She. Won

She. Won.

She. Fucking. Won.


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Exactly. What part of DEMOCRACY don't Drumpftards understand?!

I don't know either mate. They're just immune to facts and logic it seems.

benefits of being a republic, not a democracy


Fucking inbred knockoff anglo. Fucking replying to your own thread like you are different people because no one can understand your ludicrous
points of view. Seriously,how do you people even talk? Your teeth are so fucked up your simple dim-witted words must play plink-o just to leave your vocal cords and get out of your mouth.

Someone needs to tell NZ to keep its bitches in line.

Except she didn't. So there's that.

fuck off with these

I'm sure glad President Hilla-
Oh wait.

More votes from illegal immigrants?

Then why isn't she in the White House?

I'm pretty sure she's already gone through menopause, so there aren't any more periods, m8


Occasionally I think about an alternate timeline where Trump won the popular but lost the electoral, and we got 4 years of Sup Forums butthurt over HE WON THE ELECTION

Guns negated the election. Shame you cunts can't share in the same glory!

How late is it over there and how many beers in are ya?

Still makes me smile seeing her loser face.


these always make me feel so good

I expected higher quality shitposting from a Strayan. Go commit seppuku with a didgeridoo.

The PEOPLE wanted Hillary - the SYSTEM wanted Trump. How hard is this to understand?

I love it when redditors come to this board to reply to obvious bait then complain this site sucks because of the obvious bait. Shitposting aussie bait but redditord will cry SAMEFAG :((( and act like no one else has caught on. There is no karma here boys, no need to keep replying

>this literally triggers OP

>confirmed jew

You can't figure out why she lost just like you can't figure out that you have an id on each thread so everyone can see that all this shilling is just you

To be honest yes, she did, now that Trump is going full neocon

Finally a shill who isn't OP replying to his own post

Fuck you cuck ass aussie shit. Adopt an ABO niglet if you are such a SJW. All hail GOD TRUMP.


Of course I am furious. The most QUALIFIED candidate to have EVER run had her victory stolen by the most odious, divisive, hateful etc candidate EVER.

I hope she rapes you with a dildo

We aren't a democracy you fag

You realize we have post IDs here rite?

Jesus, you abbo niggers aren't even putting any effort into shitposting nowadays

Go back to your own timeline!

Trump won in ours

Too bad you gunless fucks dont dictate our electoral college .. 3d chess, you limey fuck.

>the system wanted Trump
are you fucking retarded? the media, celebrities and pretty much everyone was against trump, even barack obama
kill yourself

dankmemage trolol xdxd

feels good man

>The most QUALIFIED candidate to have EVER run
Go shill for Soros somewhere else

>replying to your own posts
>either shilling or just being this fucking stupid

giiiiit out roo

I wish there were more anti-neocon shills. People who swallow globalist dick because it has the Trump brand stamped on it disgust me.


>another thread was dropped from the catalog for this shitpost

Thanks for correcting the record

the stinger is at the base of the tail tho, not the end.

You're not American stop larping
I know you wished you lived in this glorious country but you don't so fuck off

>She. Won.
>She. Fucking. Won.

so why isn't she in the white house?

The FBI wanted Trump. Russia wanted Trump. Don't you fucking tell me that Trump was an "outsider" in the election.

Fuck you are so salty.
Get over it snowflake.

>entire popular vote victory came from California

The other 49 states wanted Trump, deal with it.

Fortunately the founders had the foresight to design a system where one or two extremely populous states couldn't decide the election for the rest of the union.

I bet Hillary has a really tight vag.



Do you have any proof of that Russian connection you speak of?


Why isn't she the president then mate?

I am speaking for the MAJORITY of Americans who feel the same way.

Not. My. Fucking. President.

Not even Trump's home state of New York wanted him. Fuck off.

Wouldnt . be. anyway. kangaroo. fucker.

thanks for proving Sup Forums is full of retarded newfriends

You're not American, faggot.

Do you need proof that the sky is blue and grass is green? It's common fucking knowledge.

Fuck off wog.

We're a democratic constitutional republic.

Then how come Trump is president and Hillary just wanders around forests meeting the occasional hiker?

Neither are you, Russian bootlicker

I've literally seen only like 2 fags who liked what the neo-cons are doing on this board most people are against them and Hillary too
>lurk more

So you have some proof then?
It should be easy to prove if everyone knows about it.

Because the SYSTEM chose him. If America was a truly free country, Hillary would be president.

In any case she is my president and the president for the majority of people who voted.

I'm not here to spoonfeed you. Do your own fucking research.

>Go to baseball game
>Score is 7 to 4 in my team's favor
>About to finish the last inning
>Umpires come out
>Declare the other team the victor because they hit the ball more than my team did

research how you cant shoot a home invader


the electoral college no longer functions as it was intended

anyone who disagrees should not be allowed to vote


This shill has no clue how this board works

>posts on Sup Forums of all places
>we have post ids
>argues with trump supports on a protrump board

Honestly, how do you people fall for this shit? It's so clearly b8.

seems to be working exactly as intended

under-rated post

Buuuut if someone asked for proof of those things you could give it to them, also common knowledge. It also better be fucking common knowledge to sage retard posts like this.

>can't stop shilling
>boss is upset at current SPM (shitposts per minute)
>kosher dragon dildo rammed up asshole is comfy at least

oh yes because anyone who doesn't blindly lick Trump's balls is here to bait and shill, we get it

I understand our internet is slow, but come on Melbourne... This was so 2016


Shariablue not sending their brightest.




the PEOPLE of this board want you to neck yourself m8

holy fucking mother of same fagging

Neither of them are your president because you didn't vote because you're from Australia

Go fuck a dingo you autistic fuck

Let's do a little logic test:
The winner gets to be president.
Hillary and Donald ran for president
Donald is the president
Therefore we can assume that ____ won

A) Donald
B) Hillary

As your standard leaf... even I understand U.S. politics better than you cunts, why even bother with these sage threads m8? Fuck off back to your Mother's basement you fat cunt

i wonder what wikihow article is this

>implying you can start an argument by throwing accusations

Friendly reminder anons, sage goes in the options box

consider educating yourself replying again

A period s apparently all she won, but still a bit of blood for the spirit cooking party, right?

If the electoral college is working as intended, all the more reason to do away with it

So the electoral system was fine during the running when trump complained about it but it's wrong when he wins?

I see.


Friendly reminder that if you deduct all the illegal votes cast by Russian bots, Hillary would have won the college vote too.

Here's why leftists want a National Popular Vote.

No matter the allocation method - Winner Take All, Proportional, or by Congressional District they ALWAYS LOSE.

They know they fucked up by flooding in minorities into big cities and a few states and now they want to destroy states' rights by pushing this bullshit for a pure national majority vote.


Autisim levels off the charts here folks