*save the white race*

*save the white race*

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Sup Forums was a mistake.

if so, it was the best mistake ever made.



>plastic scotsman

kill you'reself

>Implying thats not a product of r/The_Donald

FUCK. I remember when I first found /new/ like ten(?) years ago. Never thought things would come this far.

>haha look at these losers for doing something, I may be doing NOTHING, but at least I'm cool while drowning in muslim semen

You can make fun of them but honestly it makes me happy to think there are so many now who have woken up to the deep state. We're winning the culture war.

Reminder that these "people" stand for absolutely nothing. So anyone that defends them by saying "at least they're out there spreading the message; more than you'll ever do", please understand that these guys have no beliefs. They don't have any concrete world views or principles. These groups are made up of children and adult loners who couldn't let go of the election cycle. It was the first time of their lives that they ever felt a sense of purpose or belonging, and now they're desperate to hold on to that feeling. If you asked these guys why they're out in public parks shouting memes at dog walkers, they'd give you a vague and rambling reply about free speech. These groups are no different to the student union communists or anarchists who don't have a fucking clue what their "cause" is either. Consider the regalia that they take with them to these events - shields, armour, banners. The kind of iconography that's associated with medieval knights. Consciously or unconsciously, that is what these guys fancy themselves to be. Noble warriors, not middle class kids from the suburbs.

josh dolin

adrienne watson

amanda karpay

elizabeth shapell

matt mcclure

Rebecca charen

Benjamin fischbein

Burns Strider

Ellie Cohen

Elizabeth Price

Johan Newman

Benjamin Williams

Caryn Lennhoff

Daniel Wessel

Karla Towle

Kathleen Kennedy



>these guys have no beliefs

where's your sauce?

This is who i imagine responds to you on pol with t.juan, tyrone, muhammad, chen when they get buttblasted

Fake and stale copypasta.
Shill elsewhere faggot

They're like 14--15 years old. Most people were autistic tryhard spergs around that age.
>inb4 i wasnt
yes you were, you just didn't notice it yourself

are you one of the cringy fags in the op pic?

this board was a mistake.

cancer kids

Found the guy in the kilt.



Except it's not pasta you retarded newfag
At least take the effort to google it before spouting your nonsense


Na cunt u waz a mistake ask ya mum m8

They are too happy to be Sup Forums users