Redpill me on Mussolini...

Redpill me on Mussolini. All I could find was allied propaganda since there is no Greatest Story Never Told analogue for him.

I am only looking for the truth, whatever it may be.

Ex Marxist, took a redpill and became anti marxist, some times the most dedicated fascist is an ex leftist.

read the doctrine of fascism

This guy was knowledgeable and well read as fuck, even though it doesn't look like it.

he had a pet lion

Pretty incompetent, egoistic and prone to poor decision-making and flip-flopping over doctrine. It's a shame because the Italians had some phenomenally talented people in their ranks. (They could've prevented the disastrous Eastern Front if von Ribbentrop wasn't an incompetent idiot and actually listened to the Italian diplomatic corps)

based as fuck LMAO

even if he had been the greatest strategist the world has ever seen, or the greatest diplomat or the greatest master mind it wouldn't have a difference because italians are some of the laziest most useless pieces of shit in the world so he was doomed to fail regardless of what he did. he bet on the wrong horse and that's it really

She broke your heart when she left with Sergio, didn't she?

A Third Positionist whose First Fascist Platform read like a Social Justice Manifesto from Tumblr.

An anti-theist atheist that protected the seat of the Catholic Church from Communism.

Also this. His bungling in Africa and the Balkans led to German resources being diverted away from the Soviet Offensive.

If you want to understand him read him.

His son worked in the air force and said dropping poisonous gas on niggers was the best experience of his life.


Yup he's Italian alright

what? ive never had a girlfriend and ive never met an italian person, it's just common knowledge that they surrendered right away and were useless in ww2

>were useless
you are norwegian, you should appreciate people trying to imitate your trademark lifestyle

pretty much any English language books on him are biased against him. They often denounce him as an egotistical incompetent. He gets a bad rap because of siding with Hitler, and that's just about all he's known for. In fact, Winston Churchill had a lot of good things to say about Mussolini and Fascism before WWII.

>common knowledge
I know very little about op's topic, but remember, "common knowledge", is often complete bullshit.

>mfw americucks and brits always whine about "muh freedumz" whenever they try to understand Fascism

to be fair your equipment was extremely outdated as you had difficulty in both Africa and the Balkans. You should've stayed out of the war like Franco

that's because Americans don't know what its like living on a continent where there was nothing but monarchy until very recently. Our whole country was founded on not having a monarchy