All of that food for the equivakent of just 2.25 USD. Think of all the money you could save if you became a vegan...

All of that food for the equivakent of just 2.25 USD. Think of all the money you could save if you became a vegan? Why are you wasting your money on expensive cheese and meat and then complain that costs of living are too damn high?

Actually true to some degree, Americans just can't live without cheese, we put cheese on EVERYTHING. I'm sitting here eating individual slices of cheese, I'm bed bound and weigh 400 pounds but I do not care.

the fuck kinda food do you faggots in poland make with potatoes, onions, and apples?

I will eat apples in work to make.myself look like an asshole.

You can make many things from potatoes and onions. We are not on /ck/.

yes, meat can be expensive, sometimes you can get ham, turkey and bulk no beef animals for less than a dollar a lb.

Heck, you can pay less on those vegitables and fruits if you grew it yourself

At the end of the day i dont think anyone will argue that on average meat is more expensive than vegitables and friuts. Just watch out for people making an extra buck off of your vegan 'super food' that shit is a lie.

i put cheese in my coffee

with some eggs you're good to go
Do you think we all eat meat every meal?

Good luck being a skeleton for the rest of your life user.


meat and cheese is subsudized in the US, it's cheaper than veggies

t. vegan who had to go back to meat eating due to price

I breed my own chickens, lambs and turkeys

My meat is cheaper, and better quality than the shite you buy in your third world hellhole

not meat. just burgers. and some coca cola light because the sugar

>building muscle on potatos onions and apples

that's like $12.00 at my local grocery store

Americans are genetically superior because we are able to survive solely on cheese for sustained periods of time.

lol dude no way??
even in the expensive germoney, i would pay about 5€ for all of that

That'd be 19 dollars at my Foodmaxx (the cheapest place outside a hispanic market)


yh but thats like more than your minimum wage dude

I can get decent chicken breast for 2 dollars per pound where I live and potatoes are around 50 cents per pound.

2 pounds of chicken and potatoes with seasoning/sauce and a small side = 4 dollars at most.

I actually want to lose weight. I want to be sexy this summer.

Vegetables are still cheaper than meat you retard

>polish flag

Dumb cunt

that requires lifting weights for ten years user, not starving yourself

idk but eating cooked patatos, raw onions and apples on top isn't really my thing.

That cost more than $2.25 USD in America.

stfu gook

Potatoes here are 1.30 pound. Onions cost about the same. I only get Honeycrisp apples and can only afford 2 at a time (bcuz NEET) and they are 4.50 a pound. This is not at a fancy supermarket. What you have in your picture would be at least 10 if not 15 dollars here.

Milk and eggs are not and never were alive. Vegetables are living organisms. vegans are cruel twisted hypocrites.

But how much extra on diet suplemments, vitamin pills and doctors appointments because of poor nutrition?

You need some proteins dude. My main food are lentils and wheat. It's full of proteins and cheap.

Nice protein source faggot

Enjoy metabolic alkalosis and emaciated body

Only compared to chicken idiot, which no one in their right mind should eat

>Americans just can't live without cheese, we put cheese on EVERYTHING

it's addicting

That's like half a jar of pickles right there. Do you plan on eating all those gherkins in one sitting?

I put cheese and butter in my coffee.

and horribly bad for you, enjoy your arthritis, mialga and IBS at 60

>Why are you wasting your money on expensive cheese and meat
Meat isn't expensive if you kill and butcher it yourself.

I won't be starving. Potatoes will give me strength and lots of calories. They also make you feel full. Onions will boost my immune system. Apples have pectins. They will also keep me full at work. Every product is full of vitamin C.

Not everyone has to live on $2.25 a day like you.

dont feed the troll

Where is the protein and fat? All I see are carbs. Enjoy diabetes veggiefag.

>vegan tries to tell other people what to do
every fucking time. im recovering from a broken back and i had a vegan walk up to me and slap my fucking doggy bag steak out of my fucking hand as i was leaving a restaurant and told me vegans will make sure meat eaters will die

i golf swung my solid oak wooden cane right and split his balls, cops came, arrested him for attacking me, steak restaurant gave me a free meal voucher for another steak. would i do it differently next time? yeah. next time ill pick the steak up and bitch slap his face with it

Why do vegans complain about overpopulation while supporting womens pre natal health care? Why do they support increasing the meat eating population instead of letting nature take its course? Still births save animals.

Honestly, veganism is redpilled.

But eating fish is alright.

Why not? I make my own cucumbers in various sizes.

Where are the protes?

Amateurs. We survive off the holes in the cheese.

uh huh ok mate

That looks like some clean onions. Most of the things we have is shitty surfaced and will go bad in a week. Going vegan is legit enough

One is the hormonal fluids of a pregnant animal
The other is literally the product of menstruation
you are a disgusting degenerate for eating that shit

people with personality disorders tend to min-max everything. Video games, political views, everything. Why can't you morons be moderate about anything?

eating meat all the time is retarded
being vegan is retarded

being a commie is retarded
being a libertarian is retarded
being a nazi is retarded

Get psychiatric help ASAP

okok you found a reason to post your bbc porn
You're the faggot that keeps opening black cocks threads

Really, vegans should be protesting against bill gates trying to save African babies and stop HIV. Thats a liberal spending billions to save people that will end up eating more meat than vegans save from not eating meat. Its a circle of retardation really. Stop Bill Gates and save some livestock.

Well in that case, enjoy! Keep an alka seltzer handy.

Do you live in central Alaska? WTF?

enjoy your type ii diabetes

There is a vast bewildering variety of food I didn't choose to eat for breakfast, even though I have no special rules governing my diet. I can and do eat potatoes. I just don't cry over my steak,

How is veganism redpilled? What's wrong with eating meat? Humans have done it for plus 200,000 years

fuck off medpack

Humans have defecated in the open for 200000 years.

>I won't be starving. Potatoes will give me strength and lots of calories
lol not really
potatoes are good if you want to lose weight but they are shit when you want to bulk up


You are fucking retarded, did your mom forget to give you your medication today you autistic fuck?

He's right tho

I should not have to eat rabbit food when I work for a living while worthless, overpopulated leechs don't.

Killed last fall. Elk tenderloin.

As a canacuck this would cost me at least ;
$15-20 for the potatoes
$8-10 for the onions
$1 each for apples

Granted a pound of cheap cheese is $18

Try some eggs with that.

Need muh protein m8, tasty vegan stuff with decent macro's is expensive as fuck. Also vegans always look like they have some mild form of cancer, that shit can't be healthy.

I actually don't like Cheese.
Smells like the fucking sewers. Taste like plastic.

I always get my burgers with no cheese.

i legit eat 18 egg a day
good chit

has anyone man not seen this whore take big black cock?

Are you fucking kidding me? How can a basic food product such as pototoes be so expensive?

>Costs of living are too high
It's not because of food it's because of how expensive rent and gas is because of chink money laundering fucking up our markets

Good lad.

Have some venison backstraps Im cooking up later.

Theres a new invention...its on youtube...dont make me find it for you...where you have a littlegadget u connect to a a tomato plant or asparagus for example...and you can actually hear the plants talking to each other in their plant languages. this is 100% a real invention. listen to it just once and tell me how much superior you are for eating plants. they talk to each other because they are alive and that means they feel pain...the smell of cut grass are pain signals for least steak and ham are not alive. But seriously, plants are alive, they feel pain and they sing to each other all day long. its on youtube. imma find it for you.

You can add fat to them for like 0.9 pln for a cube. It's not vegan though.

In OP it's lots of potatoes senpai.

potatos are bad for you anyway dick head
anything from the NIGHT SHADE family is

Some still do.

Oh you are just racist. You dont care about nigger livestock at all.

you can't live off potatoes, onions and apples... I'm a vegan myself... don't spread lies... its not that simple... being a vegan is 10 times harder than a meat eater...

max 5kg, most likely less

there's clearly cheese on that you faggot.

What do you eat for B12??

Lack of potatoes can be worse. See: Ireland

Exactly 5kg amd I got them from Carrefour for 0.9 pln/kg. You can go lower if you buy in a normal grocery store.


Those are pickles not cheese sticks

Grow your own if they're that expensive, it's easy as fuck and quite fun.


And huge portions of India are also vegan.

Really spazzles your neurons.

This post would be better with cheese

So like 1.1 USD. How can 1st world even compete?


I just buy them in smaller quantities when I need them, I'm pretty healthy anyways

>I make my own cucumbers
Is that your cucumber machine in the picture? I always wondered how cucumbers were made

Cucumbers come from markets. duh

don't look now Hans, but there's a speeding truck about to run you over


>you have to be a vegan to eat potatoes and onions