Is she a ((()))?

is she a ((()))?

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wtf is ((())) fellow pede?

She is a hairy degenerate.

You mean is (((she))) a (((she)))? Learn grammar user

It's a hairy asshole


She's a 56%er so who knows?

shes a QT, hot and i'd marry her ;_;

She looks like a goblin and shes a commie so if I were a betting man I'd say yes.


you would

can someone shoop her to make her look like she took an actual beating


shes a

She has the jew nose jew ears and jew skin. She got hyped by the media

She'd cheat on you

I mean, she's an independent strong Women who has too much love for one person, my bad

She certainly does look like a jew. Reminds me of Kushner's rat face.

This is exactly why Germany is failing, you would marry a commie, feminist (((girl))) who did porn while akmed is raping your church going women

Did Sup Forums come up with the name mouldylocks or was it Reddit?

Is it cheating if its an open relationship?

It's bait

I don't know but she's a Roastie.

Truthfully, probablly not. She looks very like her mother who is some sort of mystery meat.

The nose knows.

never stick your dick in crazy, kraut

that's a gyp

I am betting she fucks either kebab or nigger. Prolly both.

The nose says yes.


>early 20s
>looks like she's in her 40s

White people with dreadlocks are instantly trash tier.

her last name is jewish

I just wish somehow this all leads to her returning to her father's house and asking his forgiveness. The prodigal daughter, set straight by old school correction

>(((white))) girl gets punched
>it literally makes the news
The fact blacks aren't Nazis never ceases to amaze me.

> imagine being this new.

She has a fucking hook nose, my inner jew detector never fails.
Even if she is not formally jew, she must have a jewish parent.

why is Sup Forums obsessed with this woman

I am. We're working on it. The Hotep SS will guard the camps when the day comes.

Isn't she potato nigger+germanic or something?It's difficult to tell with all this mongrelization

Not sure if planning on stealing everything from whitey...

>slav-russo shaped head
>with a large, hook nose
she sure as shit looks like an ashkenazi

Shekeltor will reap reparations from you with antifa


If I spotted her in Paris, I'd figure her for a gypsie. Do you have them in the US?


Queen of /leftytpol/

lmao whos she gonna cheat on me with chained to the bed in my basement? the water heater?

(((fellow pede)))

I just wish I could see the pic now of her in 10 years when she's a housewife.

aye. and if i could downvote 2ice i wud

she is white and aesthetically makes my dick happy but she's also subhuman trash so people don't feel guilty about masturbating to her noodz.

Tfw actually colourblind.
Can you fuck of with this shit ?

Now Sup Forums take notes. This is how to properly b8.

How would a Moroccan know what's white and what isn't? Honestly, a Turkish is white to you guys.


so does ancilla fuck for a buck or what

Just look at the dislikes and read the comments

I've never seen anyone BTFO so badly. This bitch has drawn attention to herself and she'll regret it

top quality bait
I salute you user

Obsessed to destroy (((her))). Being a Jew won't save (((her))).

In five years shes going to look like Casey Neistat

You subhuman

the most beautiful cunt ever, google it

have you seen this video? another CBS pathetic video!!!

i dont think my dick would work if she did

She fails the nose test. Not 100% pure kike but honestly who is?

American girls.......must feel bad to be murican

What a disgusting creature, look that jew/rat face



If i wasnt already a fag this would have done it

>college student
>Jewish population grossly overrepresented in college
>does porn
>big nose
>"Oyyy the goyim hit me in my nose tester day and it was cut and bleeding, but it has healed already"
All signs point to yes. If she isn't, then she's just another mind controlled Jewish patsy

Guys. Be sure you visit this youtube channel and "correct the record".

It gets easier a few years after you give up on them entirely, you get less and less sad and more annoyed.

Whats the petition? Theres no description


Def: Open Relationship - compound noun: when (You)get punched in the face, your boyfriend does not have defend you, he can just run away.

>that blown out vadge

>not enjoying animalistic savage sex

Fucking pussified millinials.


google Goatse for your answer fellow user

I have a very ambitious plan, hear me out. Black men are retarded, and black women are more retarded, but through the power of National Socialism, anything is possible. My plan is simple but extreme:

Step 1: Deport the entire American Black race to Africa. We are distinct from Africans both through slave eugenics and white admixture. This makes us categorically superior to native Africans--we are the master race.

Step 2: After ruthlessly subjugating the population of Angola and Zimbabwe, we will establish a National Socialist society, and begin the Great Program. The Great Program will MANDATE the use of eggs donated by Aryan women to artificially inseminate the female population for the next three generations. No pure negro births will be allowed. Queens are retarded and will see this as an excuse to have lightskinned kids, and it will not occur to them that their genetics are being expunged because they have an average IQ in the low 70s. The men won't care because it's still our genes. It's like fucking white women except we don't have to commit the sin of miscegenation.

Step 3: By the third generation in, we will essentially have reduced the hard-negro population by 90%, and will be functionally a white society. We will have long since conquered South Africa and released the Boers, who will stand as equals beside us as we herd the remaining capoids and bantu in the gas chambers.

Step 4: If anyone tries to stop us, we will call them racist and remind them that we don't have any oil.

>I have a very ambitious plan, hear me out.

I want to see the news of her suicide as soon as possible



The level of meme magic here is too powerful.

>Step 1: Deport the entire American Black race to Africa.
stopped reading right there

whether I agree with you or not this is NEVER happening

More than likely senpai

>o-oy vey

Look at that malicious shirt grabbing. She should be convicted of self defence.

She is kinda attractive...

Give it a try!
I would suggest, Malawi and Mozambique, you are going to need ports: you don't want to end up like Rhodesia during the embargos.


I kekked.

boyfriend was cucked before the incident

and he couldnt help himslef let alone his matriarch owner

shes really not

No need to sweat it. She has a pretty face. Still doesn't excuse her from throwing glass bottles and making light of violence.

Have you ever been to America? Being pale makes you a 9/10 over there as long as your tastes are normal.

She says she was with her boyfriend is this him with the bloody eye?

Yeah, she's a kike

>take girlfriend to protest
>can't even protect her
>she's disgusted with you for getting beat up like a bitch
>she fucks Tyrone while you read Marx
>cry on the pages, can barely read to yourself
>they're done, you dry your face as best you can
>they come out, obvious you were crying
>Tyrone gives you a look of contempt, she looks disgusted
>she says they're going to get something to eat
>"C-can I come?"
>they laugh


>this is a 10/10 in Britbongistan

While this depresses me to admit, it will only work if we have the backing of a major nation which has also adopted National Socialism. Otherwise the cuck nations will embargo us and we'll be fucked no matter what we do.

In other words, we need America to go full NatSoc first, and the blacks have to be in on it. You could definitely get the Black and Greens and the Hoteps on board with this if the promised reward was that we literally get to be KANGZ and shit of Africa. Of course the inmates and ghetto rats would have to be exterminated, but you could do that quietly after we're gone.