Atlanta happening soon

Georgia anons get in here. Something major might be going down in atlanta soon.
It all began with the fire under I 85 which was supposedly set by a homeless man. Then a fire started on the railroad tracks last week. Then a truck overturned with chemicals on the highway then the expressway bucked from a gasleak closing it and now a fire under a bridge on Buford highway. People I know are starting to get concerned. What the fuck is going on? Our roads and railroads are having all of these incidents.

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ATL is a major hub.

>city is filled with and run by third world people
>it turns into a third world city
huh yeah its truly a mystery

I'm wondering what exactly they're doing this for if it isn't some very unlikely coincidence.

Why do you think North Korea is dark at night?
It's because they're already in place and about to strike.
Red Dawn time bitch

Even for here its unsual.

Did you post this on another forum which will not earlier today?

*not be named my bad

its muslims, user.

>fire under bridge

A nigger empire turns to dust


Wasn't me.

Keep spreading the good word. I've seen threads about it in other places. Stay safe man.

Oh fuck Sherman's back

It was supposedly a small fire.

Creating bottlenecks?

KEK is going to kill the antifa that are going to be bused in to Auburn...they'll never make it there.

Already got digits in another thread. It checks out. It will happen.

Most likely nigs setting shit on fire to distract from their nogging.

Thinking maybe this. Maybe they don't want people to be able to get out quickly on an upcoming date.

Atlanta has been coasting on the white constructed infrastructure for a long time. They don't keep it up, but instead use contracts for corrupt personal gain. Atlanta will be Detroit within 50 years.
t. grew up in atlanta and saw its downfall

Just hoping some crazy shit doesn't happen on my morning or afternoon commute.

Is this the path from Atlanta to Auburn?

is there a problem, citizen?

I know I know XD le PLEBIT but read this.

Tell me name of other forum please.


The fucking feel when I live in the Buford area. Fucking hell

It's because they are complete fuck ups and can't into electricity

underrated post

He married his sister.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I never got WHY people in the Atlanta area like to have such incredibly long commutes. Why would you live way the fuck out in the northern suburbs if you have to commute downtown every workday? That just seems insane to me.

The ATL region only has around 5 million people, and yet it has much worse commutes than bigger cities like Chicago.

True Post. Atlanta Fag, here.

In a nutshell, it's White Flight.

That's spooky.
There was a woman who was looking into the i85 fire for papers and she was shot walking on a busy street.
Her name was Thu Trinh H. Huynh.
Ms. Huynh was an attorney with experience in the area of general litigation with an emphasis on construction claims.

I found this searching her name on google with interesting things on it from April 6.
Pic related is her killer.
>Police arrested a suspect, Raylon Browning, a couple of days ago. No motive has been announced

Whites are fleeing further and further out in order to get away from crime here.

Inner city expensive, city jobs don't pay that much
Surrounding area ghetto shithole
30-1hr out nice suburban cities with decent schools and low crime + much lower property prices

Almond status=activated

Any Sup Forumsacks have ATL PD contacts for an AMA? The tinfoiler part of me says bad gov actors are testing response times for these incidents, to prep for a false flag.

For the last two or three years, several of my family members with military ties/buddies have expressed concern that the next 9/11 will occur in our Bible Belt, specifically off the SC coast or Georgia. Concerns were inflamed when Lindsay Graham kept telling the media that a WMD plot was rumored for his home state -- circa Obama not pushing Syria/Assad invasion. That's the same time generals were being quietly fired and some shit went missing --any InfoWarriors remember all this shit.

Also, innnneresting that ATL has the CDC, and Walking Dead started there, if you're a predictive programmingfag. But hitting the South takes out lots of redmeat gun carriers. I expect bioweapons to be used in 6 months to a year, and blamed on Assad/Iran/Isis. They want em all gone. And Ivanka wants her da-da to Zog-Zog.

other than the busiest airport in the world it's not a hub for anything really except ghetto culture I don't see why there would be conspiracy against atlanta

I will call my buddy and see what he can tell me. He is GBI CTTF.

>ghetto culture

Exactly. If they test their ability to handle crazy ghetto people they'll get a good idea of how prepared they are. Also, blacks tend to be considered expendable in experiments. I mean look at the Tuskegee Airmen. Also, an attack could further ignite racial tensions like Hurricane Katrina did.

You have no money to maintain your infrastructure.
There are 1/3rd of the necessary staff in the DoT to manage everything.
New projects are delayed 5+ years, including repairs and basic maintenance.
Massive corruption at the state level drains the necessary funds to keep even the most basic of things running.
Corruption at the contractor level means everything is done the cheapest, shittiest way possible.
Naturally, everything has started to break down.
Roads, rail, bridges., its all fucked and you have no idea what's coming. These are just the foreshocks to an infrastructure disaster that will destroy that city.
t. family in Georgia DoT.

Maybe they could release something and since our infrastured is being damaged the congestion would help it spread easier among people and the airport of course would be a vector for spreading it. This is spooky. I really hope it's just some crazed arsonist or god help us.

Triple 9 setting an example.

Whoops I meant Tuskegee Experiment


Please do m8. That lawyer in ATL being shot in the morning in broad daylight on a semi-deserted street is alarming (posted above) -- no ties between her and white, skinhead-tier killer.

>why target ATL? it's ghetto

Consider how the South would react if radical Islam did a 9/11 there? They'd beg Trump to get revenge. We'd clear out the Middle East in a month. Neocons need all Republicans on their side, include ones in gov. Also, it's not a major artery as you said, it's expendable.

Lindsay Graham and McCain are evil, and the ear of the real Deepest State. McCain wants Greater Israel to be done bc he's old. He's as traitorous as Cheney. I've heard secondhand things in senpai out of Bragg.

Found this on another Atlanta thread. It's a bit out of the box, but feels like Atlanta is in the crosshair...

"The CDC is in Atlanta...

The infection in The Walking Dead started in Atlanta.

Zombie apocalypse confirmed.

But seriously though, this feels off. I'd legit GTFO of Atlanta as soon as possible. It sure seems like that city is being primed.

*edited to add - ya'll ever realize 75 and 20 make nearly a perfect 'X' near downtown?*

Would seem like a real nice spot for some "rogue" Korean agents or ISIS to set off a dirty bomb....

*edit # 2 - this is a crazy, deep end, tin foil thought, but; I live in Charlotte, for years Charlotte has been called "Little Atlanta", in recent years Charlotte has overtaken Atlanta on the banking stage, and our population has EXPLODED. Is Charlotte being made the "new" Atlanta after Atlanta is wiped out?*

Let's take a look;

* I-85 and I-20 are shutdown
* HAZMAT incident
* CSX rail fire
* African guy walking into nuclear commissions office a couple weeks back claiming to have "red mercury"
* 75 & 20 intersect to make an X outside of downtown
* Atlanta/Atlantis
* Georgia Guidestones

I've been told Atlanta is very masonic/occult. I know for a fact Charlotte is. Charlotte has many parallels to Atlanta as well. Again, not trying to fear monger. Just thinking out loud.

Either way, if I were in Atlanta, I'd absolutely be getting out. <----- I realize that sounds fear mongerish. I'm just saying me personally. I'm paranoid, so my spidey sense would be telling me to get out."

Hmm really gets the noggin joggin. I'm going to make more threads on this when another incident happens and after I research gdot spending.

He would not tell me anything more and told me not to dig any deeper. One of our Trooper's take home vehicles was shot up here in SC at the Troopers Home. A 7.62x39mm came five inches from killing his two month old daughter.

> only Atlanta gets incidents

more gas leaks?

Because Atlanta was supposed to be a New York City of the south. It was given every opportunity to become a worl class top tier city, and it failed. TPTB would just as soon destroy it, trigger a war, and move on. It's no longer the banking center of the southeast, there's no money there.

This is eerily similar to what that UN soldier told our troops.... all main inlets/outlets to major highways and in and out of cities will be forcibly closed off to prevent anyone leaving. There will be a need/reason to justify calling in the military. They will then sweep neighborhoods to disarm people and by the time you know what's going on it'll be too late

This plus having no natural land barrier.

Also guys, I've been noticing shit the past few weeks too, and I'm trying to figure out if I'm just going fucking crazy, POL is destroying my sanity, or a combination of both, or it's for real.

>Guy claims to have red mercury - fake substance, but 30 min later, I85 collapses. Weird coincidence, whatever.

>A couple of days later, Trinh Huynh, a 40 year old attorney gets gunned down in Midtown on her way to work by a guy who does not know her and lives in Roswell (8 miles or so north of there). "She began her legal career as an associate in the government contracts and construction practice group at Powell Goldstein and later as an associate in a similar practice group at Alston & Bird."

>Chemical spill that occurred on I75 in the wee hours of the morning.

>I20 shut down temporarily today (and until tomorrow by noon) due to road buckling.

So you have 3 of the major interstates having incidents (some major) in the past few week. Note that no one gives a shit about 75s (other than for Hartsfield-Jackson Airport) because it's all niggers.

Now I'm going to get really weird with things. I'm having deja vu on a daily basis. I had the most vivid memory of Roy Williams (UNC coach) dying two weeks ago, to the point where I was shocked when I saw that it wasn't the case. I've felt that I'm in some sort of simulation, machine learning process, etc.

Yes, and to add to your post, the city's lag time and corruption offers fog and mirrors to poke around beforehand. Jade Helm was chalked off to hype, but we're only talking a few years ago. New president, they wouldn't wait for him to get settled. That's why I'm so against the needle prick airstrike -- many Sup Forumsacks say it satiated neocons, I say it put chum in their water.

Also, Nikki Haley is SC, another traitor, and told Assad "doomsday" awaits, at UN this month.

anyone see the news about that guy eating the face of the 75 yo lady last week? bath salts attacks in 2012? spoopy

This is eerily similar to what that UN soldier told our troops.... all main inlets/outlets to major highways and in and out of cities will be forcibly closed off to prevent anyone leaving. There will be a need/reason to justify calling in the military. They will then sweep neighborhoods to disarm people and by the time you know what's going on it'll be too late

In that anon5 thread earlier, the term zombies came up a few times. It struck me as a bit odd, you don't hear that word thrown around much in conspiracy circles because of how implausible it is.

I'm always about 1 hour outside Atl traveling between 2 cities
haven't noticed anything odd in the outer areas and nothing with my health other than I've been getting headaches pretty regularly

I feel like I'm going crazy watching this unfold in my city. I put it in the back of my mind until tonight when the buford bridge fire occured.

>In that anon5 thread earlie

Don't forget the African man walking in to the nuke comission building claiming he had red mercury

They're going for a blow the bridges release the dirty bomb record and analyse the chaos scenario

>POL is destroying my sanity
your transformation is almost complete

I'm aware it's a LARP, but they still serve a function.

Nothing usually happens here besides black on black crime and traffic accidents. It's been highly unusual.

and what function is that desu?

Commies love to disrupt transportation and distribution networks.

Expect summer fireworks.



When you post about the red mercury the replies dry up and the thread is killed

Beat me to it. I'm gonna go on about where I was going with things.

For me, the "quirks in the system" began when I began studying neural networks about two months ago. Given the computer/processing power we currently have, it would be quite difficult to go very far in terms of emulating an entire reality, but what about with quantum computers?

These feelings of not belonging to a proper reality and that things have went haywire....the way Atlanta lost the SB, Cubs winning the Series, Trump and the election. I know this is sounding incoherent and like the ramblings of a mad man, but upon seeing this post, it's freaked me the fuck out.

On top of this, the night I85 collapsed, a guy posted a comment in a thread here on Sup Forums about how "(You) are in a coma, and we've been trying to reach you." or something to that effect. I don't know if that's a meme or what, but I know it freaked a few other people in the thread out as well.

Regardless, I have various means of defending myself and a small group of trustworthy individuals, and if shit hits the fan, everyone on Sup Forums meet at Waffle House on Chamblee Dunwoody road. Fuck, maybe I need to shut my laptop. Sup Forums has turned me into a goddamn lunatic.

They might be limited hangouts or a Psyop. I take LARPs a bit more serious after FBIanon.

Anon5 is an idiot.

Do you have a screenshot? Sounds interesting desu

FBIAnon was some rare shit for sure

Remember FBIanon. I just think it's a good idea to take any sort of LARP seriously after that.

a few threads back he made a point of confirming that a zombie bio weapon was a real thing. IIRC he said it's a combo of different microorganisms working at the same time. maybe something like rabies+toxoplasmosis+cordyceps?

not take seriously immediately. but definitely don't immediately discount

High Level Insider was a good LARP too. 99% chance it was fake but it was one of the most interesting things I've ever read.

Sur 13 and the Russian Mafia/Russian Kike Mafia use Atlanta as major hubs. This has parallels with a few other cases over several SE States.

reminds me of the rash of "gas explosions" in nyc last year, or the couple of train/subway derailments, shit like that

didn't the US military stage a training exorcise for a zombie apocalypse a couple years ago? somewhere up north I thing, ny or jersey

I don't see it

You bet your ass I do. Attached. Going back, it wasn't in a thread about I85, but it was the same night as it. I think it was a thread about nuclear bombing or something. It just fucking caught me off guard because the thread wasn't about Atlanta.

Read the fucking post above it too.

Maybe not the same thing, but DHS ran this little 'how to survive the zombie apocalypse' program because 'if you are prepped for the zombie apocalypse, you'll be prepared for an earthquake, or a hurricane...

something like that

Check this out bros, WTF. Sean Spicer has repeatedly mentioned Atlanta in regard to terrorist attacks (article is from this Feb).

>White House press secretary Sean Spicer has repeatedly pointed to Atlanta, along with San Bernardino and Boston, as one of three U.S. cities that have been attacked by Islamist terrorists to argue that the Trump administration needed to act quickly to prevent another attack in the future.

>[But] There has never been an Islamist terror attack in Atlanta.

>In a Jan. 29 appearance on ABC’s This Week, Spicer explained to Martha Raddatz that the White House needed to implement its executive order quickly, before another terror attack could take place. “What do we say to the family that loses somebody over a terroristic (sic), to whether it’s Atlanta or San Bernardino or the Boston bomber?”

>Spicer used a similar line the following day on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, when The New York Times’ Jeremy Peters asked him if President Trump had signed the executive order as the result of an imminent terror threat on U.S. soil. “Too many of these cases that have happened, whether you’re talking about San Bernardino, Atlanta, they’ve happened, Boston,” Spicer said. “Jeremy, what—do you wait until you do? The answer is we act now to protect the future.”

>At the White House press briefing later that day, Spicer again pointed to Atlanta to explain the need for the “extreme vetting” provided in the White House’s executive order.

>“I don’t think you have to look any further than the families of the Boston Marathon, in Atlanta, in San Bernardino to ask if we can go further,” Spicer said. “There’s obviously steps that we can and should be taking."


(Alan Colmes, recently deceased, is the former cohost of Fox News' 'Hannity & Colmes')

no, this was an actual Army exorcise, i'll see if I can find it...

That's a game changer if true. Even then, bioweapons and bioterrorism are fucking scary. There's already speculation that toxoplasmosis messes with human behavior, and about 23% of the US population has it.

So where's Browning now? Mia?

Pic related is me.

Not to mention how both Trump (when he met with the Atlanta Fire Department the other day) and Spicer have consistently referred to the I85 incident a tragedy. I mean, no doubt it sucks, but I was caught off guard by them calling it a tragedy.

Clear to me that they know Atlanta is a high risk target.

You're not important ;_; stop this. it is embarassing.


How is rabies alone not zombie virus IRL?

It's just slow acting and not that contagious between humans.

Also. The idea that you could "combine" viral, protist, and fungal pathogens is hilarious.

Ho lee fuk that's chilling. The guy is probably behind a proxy too given that flag, so maybe he doesn't want to be found?
Between his upside down flag, his Syria Freudian slip, and his "Accidental" redpill I think Sean Spicer is definitely trying to send some sort of message.

I was going to say that was a meme as old as time but then this happened and I'm spooked. What does kek mean? >inb4 mobilefag

I have a feeling shit will heat up in the summer with violence

Meant to reply to this user, fucked up backspacing

yeah, shit's probably gonna be wild

Answer is always niggers
t. Alpharetta