I Challange Sup Forums to take Ignorance Test

In 1950 there were fewer than one billion children (aged 0-14) in the world.

By 2000 there were almost two billion. How many do UN experts think there will be in 2100?


A. 4 billion
B. 3 billion
C. 2 billion

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A-Am i right?

2nd Question


There are 7 billion people in the world today. Of the maps above, which one do you think shows best where they live in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia?

UN experts probably think B or C but I think A

and >95% of them will be not white

What’s the worldwide average life expectancy?

A. 50 years
B. 60 years
C. 70 years

okay I know that india and china combined are like 2.5bil, that africa is about 1.2bil and yurop is 700mil or so. murica is primarily USA and brazil I assume so probably less than africa

Id go with B then

trick question, the answer is D. 0
(probably B, observing the graph)



hmmm probably B just because C sounds too much


It increases exponentially
So if 1billion could make 1bil more in 50 years 2bil could make 2 bil more by 2050 so then that 4bil could make 4bil more by 2100 so 8 billion

C is obviously the "least bigoted" one. B is probably most accurate though

None of the answers are correct


No, it's B
Consider India and China

according to burger intelligence this is constant exponential growth by a factor 2 per 50 years

so far B, C, C

If we colonize space it will be A+++

uh, zero, retard, haha, they won't still be children 100 years from now
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>colonize space
thats south african intellectuals for you

they get their education from shitty hollywood movies

ill be dead, i dont care

>Consider India and China
no man, it's africa

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Right you are.

>the elites will go without blood.

Wasn't SA the "less worst" african country tho?


the rest of africa doesnt even have intellectuals, not even the mexican kind

If we're stuck on this rock we are fucked.

1. A - pop will increase to ~11bn, but fertility will continue falling
2. B
3. C - would have guessed its somewhere around 65, but might be closer to 70 now

>the "WW3 will destroy the planet" meme

>3. C
you underestimate how many shitholes there are in the world

I hate to break it to you but we are indeed fucked

space is really really really fucking empty

Question no. 4

What percent of adults in the world today are literate – can read and write?

A. 80% are literate
B. 60% are literate
C. 40% are literate

Consider China, India and the shitty african countries


Either sexbots and artificial wombs or MAD

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For those who has already answered all the question :




Got only one right

This is correct. A 50 year doubling time would result in 8 billion by 2100.
This would also be a low estimate without something in the system changing as global human population is expanding faster than a simple exponential increase so doubling time is decreasing rather than increasing.

I pick C.

Why is empty space a problem? It means less risk. The resources are still all there.

I'm guessing all those starving niggers that keep reproducing bring down the average enough
A). 50

Literate on paper or in practice?
Anyone who went to college has met a nigger who literally can't read, I'm sure they count that as "literate" still.

because the distances are too great

look at how close earth and mars are to each other, yet even when they are at their closest it still takes many months to reach it

all you can find in space is emptiness and then a bunch of rocks very far away from each other

distance to closest solar system is more than 100 million times the distance earth moon and look how much we struggle to get to the moon. without groundbreaking new technology completely different from everything we have today we will be always stuck in our solar system and at best reach mars

look, there havent even been any humans on the moon since 1972

The population growth stat is a prediction so the only thing you are ignorant of is not knowing someone's opinion
What a dumb

this video is a stupid meme -
> oh you didnt chose the right answer when a chimp could?
wow you have been brainwashed, let me share the truth with you goy.

>My favorite Ted talk
What did you expect?
>Whoa were all like still developing countries maaaaaaan

Definitely not A, because all those predictions ignore that the West will simply not be able to support the 3rd world's population explosion for much longer.