Cuba isn't better than U

>Cuba isn't better than U....

>Communism has killed more people than cap...

>Former communist countries don't want old days ba...

>Pinochet was such a great lead...

>Sup Forums is filled with strong ary...

Why Polish people are ignorants and suck cucks?

Pro EU and now this


Poles are eternally butthurt about everything.

only a select number of countries has been commie, the big majority is cappy. still millions of deaths

crapitalists eternally BTFO


It's very reasonable to be pro-EU as a pole. Why would you not want free gibs?

Then why they refuse to take Migrants?

>That faggot with the anime shirt jojo posing

Also same goes for B*ltics

>Communism in only a tiny number of countries in 70 years almost killed as many as capitalism has in every country over a period of centuries, and this is even with the most favourable interpretation of the statistics

>People can't be irrationally nostalgic
>Living through the transition from communist system to capitalist system is the same as living in a capitalist system

Really makes me ponder


Get your eyes checked then

because then its not free you dumbass

That's why millions of Americans are fleeing to Cuba, right? Come on don't be a fucking retard

Venezuela is a paradise. North Korea as well is a bastion of human progress.

Yes, because all those socialist countries give reliable data...................

I call bulshit. The country is much better off. What is shit is that we have to pay the debt of the commies to this day.