Speech tomorrow, what redpills to drop?

Class is full of liberals, headed by a TA that wore a "feminist as fuck" shirt on the first day.

informational speech must have two cited & valid sources (unquestionable ones in the eyes of my marxist TA), two minutes long

>no idea wtf to do with my life
>in commiefornia
>surrounded by marxists
>all alone

aid me faggots, if we do this right you may see a happening occur as i get dragged into the streets and devoured by the tacos and commies

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Give a subject and we'll drop the redpills

Watch lots of Norm MacDonald Live

the feminism meme would do nicely just by looking at the ta (the class is also about 70-80% womyn)

make sure to talk about the jews and the reptiles

make sure you rep tile them on the supjuect of redbpiles

Your title should be
"Measure twice, cut once, or getting it right first time."

Then go on to inform the class about how to gas jewish people, secretly and in large numbers.


Talk about suicide rates for transgender people for maximum butthurt

Talk about how prostitution is an effective form of currency/exchange.

Talk about why legal prostitution is a good thing.




Link between homosexuality and pedophilia/disease with stats, statistics, and examples from their websites. Bonus points for including memes from The Gift:
Something like this but condensed:


question man made global warming


Or how Rachel Dolezal has a right to be trans racial

or even better-

How white people should follow her lead to end racism

maximum kek.

I'll start dropping everything I've got on Women

Tell them about promiscuity and a high sexual partner count will bring them more unhappiness in life. Might dig up sources if interested.


Transgender Youth and Life-Threatening Behaviors




OH FUCK. This would cause a riot.

Consider, OP.

I made the mistake of bashing progressive eco-nazism in ny engineering Cultures class turns out it was a liberal arts course I learned they don;t like when you point out progressives taught hitler Eugenics




oy vey

leave the class and tell them to fuck off. why are you subjecting yourself to this tripe. request a different class.





because i have the opportunity to redpill roughly 200+ people on the final

its all a big risk that is being taken, trying to go for a buildup


That's all I've got OP

Pick a fuzzy grey-area subject that normies haven't been told what to think about like the zionist occupation and colonization of palestinian land or the fallout of American intervention, specifically regime change and removing a dictator. A few good ones could be installing Pinochet, removing Gaddafi, or the current attempt to remove Assad

>clears throat
>straighten tie
>H-hitler did nothing wrong, it was the J-jews
>awkward silence
>cucks yelling that you're a racist
>sweating nervously
>forget your evidence due to nerves
>fuck it
>begin jacking off
>be removed from building
>blow your load
Op come on, just change classes.

well if you wanna go fot it, go for it. the only real challenge is gonna be citing sources that back up what you're saying and they will agree upon as valid that aren't reals vs feels against their bullshit narrative.

Honestly this is the best option

You can always spin it back to this statement "men and women complete each other. Each have their roles in society and life, equalizing the two ruins the companionship we've developed for millions of years." I had a fourthwave(?) feminist gf who pretty much wanted equal rights for women but still sees the importance of women being women and men being men.

Talk about how females are more emotional and therefore can't hold positions in power without fucking it all up.

It should go something like this
>"females are too emotional"
>every female in class gets mad and starts chimping out
>"thanks for proving my point..."

Become a school shooter.

This, it's what the cool kids always do. Plus you get to be on the news for a bit.


Cite Germany as an example.