Cicadas Come Early in Maryland

Marylandfag here. Anyone else getting attacked by these fuckers?

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Apparently they're supposed to be part of Brood X which comes every 17 years. They are scheduled for 2021 but some are out early.

I guess this is God's punishment for electing Trump.
Thanks a lot, rural and suburban retards.

Rockville here, there are like 300 on my fucking tree. I've been shooting them with my Bug-A-Salt rifle, the fuckers are resilient.

kek I've been swatting them with a tennis racket.

Also Marylandfag here, I got one stuck under my oven, no idea how he got there. I've noticed piles of dead cicadas under the trees just all over the sidewalks. I've even seen some flying around.

I was combing my hair and a carcass fell out. Not sure how it got there either.

God doesn't punish, you'd know that if you did your research.

Probably fell from a tree, they love to fuck and just keel over right there, then fall onto poor souls below. It's really unsettling. Never had em come this early, which is honestly worse because I at least had a rough estimate of when to not go outside.

God they are fucking terrifying

Every morning I get surprise attacked Japanese-style by these kamikaze fuckers. I don't know if they're attacking me or just really fuckin stupid.

Sodom and Gomorrah...

Balt-Fag here.

I haven't seen any. Which is probably the one good thing abt living in Baltimore over somewhere with rural or suburban retards.

Was last year in Ohio, I remember cause my dad died and when we went to visit his grave after it was put in one landed on my aunt and freaked her out.

I wish all the men in my family I could really get advice and help from weren't fucking dead.

Cicadas are cute


shore here, haven't heard a single one. I can deal with cicadas, stinkbugs are the real problem here

The one good thing about cicadas is that it makes for some good fishing. Thinking about going this weekend.

That's the wrong cicada, we have different ones in freedomland, muhammed.

We are your family now user. We will guide you.

I don't understand this

They are not rare in Japan.

I used to live out in the country in Cecil county and those stinkbugs were the worst. If you killed them, not only would it smell like shit but the stank also attracts more of them. I tried vacuuming them but then my vacuum smelt like shit so I had to throw it away. I hated when those things would suicide into your drink.

Based Virginian here to bless this thread.

>Nothern Virginian
>Northern VA just as bad as carpetbagger yankee commies coming down to screw the South.
> Good Luck

I just got some toilet paper and picked em up real fast, then flushed them. The worst part is when I'd wake up with a couple stink bugs crawling on my bed and sometimes my shirt and pants.

My last name is Cecil and my lineage is traced to the first English colonists. Not black by the way.

WV already had our swarm a few months ago
they will be quite annoying
they're attracted to noise, so if you're cutting grass expect to be bombarded by these devil eyed bastards

who /cecliton/ here?

Those stinkbugs were fucking crazy 3-4 years ago. I remember at one point I had like 20 in each window of my house

you're fucking autistic

>mfw you live in middle of Europe where almost everything that can hurt is extinct thanks to people than lived here before you
>now they import feral ghouls and exploding towels just for the sake of fun

Cecil county was named after Cæcilius Calvert though.
I thought Cecil was French or Norman though.

Oh shit I used to live near west of that town in a farmhouse

Cicadas don't really hurt you though..they're just big and dumb and want to give you a hug but they always manage to freak the shit out of you with their big beady eyes and slimy bodies.

So you lived down near crystal beach? You know that liquor store on the way? I live like 3 minutes from that. Small world.

I'm not 100% percent certain of the history of Cecil county as I believe the origins of it is Catholic (Delaware) but I could be wrong but I do know the name Cecil is derived from the first Cecil Lord Cecil (Protestant) who was very prominent in English politics and Elizabeth the 1st. Cecil is an English name.

Yeah he did it that one time and said "well fuck"

Cicadas are bros though. You can catch them with your bare hands if you aren't a pussy. They might piss on you though (seriously)

Maryland voted for Hillary tho

Yeah I did and I know what you're talking about...that's fuckin weird man.
I don't live there anymore though. Living in PG county now, Dindu-central.

Whooooooaaaa, Centreville fellow user, drive to PG county for work everyday.

Those bastards used to be everywhere here in PA, but I haven't seen much of them anymore.

My bad I thought you talk about cikans, thats how we call gypsies here. If I we're somewhere where blacks live I would be scared shitless of those thing thinking about STD rates among them.

Fuck off

I've always thought it was comical how often people from the delmarva pop up here. Saw some anons talking about chestertown a week ago

Probably because of our lovely diversity.

>My bad I thought you talk about cikans, thats how we call gypsies here

kek, I'd take cicadas over cigans any day.

near Hyattsville, feels bad man.jpg


It seems like there's rarely anyone from the Delmarva area here, ppl only show themselves in threads like this.