Why hasn't Trump done anything to help Veterans?

Why hasn't Trump done anything to help Veterans?

veterans do not need any help. they are not veterans. So some of those who you refer to as veterans are americans that are targeted due to the fact that any given american is targeted by pervertariat performing final solution genociding straight people as part of rainbowlution plans of global WAR-ming towards nambla.
America was attacked and destroyed on 9/11 by CIA lemon party gestapo rainbow fight club. Where response to 9/11 should be considered as attack on america and the rest of the world that is ongoing up to this day.

>20 months sober

so don't ask and dont' tell Qui Bono. military is compromised by slime and rainbows. so don't ask them nicely or tell them firmly to follow orders. If you didn't do something yourself you can't consider it done.

That one's not a veteran. That's what trump calls a "loser."

We don't acknowledge them in America because they did that to themselves. He should have strapped himself up by his own boots, just like Donald did, with nothing more than his determination and a very small, insignificant loan from his father.


So how exactly are they not capable of doing any work at home? I mean if you get blown up and miss your legs sure, but the dude in OPs pic seems he can hold his own.

>b-but PTSD!

Then why do you make a baby and make his life miserable too?

Sorry vets! We need those millions of dollars to house Melania and Baron in Trump Tower, oh yeah and weekly golf trips. Sorry champ, maybe next time! Ramen noodles aren't so bad, stay strong!

isnt there some kind of basic minimum income for veterans in the usa?

in canada its 40k a year, so I never need to work again.

no idea how this faggot somehow squandered all his benefits

Why is this thread full of fucking Shareblue shills?

You understand reforming the VA is a fucking pain in the ass, right? Not only are there entrenched interests surrounding the VA hospitals (i.e. senators with VA hospitals in their districts are losing a source of unemployment if you close this socialism lite scheme), but overhauling the system would be as hard as rebuilding infrastructure. It's basically shock therapy a la Pinochet lite, except instead of targeting socialist freeloaders it's targeting veterans. The issue isn't that they don't deserve benefits, they clearly do, the issue is that socialism has failed them. Ending socialism is always painful to those who are supposedly """helped""" by it, so veterans would suffer.

We're only in the first one hundred fucking days too, so you can shut your mouth you kangaroo fucker

>Soy baby forumla
Let him rot.

Man what a dumbass. I'm enlisting and I'm making damn sure I don't end up like these washed out losers who blow all their money on luxury items, don't save up during their service and don't use their time in service to get education and get a degree with the G.I. bill afterwards. It's not that hard to save money and not be a jackass with your finances. Jesus.

He ran for becoming the American President.

I'm a veteran. I work and go to school (for free) and every experience I've had at the VA hospital has been absolutely positive (and free) and vastly superior to every time I have to take my wife to her normal hospital (that we pay out the ass to afford to go to). No complaints here.

Don't ever get a joint account with your gf when you're deployed for the convenience.
Just my advice.

There is no such thing. When you're out of the military you're out. The biggest problem with vets in he US is everyone seems to think vets get some kind of stipend from the government. You don't except under specific circumstances (medical condition brought on by service).

Happened to my buddy I deployed with. He got home from our 9 month deployment with nothing to show for it and she had left the state.

>Don't ever get a joint account with your gf

Or at all

Damn dude you are dropping atomic red pills in every thread

Great work

>Soy baby powder


That's rough as fuck but pretty much what happened to me.
>2 years deployed
>2 year relationship
>She left with my money
>Moved to another state

Maybe if his waifu had gotten a jerb instead of dropping out of college to become a stay at home military mom shit wouldn't have happened. Just saying.

>Implying the US gov't ever gave a fuck about the people
US is 3rd world as fuck m8.

Veterans don't really deserve any handouts. They're people too, just because they're trained thugs for the government doesn't mean they deserve free shit.

You get a decent pension if you make a career out of it.

Because they already get free housing on top of their paycheck, free college and benefits for the rest of their life.

I e all baby formula

>implying Trump cares about people

>The term Third World arose during the Cold War to define countries that remained non-aligned with either NATO, or the Communist Bloc.
Do you just make up any definition you want?

What's the point?

It wasn't their choice to fight? If I remember correctly the last US had was during the Vietnam War.

Either way, it's not like doing your duty is something that deserves rewards

I thought you atleast get a pension tho?

if not then it is no different from anyother manual labour service job.

except they expect the gubmint to take care of them

Vet here, dental is literally like, 12 bucks a month. TRICARE prime for vets is 24/mo. If you can't afford that, you deserve to be on the street



As a veteran i know that we have an incredible amount of opportunities available to us upon etsing. The people who whine about ptsed and muh fireworks dont actually have that shit, and if youre a homeless gwot vet you were probably a shitbag soldier and did that shit to yourself with drugs and stupidity.

Good luck convincing your CO that YOU are worthy to go to school while AD.

You better score 300s on the apft and score expert every range.

There's literally nothing guaranteeing you the opportunity to go to school while you're in.

you only get a pension if you do 20 or more years and retire


Can you guy do anything via the court or something?

so you get pretty much free dental, free medical, free college.

how much free shit do these veterans want?

Of what exactly? Most "veterans" never even saw combat.

ROTC Plebeian here,

how common is it that dudes marry chicks to double their benefits and salary?

I mean doesnt that almost always lead to divorce?

American veterans are literally worse than Nazis. Not even kidding.

Im currently using the gibill and man its such a good deal, get paid to study engineering with no college loans and bang 19 y/o college bitches.

Nope. With a joint account it's just as much her money as it is mine. Unless she pulls it all out. Then it's hers.
Wouldn't know. I don't think I ever encountered it. Guys with gals back home certainly. Those girls being disloyal absolutely. Grunts getting swift divorces a couple months into a deployment all the fucking time.

Contract marriages are pretty common. Of the ~50 people in my unit I deployed with about 10 of them had contract marriages. The amount they paid the girl per month varied from person to person. They all ended in divorce because they were just for money to begin with. They're not allowed and you can get busted down if you're caught but no one I knew got caught.

>20 months sober
taking a shot in the dark, blindfolded, blinded with knives in my eyes with my skin painted black: he became a raging alcoholic because military fags trying to 1up each other on everything, especially alcohol and he ended up missing rolecall, was put on punishment, kept drinking, then was dishonorably discharged. $100,000 says he was a mechanic or the slightest possibility pulled base security and thought sandniggers were slinking out of the sand around him and would strike at any minute when he was safer than an old Vietnam vet who did 3 tours walking on the streets of a b lack neighborhood.

This is what imagine goes through the brain when you have a stroke.

to add: notice something with the sign? no mention of "Combat" anywhere.

Starting A war helps veterans

1 out of 10 dudes end up getting into a contract marriage.

Good friend of mine married this smoking hot Latina that turned 18 while in service. As soon as he got out while she was in she started fucking niggers behind his back.

Bottom line, stay away from army bitches

>Need 2nd job
>Has kids
>Needs... Soy milk for kids?
>Gets medical, apparently cant pay for dental?
>Some rando POG unit

Call me crazy but I get the idea that he might not exactly be hurting for cash, he's just spending far more than he needs to.

Veterans are useful idiots.
They should not be allowed to beg like this.

What did he mean by this?

Well I mean how can they catch them?
"I love my wife, she needs this money bc females"
you would have to really see some hard evidence of collusion.

Its the same with everything in the army, they institute a policy that they cant keep track of when instituted.

Just like the wyminz can join combat rolls
"they will have sex with men, wont they?"
"no silly! We have rules against that, it wont happen"

fuck off Ryčka.


>join the military
>enjoy what i do
>enjoy the combat with my friends
>come home
>women tell me im a murderer
>liberal faggots tell me i should be ashamed
>start feeling like i did wrong
yeah nah. its not the fault of any combat troop, its letting soldiers come back home and let them try to re-integrate with liberal fuckfaces

>Only medical no dental
I will add this one piece of advice for anyone wanting to enlist, get as much dental work as you can before you get out. While you're in it's all free and you can basically go as much as you want. As soon as you get out all that work and all those cleanings are hundreds-thousands of dollars each. My only regret is not getting more work done.

because american veterans are cowards who kill themself instead of the enemies.

He's making the general environment for business better for them
If they can't pull themselves up in the currently rapidly growing economy then they never will

please kill yourself along with your "comrades" fag

why havent u done anything to help our vets?

Stolen Valor

do you remember how CIA lemon party gestapo used to squeal "freedom fries" after 9/11? Word "fries" wasn't used as a noun, but as a verb. Think of that phrase used in sentence like this: freedom fries rapidly into tar budgets like slavery. So obviously america was attacked by some sort of slavedrivers, monarchy, etc.. Notice they once again transported bunch of new slaves. It's hard to tell maybe it's "trading places" type assault where those new arrivals will serve as "new landed gentry". So yes americans and the rest of the world suffers from severe symptoms of freedom deficit disorder. They are dropping like flies.

Will his baby have problems associated with war? PTSD? Or should he only be worried about passing on radiation from weapons or foreign pesticides? Has war changed this mans sperm? Can this have an affect?

>Banging multiple girls in college
Kill yourself degenerate, you're a vessel by which the Jews break down the family unit

He is probably an actual vet though

I'm a combat vet myself and this guy was around Iraq same time as me and the unit he claims is also legit as far as timeframe goes for being overseas

Plus he was infantry so I don't doubt he went through actual combat.

The only thing though is how he can be in that situation financially.

The military is a great job and if you do it right you live a very comfy life

He delegated it to Jared. I guess that poor guy is too busy solving the opiate crisis to reimagine the VA right now, whatever the fuck that means.
Fuck yeah democracy is mint cunt.

Ryčka, stop.

antifa fuck off

PTSD isn't real, it's all in your head

>Wearing the uniform to beg

Why is this legal

Do you have any stories of chicks being retards in the service?

In college all the kids are obviously pretty left leaning, and they are all "Optimistic" or just straight up in love with empowered womans in mortal combat.

I think its a retarded policy, what is your experience?

Obese NEET spotted

fucking welfare queens
Get a job and earn money like the rest of us

this. should be arrested on the spot.

it is but holy shit some people get pissed.

from the looks of it this guy (seems) legit but I saw this video of this one homeless guy who invested in a ACU top and this fucking brolic vet almost kill him.

You're not an American, you have no say so in our affairs shitskin.

Trump has done a lot for veterans already.
They have had entire chains of people fired who were corrupt and pushing their own agendas instead of helping the service members in question.
He increased funding for VA centers and the amount of money we can give to veterans.
He currently has multiple investigations going on of the corruption that is happening.

I had my monthly allowance increased to over 2.9k dollars.
It's enough to survive on.
I have tons of documentation for my problems.
I don't understand why OPs picture didn't get documentation if he really has issues.

Lol story time you dumb bitch

Sounds better than a year and 8 months.

Not my fault u chose a shit career fighting for corporations.

At last I truly see

jesus christ, I saw you in the other thread.

are you having a stroke?

4 years in my unit, only 1 documented sexual assault... and I'm 75% sure it was a "fucked him and regret it" situation.

4 years in my unit and I saw about 4 instances of females falsely accusing males of sexual assault as vengeance or vendetta, me included.

Crazy alcoholic bipolar ex pulled a knife on me, when I told her to get the fuck out, she threatened to say I raped her.

Again, avoid army cunts at all costs. Males join the army for a variety of reasons. Females join because there's something considerably wrong with them.

nežinau tavo ryčkos, bet cžvistėliai patys prisišaukė visas bėdas bandydami jas užsiundyti galvodami kad turi visus įrankius leidžiančius jiems suvaldyti bet kokią energijos formą. nesustabdysi to į ką du kartus neina įlipti, o kraipyti užpakalį ir maivyti visi moka. tik ne visi tai daro.

>you have a job

Fucking women are fucking degenerate. Fucking all about the Benjamin's

>leech off the government teat
>get off it for a bit
>WAAAAHHHH why won't anyone help us?

He's been president for 3 months. Chill the fuck out for a little while

my job pays me 50$ an hour and I never have to go to an office. full remote. go suck that vets dick.

Buying oxycontin


>You're not an American, you have no say so in our affairs shitskin.
there are no americans in globalized world ruled by truculent CIA lemon party gestapo taliban apartheid. So think again before you perform rainbow psyops so you could squeal "Je suis" this or that. So now we have war that equals peace, freedom equals slavery, ignorance equals strength, etc. Thanks to that toilet of equality erected by CIA homos in slime house. Toilet so equal that is more equal than toilets for the rest of us - straight not crooked people.

She's the worst, she was posting snapchat stories of her clubbing with niggers. I'd probably be in jail, my friends resolve and control is truly remarkable.

And 1 less deferment than Dick Cheney

Kys you mudshit faggot.

He gave us our pride back. That's enough for a real veteran

Sure thing bud. I bet you have a 10/10 trophy wife blowing you right now too huh

>except they expect the gubmint to take care of them

Not really. There's a lot of issues when you get out. One of them being, while there's a lot of lip service placed on "honoring vets" it actually plays out as a detriment. You get "preference points" for being a vet, which I have no idea what that means. By and large through, HR is run by SJW land whales who think all vets have PTSD and are going to shoot the place up and/or take their cake. It's easy to fall out of society.


And I thought I was redpilled. What a fool I've been.

>in the service?
Nope. I barely saw any wooks at all and when I did I just treated them like anyone else. Pretty sure like 9/10 of them were huge whores that slept around a lot. I use to hear all the time of some horror story of saggy tits or a flabby ass of some wook from another unit.
>what is your experience?
They're slutty.
But they do their job?
I dunno the only ones I did work with all took shit very seriously and acted accordingly.