All drugs should be legal

All drugs should be legal

>illegalization of drug-consumption infringes on personal right. while we are used to this, its actually atrocious when you think about it, that you can get put in jail for doing something to your own body
>you can never remove drugs from the world. the only thing illegalization accomplishes is a criminal monopoly. by having drugs be illegal, criminal enterprises (and global terrorism) is constantly being financed. all of that money should be taxed & put into western society. no more nigger ghettos, no more mexican cartel, no more al qaeda
>legalization = regulation. by having it legal, states can regulate the extent to which they are supplied, limiting availability to children AND ensuring a higher level of quality-control & safety for all narcotic products
>by removing the criminal aspect, addicts will be more inclined to seek help (no longer in fear of legal repercussions), and giving treatments to those in need will be far easier for humanitarian organizations
>by removing societal negative bias against narcotics, as well as legal complications, the potential for using these various plants/chemical constructs in medicinal research might prove to have a highly positive impact on modern medicine
>all the arguments AGAINST legalizing drugs (more people will use it, i think, is the only solid one) have consistently been proven to be false. several countries which have legalized drugs to various extents have not shown notable increases in drug-consumption (in some cases, it has led to a decrease)

All drugs should be legal. if you disagree, you are retarded

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get with something real and not just your quest to get high

I like the system Britain has. Black book or something, we should do that except without paying for their addiction with tax dollars

i dont want legal drugs so people will do more drugs, i want drugs for the various reasons i explained that youre too stupid to understand

its mostly about individual rights.

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yeah you want drugs so you can be a degenerate in peace.

stop it please. take control of your life instead of trying to impose your shit on all.

we all know weed is not as bad as alcohol. yet weedheads are more retarded than alcos

nothing ive said implies i even do drugs...?

>only stoners can be pro-legalization

thats retarded. and im not even talking about weed specifically. im talking about ALL drugs, including fucking heroin

okay so all drugs except weed should be legal?

we know you talk about weed and that you do weed.

stop it please. even weed is bad for you,l despite joe rogan thinking otherwise.

all pedophile nickelodeon executives should be put into labor camps..

but in regards to this ridiculous claim, drug addiction would sky rocket and so too would poverty, crime & birth defects.

so no. they shouldn't..

judging by the picturing you chose to post it's clear that you are a degenerate and have no place at the round-table of social-engineering..

Portugal decriminalized drugs 15 years ago. Drug-usage has fallen, as has the rate of new HIV-infestations.

Various countries that have legalized drugs to various extents have NOT seen an increase in use. Your argument is wrong and invalid

Except for the fact that you operate under the assumption that everyone's actions only affect themselves, when in reality, drug use affects those around the user as well as the user himself. We can clearly see that they have a net negative, not positive effect, therefore we take steps to prevent their use. I don't see a problem with this.

Or we could just shoot all dealers on sight. I prefer that option.

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But on the topic, weed should be legalized, however, you are a straight loser if you smoke weed.

shooting dealers on sight works under the assumption that drug-use can actually, conceivably be stopped. i dont believe it is. i believe self-intoxication is innate, and can never be removed. same as prostitution. trying to ban something that people will ALWAYS do REGARDLESS just leads to a criminal monopoly, which is the case today

its not about legalizing so more people will do it, its about legalizing so that it can be controlled, regulated, made safer, kept away from children, and to more easily give help to those that are addicted. you cant make people NOT do drugs, thats impossible. you can only make them as safe as possible (and tax them, instead of giving all that money to terrorists)

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The issue that I have is that you're treating drug use as a moral neutral, when everyone knows that it's a moral negative. I know as well as you that we'll never stomp it out completely, but if we make the penalty high enough for using it, we can come darn close. I guess it comes down to your personal political beliefs, but I believe that one of the roles of the government is to support public morality, and minimize contact between the population and degenerative influences.

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people in the US are serving lifetime imprisonment as we speak for selling weed. ronald reagans war on drug accomplished nothing except suppressing the lower-middle class and creating a culture of perpetual shittiness, violence & crim (nigger-ghettos)

the whole notion that drugs are a moral negative is a fairly recent one. there is little historical documentation of a net negative perception of drugs (or even a concept of "narcotics") previous to the late 19th century. while i agree doing drugs is bad, of course, the idea that every drug-user is on scale with a heroin-addict is a very narrow way of thinking about it, and the reality is that a very significant portion of drug-users are perfectly functioning citizens. some of these, however, end up being forced into a shitty culture of criminals, as they are forced to buy drugs from criminals. by having legal ways of obtaining drugs, this problem ceases, and the consequent negative environment in which people seeking drugs are forced is no longer an issue. of course, with legalization, some people will abuse drugs (as they do today), but as shown in countries like Portugal, legalization does not lead to increased amount of drug-usage, and enables those addicted to more easily seek help (and makes it easier for humanitarian organizations to give people help)

again: i dont want to legalize drugs because WEED LMAO or because i want more people to do it. i want to legalize drugs to make our society safer (and to tax that shit instead of funding al qaeda)

everything should be legal, except murder, rape things like that, but they're not

there we go

how does not EVERYONE on Sup Forums agree with this? individual rights are, like, what we stand for, i thought. guess /r/eddit-invasion & paid infiltrator-shills are ruining it

I completely agree OP.
drugs are chemical tools for the body.
only two types of people hate drugs.
1.people who have never done drugs
2.people who sucked at doing drugs.

hammers are great when they are used correctly,they hurt when they aren't.

we need to make "roach motels",a place where you can do your drug of choice free all you want 24/ get dope,crappy food and a cot.The catch is you can't leave until you're clean for 30 days.

Hey, first off, I appreciate your being willing to have a logical conversation with me about this. That being said, I've been a firefighter/EMT for three years now. I have been in the homes of, and personally dealt with, a lot of drug addicts. I have never encountered a case yet where they have benefited the user. Ever. I'm sure that there are functioning addicts out there, certainly. But the issue that I have is the effect on the people around the user. I've seen kids in places I wouldn't want a dog to live in because their parents use drugs. I've seen little, tiny kids that are already messed up for life because their mom used crack. I went on a call once where a mother had left her kids in the care of a guy who was literally passed out drunk because she wanted to go buy drugs. It sucks, man, and if I had my way, we would deal with it in a far, far more aggressive way.

I do agree with you that the drug war failed, but that's because we weren't really willing to take the steps necessary to stomp out the issue.

You want to create a world in which all you do is fuck and smoke. WE COULD BE CONQUERING THE STARS! But no, you just want to sit around and be degenerate.
You envision that it will be casual, that you it will just be happy and fun. But even alcoholism creates a dull, grey reality of depression and corruption, despite being completely legal.
Practice restraint. If the government even lifts the boot for a moment it creates disgusting degeneracy the world cannot comprehend, people will literally eat their own shit on live TV.

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>the only people who hate drugs are the people who sucked at doing drugs.
spoken like a true drug addict

Some are positive, whereas most are detrimental.
Caffeine is the fuel of Western civilization, whereas things like THC and Alcohol weaken the body and impair judgement.
Do you wish to add fuel to your body or literal poison?


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i have a spinal injury from a gunshot and chronic pain,i traded an 8 year oxcontin addiction for medical marijuana.

so what's it to you?I'm retired and smoke a joint a day.come at me bro

>government funded drug shacks
Is this Brave New World? This is literally what the Liberals aim to create.

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you've got enough problems already it sounds like

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If we had 24/7 government surveillance and martial law in place it would be impossible for people to get drugs illegally. Also dealing drugs would result in summary execution, no exceptions.

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so I should let you,or politicians for that matter,decide what I can or cannot use?

My perception is that those kinds of places will always exists, and that drugs will always be there to destroy the lives of addicts and those around them. I can't imagine a world where these things dont happen

Speaking for myself, im not a big drug-guy (just thought this thread might be interesting), but I think roughly 80% of all the people I know under 50 have done drugs to various extents. Mostly just weed. I personally know numerous recently graduated medical doctors, lawyers, engineers, and high-functioning blue-collar workers who have done or continue to do drugs without failing to function. I also know some people who have "fallen" to addiction, and are now completely useless fuckups who feel shitty if i dont go a day without getting high.

My point with this is that, for the people who do it without complications, having it be illegal seriously infringes upon their individual rights. Why should they fear legal punishment for wanting something that (to milder or heavier extents) equates to having a beer? And why should they be forced to seek out active criminals ("the bad men") in order to obtain this? And for people i know who are full-on addicts, why should they fear legal repercussion in order to seek help? If they didnt need to hide, it would be easier for people humanitarian organizations to find them. And by regulating it, and selling it legally, there would be no more "borrowing" from drug dealers (the criminal market, i believe, would pretty much vanish if it had to compete with a legal one. just look at alcohol), which leads to being visited by pushers, and soforth. and there no longer be these communities, which you describe, where drug-dealers are on every corner, essentially pushing it on people from a young age

with a legal market for narcotics, i dont imagine ads on TV for heroin, i imagine a highly regulated market something equivalent to drug-stores, which essentially makes it HARDER to obtain, but removes the criminal aspect

why not?it keeps junkies away from society and if they WANT to live they can,if they WANT to kill themselves with dope they can do that private away from the rest of society.


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>you are a straight loser if you smoke weed.

Clearly never done any research ever.

Narcotics are a morally neutral activity when used responsibly. They have a negative social stigma which has led to unreasonable draconian drug laws.

The only thing drug laws accomplish is increasing revenue to criminal organisations. People who want to do drugs will still do them, and society as a whole suffers. People who are addicted cannot get the help they need. Research on so-called illicit compounds is needlessly impeded (ketamine for example, can treat intractable depression, cannabis for treating pain & nausea in chemo patients, MDMA for post-traumatic stress). Furthermore, people who practice socially responsible drug use may be needlessly criminalised. There is no upside to banning drugs.

Places that have decriminalised drugs, like portugual, have not seen any increases in societal drug use, nor drug-related deaths. Places that have draconian drug laws (like the UK) have some of the highest consumption of illicit compounds in the world. Prohibition simply does not work, and has the aforementioned negative effects on society. Legalise all drugs. Furthermore, from an ethical point of view, people should have control over what they put into their body. Anything less is an unnecessary infringement on an individual's sovereign will. Support prohibition if you like being the government's cuckhold.

goddamnit youre retarded. read my post, dickhead

>hammers are great when they are used correctly,they hurt when they aren't.
i like that quote, but i want to believe that non-users also support legalization, because its just so inherently right

She looks like a troll, did she get addicted to meth?

this hurts my heart


if you disagree you're either retarded or a gov worshipper

If you make all drugs legal, you better have some other kind of precaution to control it other than "just say no".

Otherwise, the law that is making it legal will dissappear when the state saying it is legal suddenly stops existing.

If this sounds like bullshit to you, it is literally what happened to China. By the time they realized how terrible this shit was to their society, they attempted a prohibition which lead to military coalitions manufactured by Britain and destroyed China once and for all. Made worse by the fact that China had jack dick to defend themselves on account of the fact that its entire population were now junkies. And after intense debt and destruction were wrought, China had no drug free working population to help rebuild and that country continued to burn for 100 years.

Resulting in a fluctuation between Nationalist Chinese dictatorships, Japanese invasions, and ending with a fucking commie state that has one of the worst cigarette and alcohol addictions on the planet.

Oh, and fucking millions of deaths.


yeah, no. Everyone is too busy fucking with each other and going to war.

kek. drugs.

Pretty much this

War on drugs is pointless

>something that (to milder or heavier extents) equates to having a beer?
Um, actually I'm not a big fan of alcohol either. Sorry, I know that I'm coming across as a bit of a puritan, but if you took alcohol and drugs away, 80% of my medical call volume would be gone.

The only differences are the lighting and makeup. And maybe a shower.

Coke for sure

Yes but highly taxed and all advertising of drugs or alcohol should be banned. All the tax income from it should be put into organized youth programs, sports clubs, music, art etc.

i worked in the norwegian health care system for 5 years (specifically the psychiatric section), mostly dealing with drug-addicts or former drug-addicts who are now brain damaged. pretty much everyone i worked with was a "victim" of drugs, and while this is terrible, my perception is that they are there now, and if drugs become legal, they will still be there. its like this guy said:

>hammers are great when they are used correctly,they hurt when they aren't.

if you give the people pretty much anything, some are gonna use it to fuck themselves up. but i dont think that should lead to the government creating laws that limit individual freedom in order to "prevent" this behavior, especially when its repeatedly shown that the governmental attempts at keeping people from ruining themselves with it (by illegalizing it) are entirely unsuccessful. and also by making this behaviour directly fund terrorist organizations

Personally I agree, but I also think, at least within the US, it should be up to the states.

>cigarette and alcohol addictions

These have always been legal (idgaf about temporary prohib).

why did they stop the prohibition?
because it just ended up giving a FUCKTON of money to the american mafia, forcing the police to spend all their time and energy chasing drunks instead of policing, and it had no effect on how much alcohol people consumed. people just kept doing it anyway

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Portugal made all drugs non-illegal and it worked wonders

Now they have proper infrastructure to help deal with addicts, rather than criminalizing them all.

Yeah I'm a doctor as well, and you can't take alcohol & drugs away. They still fucking exist even if you make them illegal.The type of people you see in ED late at night have mental health issues and are desperate & will obtain the drugs *illegally*.

The root cause are the psychological issues being compounded by drugs and alcohol, not the drugs themselves. Alcohol is a curse on society, & for many people. However, it is also a source of pleasure for innumerable people across the world. From an Epicurean point of view, banning alcohol so we medics have to see a few less drunks late at night is morally reprehensible.

Norse saying yall is amusing to this Texan..

lived a few years in the midwest. picked up some folksiness

The drug issue is the one and only thing I've ever agreed about with that fat bastard.

there was some other stuff from the "where to invade next" doc that was pretty good

School meals here, and in America, are fucking dire.
We should both take note on that front. Those kids had a real fucking chef doing a weekly menu with in season and local products.

Lindsey lohan before all the drugs.

>wish we could turn back time. To the good old days

>trusting government to do anything the way it should be done
How about we just stop this public school shite and be done with it.

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Pleasure is bad when the source is bad.

I wouldn't be too against it if criminals who tested for drugs after a crime (stealing or mugging) got a swift and cheap death penalty

>Except for the fact that you operate under the assumption that everyone's actions only affect themselves, when in reality, War on drugs and infringing of personal rights affects those around the users as well as the user himself.


define "bad"?
coca cola is bad. candy is bad. processed food is bad (arguably). cigarettes are bad. alcohol is bad. a lot of over-the-counter drugs are bad. guns are bad. hammers are bad. knives and forks are bad. your argument doesnt make any sense (and isnt really an argument)


I forgot his name

I theory I think your right on most things but we can't forget the social stigma that comes with drugs. Its hard to really imagine just going to the bar and buying some mdma/ecstasy as easy as a beer although that would be nice.

>get drugs illegally.
Why do Americans always choose wrong way? if you have full authority and want to stop drug use kill drug users. They can't hide drugs in their blood. Also they much more vulnerable and less organised against government violence.

in australia, when they switched to the metric system, everyone was all "its gonna be crazy chaos", but everyone adjusted to it fairly quickly. nothing really happened, and it turned out fine. i dont think that fear should keep this long-term positive change from taking place

yea i already debunked that. look at my replies

thats horrible

You are a fool.


Most drugs should be legal because banning them does more harm than good, and addiction is much better treated as a medical problem than a legal problem. And prohibition creates opportunities for organised crime.

However there are a few drugs, such as flakka, that result in psychosis so quickly that prohibition is actually the best approach.

Here ya go

>impose your shit on all
So... impose your belief that you shouldn't impose your anti-drug beliefs on all on all?

i guess i just won that argument

thanks for making it so evident to me

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