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(((sweeeeeeeedie))) has invaded the thread

no, Slavs are the easiest to exploit!

leave Slavs for the future use

clueless we were, clueless we remain

I will soon decipher the meaning of these things

what's the deal with Albania? Are they like, Slavic Chechens? Or, rather, Slavic Turks?

Just remove Serbia and balkans will be fine






They are the special kind of retarded.
Come try and see what happens.

there is no hidden meaning to decipher

cultural shock has caused mental breakdown

we feel like shit, we cannot compete with the EU, we are seen as something inferior and we are

>remove skljav
go home, turk

I don't know how Polish you are, but self loathing cuckolds like you deserve to be shipped off somewhere else. Poland is the single most based country in existence

serb is not lying

Serbia is losing influence year after year. Serbia will cease to exist and you'll go down as the jews of the balkans. Russia can't help you either because they've got weaker too. That's what mongoloid serbian genociders get

That looks wrong. Where's Switzerland?

Dont worry Poland is fine its just those filthy Serbs and other Balkan Slavs that needs to be removed. Greeks are also a problem but its not urgent.

looks like it is wrong. Serb is still #2 though


>proud analbanian nationalist
>doesnt live in albania
Every fucking time

Busy removing slavs

can confirm polish brother's thoughts, we are just post-commie kuks

now there's no regime to hold our hand and tell us what to think so we're bamboozled by all the facts, unable to cope, unable to compete with the rest of the world


Beton, you need to give all your money to your 15 sisters and 10 brothers, we need to buy a new mercedes


Those are legal ones.
Multiply it by 1.5, atleast.

It's the mean estimate between legal and illegal, according to the source listed.

AIbanians are scum and need to be removed, but whats up with their women being hot?
Rita Ora and some random pop singer bitch named Bebe Rexha are both AIbanians and they're both hot

Fuck me.
I need to read articles to the end.

srbije kao nokia, sve je manja i manja



Hahahaha, Muhhamed is mad that Slavs don't let shitskins in their countries.

Fuck off mussie.


Te pakten perdor proxy ia qifsha jeten.


What am I looking at?

Ia kepute qe nga Suedia more djalosh hahahaha

This one is a butter face. You should see the pretty ones, like Marina Vjollca


Her face isn't bad, and she's got a great ass
That Marina one is hot too though, wtf is going on

Yeah, our women are hot, our men are ugly. Not me though, I'm rather handsome. Idk what to say. Most Albanians are Dinaromediterranids, features that produce ugly men and hot women, I guess.

keputja vetes kastriot... te paska len Gjermania trap fare

Remove filthy kebabs

Litterally all men from all countries are ugly womens doesnt care about looks you should know this. And no your women look like shit.

Ik o burr, se po tall karin.

Pashaporten e more? hjahaha

o cuna i keni qi robt

Cuq. Jam student. Ti a e more pasaporten, se me shume ka greko-shqiptare se gjermano-shqiptare

>mfw Albania is Duty

ca te keqe ka... ahhahaha


Slavs are fucking subhumans that deserve to be under foreign boot

Thank God we, Croats, are Illyrian like our brothers Albanians

>pic related

Ky thread eshte zyrtarisht i pushtuar nga shqiptaret. Boni sevap, blini proxy qe te duken flamujte.

U mbush Evropa me Shqiptar me pashaporta Greke vlla... edhe un ajde te mar dipllomen ktu edhe jam i ikur per ne Sverige... se pak ka atie edhe mua duan

>Based Croat that looks like an Albanian
What the hell is going on most Croats previous to you have been Serb tier.

Nobody knows apparently.

Lene ca thote Sup Forums qe cifutet sundojne boten. Boten do e pushtojme ne, urte e bute, e plot tigani. Po mos ik nga Malmo, aman, se po te perdhunon ndonje somalez.

Why do every possible flavour of kebab has to live in Germany or Sweden?

Definitely Indo European and most likely Paleo Balkanic, but don't believe the WE WUZ ILLYRIANS theory too much. It was literally written by a jew.

Beacuse we are removing slavs everwhere. Also we pimp Serbs


There are more Serbs in Sweden than there is Albanians.....

Well, there are no arabs and blacks in Albania and our women tend to not be crazed feminists, so Albanians in Albania do not confront situations that redpill them and lead them to Sup Forums.



You can thank Tito for that one.

Po pse e ke me gjithe sllavet. Ca te kane bo polaket dhe ├žeket?

to white to recive the gibs? so sad man


Polaket jan rrace e poshter pianec te degjeneruar, edhe te shperdar neper Europe me keq se neve

Atij ne te djathe i ka vdek berberi dhe i ka humb brisku. Leke per brisk te ri s'ka se i harxhoi per BMW x5. (Mos u ofendo po e pate gjysh ose ndonje gje te tille).

Qifsha none, stop with the zerg runes.

"Present-day Slavic people are classified into West Slavs (chiefly Poles, Czechs and Slovaks), East Slavs (chiefly Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians), and South Slavs (chiefly Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Macedonians, Slovenes, and Montenegrins of the Former Yugoslavia as well as Bulgarians)."

Google says you're a slav.

Remove slavs to make more room for BBC?

Kam ca shoke polake, jane normale. Dmth normale per standardet tona.

can't we not just get along and focus on REMOVE NIGGERS instead?

Big Balkan Cock?

Idk why but this made me laugh mire than It should've.

I agree full heartedly.

United Balkans!!!

Opo shtyen ore vlla ata te moshes 20 vjec... po te medhenjt mosha e babait tim 50- 50+ jan si njerez te pist

So much this.


>calling anyone mongoloid


S'njoh te medhenj. He se dhe ata do behen, sic po behemi dhe ne. Jane keta poshte mesdheut qe s'mbushin.

You are not albanian you fucking idiot. Your grandad is turning in his grave.

why dont we remove the swedcuck instead?

Nah, south slavs are all treacherous cuckroaches. Don't ever trust them, don't ever listen to them, even when they are not calling themselves slavs.

They were fucked by dirty turk dicks for too long. They are always starting shit, killing eachother and provoking powerful countries. When they get slaped by those countries, they then proceed to run and cry "Oh, mighty Mother-Russia, come here, save your poor slavic children from dirty opression, meh-meh-meh, bleh-bleh-bleh!" and another big war or global crysis starts. And then, when we fertilised their land with our blood, those ingrateful fucks continue to behave like shits they are.


They are scum of the earth. Nation that lived in tribes just 40 years ago, still have arranged mariges still have blood vengence. They are consisted of soley thieves and beggars. If they disappeared tomorow not one tear would be shed for them. Litteraly worse that middle eastern scum, gypsies and turk roaches combined. They would sell their own mother for a shekel.

>he thinks Albanians care about religion

Because there are still worthy ones. Look up The Golden One on youtube.

Funniest picture i have seen in a while. Thanks

Not our mothers, but maybe yours.

Allah, allah.

It's all about that Code they worship by Skanderberg or whatever.

On a side note, wouldn't it just make things a lot easier to convert them out of Islam?

I wonder who is behind this thread?

>our women tend to not be crazed feminists
I wish that were true


E keni keq muabetin ju aty hahaha


Eshte efekti Amerike atje ndoshta. Cifuti afer, zezaku afer e keshtu. Ketej jane mire.

We're working on that. Terrorism is making many of our muslims identify as 'irreligious' (believe in god, have no religion). Thing is many secular muslims are also becoming less secular.

T-thanks Vodka-senpai.