I hope you're happy pol!

I hope you're happy pol!
This sweet gentle friendly innocent girl was merely walking with her friends when you savages attacked her and her peaceful friends for no reason!
Watch the interview and apologize!!

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Didn't she gag on a dick in a porn somewhere

OP, gunna need you to kill yourself real quick

>fucking shills

>fucking newfags

What a lying bitch. Like holy fuck I hate that women are allowed to lie this much and get away with it.

Kill yourself you libtard.

interesting how two of these threads pop up every hour, as if someone wants to distract you from more important things

you must be getting closer Sup Forums ...

>shes hot

>shes hairy and nasty

>she hates drumpf and nazis

im in love

I hope you're being ironic

whats funny is anyone who watched the fight knows she is lying
it's just like the fake news lying when everyone fucking knows they are full of shit
it only makes it worse for them,

>innocent girl was merely walking with her friends when you savages attacked her and her peaceful friends for no reason!
While wearing a mask and helping her friends beat the shit out of people.


cbs is propaganda

>return to her normal life
>implying she ever had a normal life


Top fucking kek

How have the SJWs not eaten her alive yet for those dreads? She's not from the mother continent.

G8 B8 R8 8/8


The comments are 100% calling the article BS and her a terrorist that deserved it. hahahaha

So has her gofundme page for medical bills been reported for fraud yet?

Wasnt that bitch bragging about getting 100 nazi scalps? Didnt work out so well roastie

the nude photos of her arent really her are they? just a look alike right?

Real talk now.

Was she throwing M80s or anything like that?

my fave
>>she is a violent, hairy liar.

Is this vid new?

>a smoke bomb just went off

Holy fuck. We are reaching levels of propaganda I never thought possible.

>acting like a victim

i bet she would be just as sympathetic to trump supporters who got beat up

yes... im very happy.

do porn, get torn

What a fucking lemming

she's pretty. and who cares about the Nazi scalp thing it's obvious she was joking

>she's pretty. and who cares about the Nazi scalp thing it's obvious she was joking

the one with blood on his face is her boyfriend
find him

she got punched for no reason people here are just mad she's a female


"A smoke bomb went off in the area where the white nationalists and neo-nazis were…Everyone was confused,” said Rosealma. “It (the smoke) filled the whole intersection. They started rushing and started attacking people."

Trump supporter = White Nationalist and Neo Nazi



>Antifa girl punched on Saturday
>She was also confirmed to being affiliated with FEMEN (public nude marches)
>Not only have we found out she does nude modeling, but she also did straight-up mainstream porn on ATKhairy
>There are other models on there that look kinda hippie or punk-ish from the USA or California region
>Someone an literally find more Antifa members on this very site by looking up models and doing minor background checks/research
>Can oust more Antifa members AND get a wank

On a fucking porn site of all fucking places you can find more Antifa members and end their shit.

>yfw Soros not only hires European street whores for FEMEN in Europe, but hires literal porn stars in the US for FEMEN and Antifa.

You guys literally have a golden opportunity and a win-win situation. You can also reveal who was also part of FEMEN.

I mean, shit. The girl did nude modeling for a site called Modelanarchy. Just that name alone is fishy, and the rabbit hole goes so deep, there's a MASSIVE chance that these porn sites, shit, maybe even Burning Angel, are Antifa recruitment businesses.

Take a look at some of the other models. They fit the stereotype of an Antifa girl.

>Porn site can be held accountable for being involved in recruitment or indirect involvement with violent protests

Yes. I know I've been bringing this up in every thread, but I'm determined to make Antifa go away. They've been a nuisance in the Bay Area long enough. You should see the sick shit and community damages they do on their days NOT protesting.

Inb4 Antifa shill with the UK flag.

It helps us, I guess. "le based stick man" called white nationalists stupid, and he's still lumped in with us. Their rhetoric just drives more people to our side--why bother disavowing the "Nazis" if you'll get called one regardless?

>mfw wait thats not Hades

they can't keep getting away with it

so who is gonna send her dad nudes?

>implying 30 different people haven't done it yet

>with her boyfriend and two other friends
So she's getting BLACKED, huh?



I still think she's hot. She's got a great body and I hope she makes more porn. Amazing tits.

I did it earlier, everyone should.

degenerate scum.


why is this allowed?

>“We were hoping for the best and expecting the worst,” she said.

>dating a girl that shows her hairy asshole all over the internet

All this talk of porn and not posting her tits...


It's really just sarcasm. When the group is engaging in mutual hatred of a person or thing and further developments roll out over time, a funny/easy way to introduce the topic to the group is to exaggeratedly pretend you're sympathetic when everyone knows (or at least should know) that couldn't be further from the truth.

This is what countersignalling is.
It just tends not to come across correctly here given the lack of body language and vocal cues (and the presence of actual leftists here putting us on high alert since there is no barrier to entry and complete anonymity)

That's why it helps to pay a lot of attention to how your enemies ACTUALLY speak and learn what and how they think, so you can tell when your friend is just being a cheeky cunt.

Here's her porn name if you're interested in looking.

who ? what people here are mad this bitch who tweeted out she's looking for violence got hit ? wtf and who the fuck are you talking about ?

They're probably not worth posting

I want to sniff her hairy pits and asshole 2bh

Still hot. Only the dreads are nasty.

Nasty woman

Then stand a mile downwind of her and take a whiff.

Just because there's BLACKED threads doesn't mean that they won't ban for porn.

bitch seriously had hair growing out of her asshole

George Soros in the MAGA hat

Fake news.

Porn is only allowed if It has at least 1 black cock in it.
I'm honestly surprised mods don't ban for complaining about mods. Rules say they can, but even the mods know their shit.


Really gets the ol' noggin a-joggin...

Wine bottle = felony

You have it the wrong way around. Porn sites aren't antifa recruitment businesses. Antifa chicks just know they can make easy money getting their tits out.

I'll go check Hot Topic

It's definitely a cranium catalyst.

wow ebin jej brob ur the bunniest guy on Sup Forums

she deserves to be beheaded by ISIS

We need to get them all wiped, but I doubt highly that the owner of the site is interested in it.

I'll chop her head off if I see her in public.

>His ass is fucking bleeding
>The cunt has a boo boo
>Oh my God! why did a man hit a woman? real men don't hit women he should go to prison because he is a coward with a small pecker to even think of hitting a woman.

i appreciate the individuals who take the time in making these run downs.

“I was trying to follow my boyfriend, but he just disappeared…I was just trying to block myself away from different people who were just pushing me and attacking other people.”

why does that not surprise me he left the bitch for dead

The meme is true. You are the niggers of South America

will she become pol's new crush now?

>hairy legs


the fuck is this?

>having "sides"

Its not a sporting competition. You and them are both retards

She looks like she smells like piss

Are those sap gloves?

>implying this hairy beast could compare to the angelic beauty of august...


Does she have a knowyourmeme article?

no, her name is august west. you can find her on one of Alex Jones youtube videos. She put all her social media on private after hordes of pol/lacks were drooling all over her.

>This sweet gentle friendly innocent girl
implying she does porn and wanted to bring back nazi scalps


She's so perfect.

just noticed the guy who said can you bring back 100 white peoples dreads, fucking kek

Her tits ain't bad but her coochie looks disgusting

Skinny skank w/nasty stringy butthole on display. She's been needing a good fisting for a while.

Ugh imagine the smell


that picture is cringy.