcong and I shoot to kill.

I just don't understand the "muh dead marines/muh trauma", isn't the US' KIA count in it's entire history equal to the german one in WW1 alone?

Viet Cong was white & based, unlike USA low tier nigger "military".

www3 nccu edu tw/~lorenzo/Jian%20China%20Involvement%20Vietnam.pdf

Anti war hippies.

If the U.S. won the war, Vietnam today would look like South Korea/Japan.

The trauma of Vietnam had more to do with the fact that anyone could be amln enemy, any step you take could be a trap, the jungle is generally horrible, and our government forced you to be there for no real reason.

They underestimated how unforgiving the rainforest is. Just like you when you invaded USSR in the middle of winter.

If you haven't seen platoon I want you to leave this thread right now and get on it.

>Why did USA lose?

They used civilians.

American civilians are cowards.

france also lost in vietnam

america didnt lose, the kill ratio against those nips was fucking insane. Nearly their whole population got slaughtered.

The americans just got battle weary.

Because it was the South Vietnamese who lost, not the U.S.

You forgot about these faggots


If a country goes to war to meet certain objectives, and they failed to meet those objectives, they lost.

ACtually we met our objective. We got a truce, then we left. SV just shit because chinks are apes like niggers and invaded, on a sacred holiday none other. After that, Nixon pretty much said fuck it, fuck asians and never brought back more military while pulling everything else out after the SV president handed in the towel without so much as a fuck give.

>we were winning the war

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oldfag here, while it's true that we won every major engagement, we weren't winning. they controlled large swaths of territory and we hadn't even ventured into the north.

fuckers hid like rats in the jungle in holes, we started to "win" when they decided to burn huge parts of the jungle then they couldn't hide and got btfo

they destroyed the jungles for miles and miles in front of their major bases. but the real problem was these cong fags would hide in cambodia and they were reluctant to invade a second jungle shit hole and risk condemnation.

The objective was toppling the communist government and the reunification of Vietnam. America did not meet their objectives as a result of the war.

America didn't lose to guns. We lost to communism.


because the north was able to run all their supply lines through china, and in order to hit those supply lines we'd have to start world war 3.

Souring opinion at home and the inability to deploy our full might in the region due to the threat of a 3rd world war ultimately proved a better reason to withdraw.

Sun Tzu "to be successful in war you need the gov't, the military, and the people"
We lost the people so we needed to give up on the war. I wouldn't say we lost to an enemy that won no battles but our goals were abandoned.

Objectives change, leaf. We left the care of the country to the South. They lost it.


ps takes a lot of napalm and time to ruin an entire ecosystem which is what they'd have to do to win...

>implying we didn't lose to the media

murricans were actually winning on the ground. But commies stepped up their game at the political front and public opinion turned against war too hard so they left


>I just don't understand the "muh dead marines/muh trauma", isn't the US' KIA count in it's entire history equal to the german one in WW1 alone?
probably not even close to Germany's WW1 KIAs

>tfw I thought about Viet war but actually was thinking about Korean war

goddamn you really rook the same.


Sweden? Ffs. Were we really communists back in the day?

Feels bad man. Especially because we were willingly communist then whereas Poland and other nations were just under the iron curtain. Jfc fuck this shit hole.

It wasn't that bad, you just stopped selling some of our spec-ops guns so we stole the design and made them ourselves

We lost the Vietnam war the same way Britain lost the revolutionary war. While the actions of the winning party were commendable in their effectiveness, it was never really a question of who would win if the stakes were deemed high enough so much as it was a war until the larger party decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

In an amusing side note, France lost because they employed WWI opponents against WW2 strategy.

>arguing America won the vietnamese war

you must have gone to a charter school

Stupid goals. The goal wasn't to conquer the north so when we crushed them to the border we couldn't stop them and they just rebuilt and moved back over it. Could have ended Vietnam in like 2 years and just had small uprisings here and there if America was allowed to bulldoze all the way to the Chinese border.

By your logic we lost WWII by changing the objective to take Berlin and focusing on the Pacific. Fucking leafs.

how do you think America one? If you judge wars being won/lost by casualties, then that means Germany really won the war and Russia lost.

>You can't expect to go in a foreing country and start shooting their peoples and expect they would just sit back and fight them in an open field and with conventional weapons
flashback to Italy 1944

>being this intellectually deficient

only in 'murica

>Amerisharts winning a war on their own

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didn't they kick both their asses?

the only reason the Americans came to Vietnam was because France basically fucked up and left

Guess who supported Rouge Kmer reigm in Kambodia.
Yes it was Sweden.
Some Swedish faggots even supported RK return to power after they were overthrown.

>abanga ab

Viet patriotism.

Why would you cite current numbers for something that happened 50 years ago. We pulled out because it wasn't worth fighting anymore

It's called Guerilla Warfare. It's the same reason why the French also lost to the Vietnamese.

The fence also lost to the Koreans even before the Americans retard.

US lost the public support of the war. If the military heads were not politicians and we're military leadership the US military would have slaughter the Vietnamese military and won the physical conflict but the actual deplomancy, who knows the South government wasn't really desirable to all Vietnamese but they would have been much more willing to work with the US. But present day Vietnamese population, majority of them like the US and don't hold too much of animosity because they have a lot of extended family members in the US.

Less I think
Americans are all talk when it comes to military shit, babies with no stomach for a real fight.

Vietnam was a failure because the US never declared war on North Vietnam, and never sent soldiers across the border to attack or occupy the actual cities and staging points enemy forces were using to infiltrate the south with. They basically stayed in the south playing cat and mouse with NVA and Viet Cong troops the entire war, thinking they could just bomb them in the north until they gave up, and the massive amount of casualties in the south would make it impossible for them to continue.

So day in day out they'd go up and kill the enemy on a hill, leave, wait for the hill to get taken again, go up and kill them again, repeat.

Eventually the futility of it made them want to quit and leave the corrupt, incompetent ARVN to their own devices since they certainly weren't pulling their own weight.

To put this into perspective, Nixon got into power on promises of ending the war - one of these strategies was to go into cambodia after a pro-us revolt took place to try and find and destroy what they believed was an enemy outpost: only a few km's across the border they found millions of tons of food, weapons and equipment, training centers, entire bases basically that the commies were using, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. However, a couple hours before they could really get to the heart of the enemy outposts, they get told to fuck off back to their side of the border because the media caught wind of what happened and blew up the story that nixon was escalating it instead of looking for a crippling attack to give them negotiation room.

1. We didn't. It was a political defeat, not a military one.

2. We couldn't go literal scorched Earth and weren't fighting for direct survival.

3. The Gook government was corrupt as all Hell. DC ignored literally every officer who told them it was a wasted effort FOR YEARS and sure enough.

Meet the new Charlie, same as the old Charlie.

Sick wall bro. I think we could use it to seal the Mexican border.

No attention span either

Because the political situation in the United States abandoned south Vietnam

>france losing to germany in france is the same as Americans losing to vietnam in vietnam.
OP is literally retarded.

Vietnam was not a military loss for the US. The US fought to a standstill, like in Korea, and the only reason we did not further our campaign was due to intense political pressure at home. A condition of the Paris accords was that the US would fund the South Vietnam military against any northern aggression if the accords were broken. But when the North resumed the fight, a democratic congress prevented the executive from arming South Vietnam, and so Vietnam fell. Communism failed there, as it did everywhere else, but global communism was not as unified as American officials had either believed or presented to the public. It was a foolish war, started by the Democrats, and its failure to produce any meaningful results was also due to the Democrats. Significant evidence shows that the US was handily winning the war, which is what brought the north to the table in the first place. Had the democrats actually done the humanitarian thing, and not catered to drug addled youth, we wouldn't be having this conversation. In fact, /Pol probably wouldn't exist at all.

You live in an English speaking country yet don't speak it properly. How sad.

Yeah, imagine if there'd been a draft for Desert Storm. People volunteered for that, and news media still published casualties every day.

Amazing that we're still there eight years later, but there's never been a major report on ground movements and casualties since W went brokeback.


Wasnt meant to be won, couldnt invade the north without pulling china in and repeating korea, only with nukes this time

Should have never went in, kennedy knew this and they killed him over it.

Yeeeeah WW1 wasn't a great reason for us to throw millions of our men at fortress battlements and to kill 50,000 Brits at the Somme in like a day either.

The media >>>> the Jews

Coming from a tactical standpoint, we actually won the Vietnam war but we failed to accomplish our goal of rooting out communism from the Veits. Basically, we sent a ton of our boys to kill tons of slant-eyes for a long time and we got nothing from it. We might have continued but there was a lot of anti-war sentiment in the mainland and hippies were starting to gain ground.

Liberals thats why.

Vietnam's generals were smart. They knew they couldn't beat the US in actual battles, but they also knew the political will of America was weak. So they resorted to quick sneak attacks on n our Army. Hiding in the brush when our men would approach. Sure more of their men would die in these than Americans, but that wasn't the point. The point was to send dead Americans back so the political pressure would increase.

I remember watching this ABC news doc that had a Vietnam solider on it. He mentioned how their Government/Generals would get footage from America of all the anti-war hippies protesting the war, and use that as motivation to defeat us. So yes dirty liberal hippies protesting the war is what cost us the war.

Well Canuckistan here got it right in a way It was a half assed mission that was never officially declare as a war. The US tried to win by body count, similar to how WW1 was eventually fought wherein they were just trying to bleed the opposing side dry. But the reason that became the tactic in WW1 was because nobody could break the lines. The reason they didn't just invade North Vietman is anybody's fucking guess.

>Why did USA lose?
cause they werent willing to go the whole mile. nukes and the cong would have been outcongged

1 post this ID
seems like slide but I'll bite
They lost because they were backstabbed at home essentially
Surely as a german you would know about that given our world wars.

Do you just come to Sup Forums to practice your English? Because I get the feeling you're just parroting. May god have mercy on your soul.


France also lost to the peeps on the right, dude. Additionally militarily America was basically on the eve of victory when we left vietnam, the VC was crushed. Politics is why we left vietnam, not because we were unable to achieve our goals militarily, but because it had now become politically unpopular to continue the war thanks to leftist psyops and propaganda.

If we were a dictatorship we never would have lost vietnam.

Difference is Germany lost a defensive war. They couldn't just pack up and leave and return to their untouched homeland like America did in Vietnam.

You are very offbase, especially about the ARVN who get a very bad rap but served as the meatshields in operations and took the most casualties.

Yes they had VC infiltrators but there were a lot of good dudes there.

France lost to Vietnam too:

Actually our objective was to kill a lot of gooks and give the south a chance to hold off those tunnel-digging monkeys by themselves. We did just that. The south just didn't have the spine.

actually started reading this article:

> The Viet Minh opened fire with a massive artillery bombardment in March. After several days the French artillery commander, Charles Piroth, unable to respond with any effective counterbattery fire, committed suicide.

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Exactly war is about breaking things and killing people. We broke more of their shit and killed more of their people.


The Vietcong destroyed us with their guerrilla warfare tactics.

We eventually destroyed them with Agent Orange, though.