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The Hunt continues before he harms any more innocent people. Here's the rundown so far.

>50K bounty on his head for information.

>Steve goes insane and probably targeted this couple.
>Went on to shoot 78 year-old Robert Goodwin in cold blood.
>Is now on the run, and has promised to continue his spree until he is caught.

> Was "spotted" in Philadelpha. proven to be false.

>Phone supposedly Pinged in Eerie PA

The search is in 5 states:
>New York

For all of those in the 5 states where he may Be, sign off! Our goal is to find this piece of shit before the police do. Many innocent lives Depend on us.

>We need to continue scanning social media for any sightings of him. Also if you live in any of these 5 states, follow police scanners, and claims of sightings.

His mother's number was uncovered. before the last thread died, we uncovered his mother's phone number and were about to call him using said number.

Update for part 5: His phone is now off.

Godspeed, Anons. Save the people, become heroes. We've taken on Terrorists and hack celebrities. we've influenced entire world elections and events Now it's time to take on a runaway gunman. Not just black lives are at stake. the lives of white people, white children, maybe even your family and friends are at stake.

>This nigger's day of the rope is coming.

Other urls found in this thread:

Known as Uneven Steven


Map in progress give me more info anons

Basically this guy had a girlfriend who broke up with him and then he went on a livestream of him shooting an old negro claiming he just killed his 14th person and now 5 states are on a manhunt for him.

Steven "gettin even" Stephens

>Steve has breakdown after he gets cucked by his GF

>Steve takes it out on innocents via mass murder spree.
>Steve has a large gun collection (can anybody suppluythe videos of his gun collection?)
>Went on to kill 78 year old Robert Goodwin showcasing iot via facebook stream
>Fled area with no solid sighting, aside from hysteria from PA.
>Has turned his phone off because anons were spam calling him

literally all this threads are
>guise someone help find steve
>yeah lol someone track him like we did to shia
>lol yeah find this guy hahah
>muh poor old man, come on 4chain find this monster!
>Lol cops cant find him but we will lol, someone find him tho
I dont know why yall keep making these threads, but that is why I am

For that dude from the other tred.

Nigger is a good boy
Fuck mods

We need the HWNDU folk to find this dude.

He only has 1 kill atm..if you look at the video he looked really frazzled right after he pulled the trigger...he's just running and scared for his life right now..he even wants to go on death row, to pussy to off himself

nig nog gets dumped because hes a gambling nigger who lost all his money in casinos. Gets mad, gets his gun, kills some old negro, claims to have killed others, goes dark cause Sup Forums found his phone number

from the looks of things he's headed north toward Niagra falls as an user said before...

Will not help. Mods delete lock guy threads nigger roam free

>unconfirmed sightings in Colorado and fucking Brazil


I want to see how long this guy actually lasts and who he fucking kills to be honest.

What will this fuck do next?

who here /team steve/

let's hope he wipes out moar non-whites

I need the persona meme please

>No link
>Disregarded until you can provide it.

What a lame reason to kill people. "muh muh wife doesn't want me anymore i lost muh moneh"

Fucking do something crazy instead of being a bitch acting on pure emotion. Do some villain shit. "I will keep shooting people until Trump steps down" or something crazy. That could start an all out civil war.

Peps ITT lefties who are unable for autism. This Nigger will keep killing

Steve "bob & weave" Stephens

Do we have proof of other victims other than Steve's claim? So far, I only see he killed one old pedophile.

hopefully more sweet and innocent people. dude was crying out for help and no one gave a shit, so I hope he makes it hurt, to all of society. Kill a few kids, some nuns, nice man in a wheelchair and a dog

Run...he killed the old guy and turned away immediately after killing him.. This guy also uses guns a lot so it wasn't recoil. He didn't want to see the old man die so turned away at initial impact..he's to scared to shoot anyone else, that's why he just ran and only killed 1 person even though he claimed a massacre would happen

pic related.

Is this verified to be him, or just a strange shooting? Map man, put it up and see if anything links up.

What's this I hear about Steve being in Brazil or Colorodo? Is it fake news?

Im against him for one reason,

>glorified killing a helpless old negro

that doesn't sit right with me, if he was killing real niggers, He'd be the next Christopher Doerner

Video of shooting.

>everyone talking about Dorner
H-hey guys.... remember me?

See, Steve lied about the others to seem scary or a distraction

repoasting like a homovan faggot because I want opinions:

So. In the interim.

So thoughts:

1 Taken Alive after standoff.

2. Killed after standoff.

3.An-hero during standoff.

4. Already an-heroed.

5. Traffic stop no gunfire taken in. (this is why the v& guys had the locals refer to him as "Stevie" try to use the name his mother would use, mindhead stuff.

6. Turns himself in.

7. Anything else.

Who are you?

Chill Phil

So, who is this Joy Lane woman?

how the fuck can they not find this guy?

Guys, If I ask him if he would come over to my house to fuck my girlfriend and let me watch, would he take up the invitation? this might be a good way to catch him.

His ex

ex gf/wife

Let the Nigger be free. He is just living his Nigger culture. DONT be RACIST

Can't retrieve the Steve

Uneven Steven

Cops would rather shoot unarmed black people instead of ones with guns.

Right. But is that all we know? No further info?

The Dallas police shooter got blown up with a drone

We're not being racist. We just want to see him hanging from a tree.

No autist is looking for the Nigger and cops are incompetent, thank the Mods

Its a false flag you idiots!

Who is this Karin woman?

Because it takes time without luck or divine intervention.

I work in Buffalo, I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Funny that you guys think he might be heading to Niagara Falls, I joked about that at work this morning. Called it a "Destination Suicide"

Well joy lane confirmed they were dating/married

That was also Steve's main motives

he is wasting police resources, criminal organizations do it all the time when they are going to do something big.
Send cops to certain places to keep them away from the location where you plan to commit a crime. Based Stevie did the same thing.
>Say you killed 15 people
>Give out the address of the locations where the dead people supposedly are
>Send cops all over the city instead of focusing on catching him
>Able to make his escape while police resources are wasted and scattered around town
He is a genius

>unable for autism

This is Pokemon GO for SJWs

Thats legitimately terrifying. What the fuck.

>someone gets it

>Called it a "Destination Suicide"
we get it you watch family guy


>He is a genius
>Is black

So are there really more confirmed kills aside from the one he recorded onto faceberg? Maybe they should do the old city-shutdown-manhunt-Hollywood movie -4 years after.

this guy got 5 stars in real life not in GTA lol

Facebook post said he is headed to Virginia

To all of Pol/Nation. You are the hounds at which the hunters release to find the vermin. To all my LEOs out there, closed casket funeral or ashes. Savage animals receive no mercy.

Are there photographs of her. Is she T H I C C ?


>Disgusting Obese negroid
>Psycopath murderer
>Elliot Roger level Sup Forumsirgin

Why exactly are amerifats acting like this is erratic behavior?

>tfw nobody on Sup Forumsremembers our favorite LARPer

It wasnt funny in the other threads either

I hope Local or State gets him.

And they do it without taking any causalities on their side.

stfu faggot, we are all /teamSteve/ here


Why is it when a Black man goes on a rampage he makes it last for days and takes forever to find but when white boys do it they get cornered by police and die within an hour? Why are whites so bad at this?

So we know that's where he's definitely not headed to.

gonna need a link to the post itself to believe that.

Newish interview with Robert Goodboy family. Open up immediately with the forgiveness psyop tactics

the cops have to milk the black stud to get him under control unlike pathetic little white bois

Is he smart enough to try to lie?

maybe because it is not in our blood?

his facebook got deleted, anything you see of him posting on facebook after the shooting of grandpa rob is fake

I'd imagine it be hard for yank coppers to find this black bastard imagine following leads and every lead involves another black person in a crime for which you have to do paperwork for.

I like what her number

You are fake news


When you use a gun, it makes a loud noise. If he's shooting up Virginia I think we'd know about it. This guy has already killed himself.

>conquers all of the planet at one point through war and conquest
>killing and getting away with it not in our blood.



>that belly

No niggers here, get out.

Proof or get the fuck out

To be honest, he's my personal hero. People deserve to die, all white black pink blue brown yellow of them. Dead bodies are fun.

Has anyone ever thought of the possibility of him using a proxy setup
resulting in a bunch of people saying he's in different locations when trying to track him. Also the possibility of him being in these threads is slim but not impossible
who knows

What twitter # or @ for this info

>going on a shooting rampage over this

kill yourself my man

You will never find him Sup Forums.
He was already cleaned up.

Check em truth digits

proof or fuck off

>implying a nigger is smart enough to know that