Is the Facebook killer a criminal mastermind?

Why can't authorities catch a dumb gorilla nigger named Steve Stephenson? Is Ol' Double Steve really smarter than he lets on?

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pick a state, there's a black man in it, you know he was in the capitol of that state, his phone is off and you have no clue where he might be.

find him.

Lay down a crate of bananas somewhere and wait

>Why can't authorities catch a dumb gorilla
Imagine you have to find a specific gorilla in a zoo filled with millions of gorillas, and all of them look the same.
Don't forget that you can't ask any of the gorillas because they make strange noises you can't understand.

So stake out fucking popeyes. Or let me in there and I'll pump every thick ass sheboon for answers, leaving a trail of mocha mistake babies in my wake.

Would never work. You'd just cause a chimp out allowing double steve to blend in further

>a car can put in a good 700 km before it needs to refuel
>but michael denigger is going to be at popeyes
>that one popeyes
do you work at the FBI?

Cleveland isn't Ohio's capital

Thats where youre wrong kiddo


Fuck off, Medina. Southwest Ohio is the state's heartland.

I live in Ohio, retard

>behind the keyboard

A lot of blacks are smarter than they let on. Playing dumb is a ticket to gibs. But when placed in times of actual adversity, with their backs against the wall, like during times of slavery, it was quite clear they were capable of coming up with a number of crafty plots. Same thing with Africans in Africa who literally still run organizations dedicated to selling off their brethren to Arab slavers, drain their area of human capital, and then ask for foreign aid on top of it. There are areas in the shittiest west African countries that look like goddamned Seattle or New York in the middle of a landscape surrounded by starving poor people because of this.

So do I. Here is a pic of me in Madison retard

hi leah

He went out onto the woods and shot himself, that's why he isn't found.

He ded.

Cincinnati is garbage. Only place I've been where stores have signs out saying "if you enter wearing a hoodie we are locking the door and calling the police"

In one of his videos, he's clearly on the phone with a friend letting him know what he's about to do.
He was clearly in contact with friends and family prior to and during the shootings. I place partial blame on his friends and family for the deaths of innocents.

he probably went to hide in the woods. he'll have to come out for food eventually

I believe you

Fuck you. I do not like you because you are black.

>Only place I've been where stores have signs out saying "if you enter wearing a hoodie we are locking the door and calling the police"

So its the only place you've been to with common sense? Sounds about right.

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>shoots someone while filming a livestream
>first thing the police do is shut down the livestream
>even though the livestream would give them a constant update on where he is at all times
>no longer have any clue where he is
>32hr later and still on the lose
>probably multiple states away by now

I've never seen police this incompetent.

>this is a 10/10 in Wisconsin

Elvish chicks are hot , even the downy ones.

Hi dunkey, I like your videos

>I place partial blame on his friends and family for the deaths of innocents.
That's because you are an idiot

i'm pretty sure it was an uploaded video, not a livestream

Fb said it wasn't a live stream, it was just a vid upload

The US is under negriah law.

ยง1: Snitches get stitches.

i'm tired of the Facebook shills adamant that this was a livestream.

Anyhow why is Sup Forums suddenly believing the media narrative. I remember after happenings we would dissect and try to prove that it was a false flag. Since when did we blindly believe the media? This only makes publicised killings more easy to push on the public even though fake.

yeah no shit. they're humans. they have the same capacity for intelligence as whites, asians, indians, hispanics, eskimos, islanders, and everyone inbetween

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There never was a "steve". It was a cruise missile.


I'm inclined to believe that's bullshit. They have to be facing pressure because of people repeatedlybbeing killed on Live

The auditorium is obviously in Wisconsin you fucking troglodyte.

hot fucking damn it that ass on the right

Top KeK end of thread reading.

The elites are laughing at all the idiots who think this story is real


/pol is literally retarded. This place is a joke. It's a hugbox for Hitler cocksucking loser 13 y.o boys.
This place is pure shit. The people who post here are the biggest hypocrites ever. SJW tier.
/pol is a fucking joke

Shit like this makes we wonder if the shit we hear about the FBI being able to remotely track your phone is just a bluff, even though I know the man who invented the technology.

not even wrong nowadays desu
they'll probably call us shills for having a different opinion. the psyops going on in here is crazy

He's shot himself in the head in his car in another state, I'd bet money on it

On a hunting trip
the trigger slipped
A nigger died
Circle Massage got a handgun barrage
He won't pay 50 bucks for head
Music shop got a midnight shopping stop
"Hello Marshal Amps"
Stereo store got hit for even more
But Steve got caught
At the Cuckoo's Nest, he did his best
To waste some pigs

More like this.

Does the nigress on the left realize her oreo is showing?

probably this, he's obviously an attention seeker, not mission orientated like someone like Dorner, we'd have heard of him pull some other shit if he hadn't already capped himself

Because Sup Forums hasn't picked up the case yet.

We found Shia in less than 3 days. If we really wanted to find him we would.

In that order.

I never thought of it that way, but you're right!

most niggers look the same

>know that they aren't even attractive as a whole because their hair is likely a mess from over a decade of weave and products to keep that weave up on their nearly bald heads
i wonder when will black people wake up and see that they are slaves to merchandise

3 4 1 2 for me.

More like are the cops lazy and incompetent?

Is that what they do in Australia?


If Shia had done this he'd already be in cuffs, lol.

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A lot of guys would disagree. They hate black girls that wear their natural hair. They can't win either way.

my heart goes out to them