This whole kek thing

So I just watched this podcast about how we resurrected the ancient Egyptian god Kek, and while I was watching, an image of a pair of eyes sneering at me popped into my head. I also got a headache afterwards. What just happened?

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How much weed did you smoke though?

Kek is real.

Thoth made an attempt to reach out to you. He seeks an army of order and avian-humanoids to combat the chaos of Kek.

Deny Thoth, and embrace the teachings of Kek. Chaos is freedom!

Quit larping and go to bed buddy

Autism. You have autism OP.

Kek is real

and as for OP...

Well, OP is a faggot.

Kek has marked you.

Fear not the dark, user, and let the memes begin.

>What just happened?
You wandered off of .

You've Awoken your sleeping Autism.

It's satan. Trust in God. The battle between good and evil is only beginning.

For reference

He is not powered by gets, but by another, sickly, deformed type of get. Theres a name for this but ive since forgotten it

>proceeds to acquire palindrome get
Praise Thoth



How sickening

Have been dealing with a more intense tinnitus for 2 weeks, are there technology that can induce tinnitus, beside abusing headphone usage... i mean stuff to make people go crazy? Blasting particular frequency silently either in you audio output or by varying my multiplae fans inside my computer to certain speed to creat an harmonic resonating frequency that damage my hearing?
They might be waging psychological warfare on all of us...

Thoth and KEK are not in opposition to eachother you retard.


You were visited.


Mandela effected

post podcast


What did you mean by that?


Thoth Test


itt TRS shills their podcast


Digits... Did not confirm. He has spoken.


Kek is offering you a chance to repent.

Repent your idolatry and sins through jesus christ who died on behalf of your sins

The eyes you see are that of the dragon/adversary coming to ensnare you. I have also seen them in the form of baphomet the goat man

It is Heket not Kek. Goddess of fertility and resurrection. Seth is the god of the desert, chaos and evil. Thoth is the god of wisdom, writing, a messenger and scribe who also over sees every mans judgement on his death.


Kek is the one and true God

Keep this train rollin
Praise kek
Praise Thoth

It's nothing OP. You should not research Kyle Odom at all and just go to bed. I'm feeling a bit sleepy myself. Our mind does funny things when we need sleep.

this belongs on /x/. Fuck off

Psychic attack. Wait until you start seeing the reptile faces

Tot is a false god. The digits do not match. Do not mention Tot's name in the same breath that you mention His name, especially if you're not even going to capitalize it.

>implying they aren't bros

Owned. Thoth is Keks buddy.

it was probably a psychic attack and probably by the orion confederation. you should learn to protect yourself against psychic attacks

Triples of truth.

My apologizes to Kek and his buddy Tot.

we're all on the same team, i was doubting it at the beginning too but i believe they are part of the positively oriented confederation since the negative one is not allowed to cross over.

You have a massive brain tumour and you'll be dead in 3 months.

so this aussie was the only other person to pount it out in the thread.

i wonder if i am protected against psychic attacks. praise kek and thoth every day

Check again


Thoth is here

You started your menstration cycle

That's not a

kek is real and if you pray to him it is really bad as he is satan, and I'm nod even kidding

fuck you

By the power of the gets!
Manifest you Kek
Show those normies and heretics your power

That's not how thot works

the straps of your helmet got lose, so some blood went to your brain

>go tell your mom

You've been marked by KeK as a messenger of chaos.