Brit/pol/ - Theresa Blair Seeks To Increase Her Majority edition

>God would have voted Leave - May

>UK government shielding Tony Blair from prosecution over Iraq

>UK property bubble on buy-to-let lifeline

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Reminder that a Tory landslide would not be a victory for us.

She's not calling a snap election you mongs

>Theresa May to Make Announcement at Downing Street at 1115

Here for Empire.

Theresa May as a career ending pregnancy.

>Want to join our Special Foraces
>Worried I won't get into the marines because I left uni a few months ago


So what's the big announcement then

She's announcing that Brexit is cancelled. Don't forget you're here forever ;)

MI6 here. She's going to announce support for the conflict on NK with the USA.

What's Theresa May going to say lads?

So who are OUR guys in the snap GE?

BNP right?

GE or Indyref 2

You're going for an officer role? Don't you only need up to a-levels for that?

Wtf Brexit is cancelled now

No, that announcement would be done by Trump.

>yfw its corbyns baby

Just vote for UKIP.

10,000 year Tory Reich.

She is.

Indyref this year would be great because theres no chance they'll vote leave until after brexit

Why the fuck would she be calling a snap election?

Unless a Royal family member has died. Which would ruin my holiday - don't ever join the Army folks

Likely something to do with Turkey or Syria
Possibly something personal, like an illness or scandal
Speculation she's standing down as Tory leader is more credible than speculation she's calling a GE

I'd wager she's announcing direct rule over Northern Ireland,

>Why the fuck would she be calling a snap election?
To increase her majority and make her job easier.

UKIP obviously you mong

and the rest of ireland god willing.

Conservatives are teaming up with UKIP to form a new party - CUKIP (Conservative United Kingdom Independence Party)

there is no party i want to vote for
guess ukip but they are pointless



Spoken like Peter Hitchens
Whom people should vote for?

>implying he isn't here right now

Nope justhe enlisted rank, officer patch is only once a year and I missed the boat


>Speculation she's standing down as Tory leader is more credible than speculation she's calling a GE
How do you figure that?

Well I don't see why dropping out of uni would be a problem then?

>People think there will be a snap GE
>When Labour's voting intention is 20%

>Why the fuck would the Tories bother?

>There's no party that can challenge them.

May is naturally cautious, she's likely been tempted to do this for months but has held off due to the nervousness surrounding Brexit. I think it may be possible she has wagered that in 3 years time the Conservatives might not be in such a strong place of popularity if Brexit isn't as successful as hoped, with this she will entrench the Tories in power for another 5 years.

One cannot assume that Labour will be in the doldrums forever. People have very short political memories.

>Snap election

Boring, I'm not even going to vote in that shit 1000 year reich is real

diabetes literally killing her

>be English
>Wake up at 7 bong in the morn
>Take a lookyglance outways
>Positively grey and wet like any beautiful day
>Eat my breakfast of seared grickleknob and Prince Harry on White before heading out
>On the way to work come across some impoverished africamen
>They demand my wallet at spoonpoint
>Gladly hand it over to the nice gents, and give em an ol' London Lollipop for good measure
>Wipe my mouth off, wish them good day and head off to work at immigration service
>Approve 36000 Pakistani families, under quota today
>Head home
>Blue Caps come me way
>"Oy mate! You're under arrest in the name of the Queen!"
>Ask wot for
>Being within 50 metres of a deadly spoon, not giving the African me wallet fast enough, and not approving enough Pakistani families
>Fair enough, take the fine and head home
>Step inside and me mum yells
>"Blimey mum, English things wotcha think I been doin'?"
>Head to room for an ol Liverpoole Handshake
>Turn on Wundahbahbox, go onto British Porn dot com
>Give the state a call for wank approval
>Purchase porn license for fitty pounds
>Whip out me Knickerstick
>Arrested for not watching interracial cuckold porn
>Won't lie, slight of a shit day
>God Bless the Queen

An user confirmed it in the last thread.



She's going to come out and announce she's been practicing beatboxing and will perform for 5 minutes

Army officer here

You don't need any education to join as a soldier. Just fucking do it. And don't tell anyone you want to go SF, you'll sound like a tool. Just give it a few years and then do it when you know more, have some experience, and have built your body up a bit. You will need it.

Source: Guy who has been in for a few years, done P company, and may go for SF in a couple of years as well

You're right I'm just the type to worry, cheers rightly you seen bomber recently?

at least it would mean a shake up with labour
we might get a proper break off marxist party

She's speaking in her role as head of the Conservative party, and not as PM.


memes aside, this would mean dominance for a long time and a possible nige PM

Yeah he has been using his square symbol again I think though.


Where are these snap election rumours coming from

kek I saw that too.

Kek Sky News damage control

Because there's no justification for calling a snap GE unless she intends a very significant policy shift. Even if we discount the fixed terms parliament act as superficial it's still not something you can do at the drop of a hat just because you think you can increase your majority.

It would make sense.

all the pundits totally not knowing and just having a cheeky guess with a sly wink

Yeah I've heard people who bang on about Sf look like utter spanners.

Thanks for the advice mate

How quickly could a snap election actually occur from the time it's announced? Or voted for in the Commons, or whatever.

What else could it be in your opinion?

can i have a link lads?

>mfw Labour gets decimated but Jezza stays on anyway

so who we voting for lads?

I think you're in for a shock desu

It will happen in June

If Leicester lose to refball tonight, we go to war with Europe.

Within 4 months possible, they would have to get around the fixed term parliament act though, which would mean two thirds of parliament agreeing to a snap election.

didn't you guys just have an election?

What do you guys think of Faisal Islam?

Your sister is a nonce

>Tory Landslide victory

So how badly will Labour do?

Completely and utterly BTFO to the point where there is no coming back?

i guess she could be stepping down as PM, but its 100% a snap election

Back in 2015.

in 2015

Ah sorry I got your post wrong..

>What do you guys think of Faisal Islam?

should go back to his own country 2bh



Did i just hear that sky are being sued for speculating that the speech is about May's health?

>This is a report from save the Children
>Among the children we found Kayumbe....
>*switches channel to bbc news*

Anyone else?


UKIP and Labour are memes at this point. The Lib Dems only preach to a tiny slither of EU fanatics. The Greens are the Greens. That leaves the Tories.

>wtf I love Mayflies now

They will become a rump. But they will bounce back at some point. It may be years, but it will probably happen. There are still millions of people who will vote for nobody else because they have spent their entire lives in sink estates and hear nothing but the evils of Thatcherism.


I mean election kind of makes sense get it over with quickly whilst everyone except you is confused and disoriented. Our elections aren't year long multi-billion dollar affairs like the muricans


Ever get that feeling that you've done too many drugs?

I'm having that right now lads.

May to announce that Enoch Powell has come back from the dead lads.

>Anyone else?

watching Sky online lad, no ads

we had the brexit vote only 10 months ago m8 maybe thats it

It doesn't matter if Labour gets BTFO when the Blairite Party has an increased majority anyway.

Lads, what have you done to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children today?

How might it change things in Scotland, Wales etc. though?

Honestly fuck the tories desu

Bunch of grammar school austerity but actually spend fucks



>Our elections aren't year long multi-billion dollar affairs like the muricans

Pretty much American elections are a combination of pantomime and circus

I agree, I made the OP pic.


Tories are the only challengers to the SNP.