Why does uni turn stupid people into cucks and SJW's?

My past friend in the middle was always a lefty but he now probably wanks over Corbyn. He hates "consumerism" but owns an IPad. Is he beyond help?

Brainwashing under the threat of failing and not being able to graduate and be a (((productive))) member of society

I've thought about this in the past. Here is my take. It's the environment of education. The majority of professors at my uni were liberals. They only deal in what if's and 'real-life scenarios'. For the majority of students who are want to get a good GPA they start to take that mind set. For example I had a history professor who would give us his take on historical events. We would then have to write a paper on our opinions on the event and his take on the event. I tended to disagree with him. And my grades suffered because of it. Further, students that only care about GPA will setup study groups with other students who care about GPA. These students then become friends and the fart circle begins. They graduate at the top of their class and pride themselves on their mental fortitude. After they graduate they will constantly voice their opinion on actual happenings. The issue is the still think in theoretical or what ifs. They do not deal with actual facts and problem solving. Because they were not taught to be problem solves they were taught and rewarded for having an opinion that leans liberal

I would have tried to get that professor sacked! did you report him?

liberals are very happy to destroy other people's careers so I see no issue with doing the same to him.

Do they even have universities in Brazil?

Nice one. Those people are from France. Brazil is black, not white.

Part 2:
Also, I graduated with a 2.3 in college. It took my 5 years. I worked the entire time in my field and was paid 7.25 an hour. I played for one of our uni sport teams as well. My day started at 5am with work-outs, then work, then classes, practice, night class, homework, and then bed. I worked my ass off in ways most people in uni do not. My professor's did not like me and I did not like them because i did not hold them in a high regard. I would question and challenge them to think outside a hypothetical and although I wanted a well thought discussion, I was usually met with "Well, that wouldnt happen" after a while they got annoyed, other students got annoyed with me and i got annoyed. So i sat in class and kept my mouth shut. Any short cut's or 'easy' ways i would find to solve their problems was viewed as lazy-ness. 8 years out of college I am in the workforce still finding simple solutions and easy fixes to complex problems. I have climbed through the ranks of the corporate world for having the a same thought process I was chastised for in college.

> I am in the workforce still finding simple solutions and easy fixes to complex problems.

and yet you were too autistic to agree with dumb people just to get a grade. nothing easier or simpler than that

>He hates "consumerism" but owns an IPad.

Is this really a contradiction in your rotten, autistic mind? Believe it or not; you can indulge in consumption and still oppose it on a societal/systemic level.


Short story on destroying a career: I was at the local bar with friends on alumni weekend. (a time when alumni new and old come back to their old stomping grounds). My gf and her friends asked me to talk to this creepy guy in the corner of the bar with a low hat starring at them. As i approach to inspect the situation i find out its my professor who is ALSO my academic advisor. Quickly realizing this maybe a chance to releave tensions between me and the professor I asked him if i could by him a shot. He said "American Honey" I though OK, thats an expensive shot for a college kid but i figured he would get me one too. Well, he did not buy me a shot. He drunkenly proceeded to say
>>"You know what. You're an asshole".
Taken back I asked said
>> "What are you talking about I just bought you a shot?"
>> Prof : " I said you are a lazy asshole"
>> Me now angry: "Are you fucking kidding me! You're a fuckin dick i just bought you a shot and you call me an asshole?"
It got the to point were some RANDOM old student of his felt like he needed to step in and pull us apart. The next class i had with him was canceled. The class after that he should up with a broken nose and stitched from his nose to his lips. My theory is he either crashed his fancy vintage car (no airbags) driving home. (it's a royal area and cops are scarce so not getting a DUI isnt a far stretch) OR he drunkenly fell that night and eat a mouthfull of floor. He and I never spoke of this event. And in my mind it karma solved the issue. He knew that I knew he get injured from that drunk night when he was an asshole. And to me looking at him everyday in class after that was worth it.

Academia is infested with Jews.

yea man fuck that. I barely had any social time in college. I didnt need to be doing homework or projects that follow their outline when i can get it done my own way in half the time.

Because academia is the perfect environment for lazy leftists

That faggots name is Corbyn, he was beyond help since birth.

He's been re-educated

He'll have to learn the hard way to have any chance of being uncucked

because they believe in stuff being told in uni, ive went to a far left antifa uni, normal students went full left until i saved them and argued the opposite.
Its easy to think X if you never heard about Y and you really not sure how X works but you know the "memes" only

literally communism
soviets corrupted the intellectuals with their bullshit and weak minded people are bound by it.

>My professor's did not like me
>uni graduate
>aspostrophe for plural improper noun
wasn't the liberal bias....

Comp Engineer - Leave my spelling outta this.

>working your ass off for a meme degree
you've got bigger problems than non-conformism bud

Taught a failed system of education that need to be reformed ,

5 years and you never learned to use the spell check in your browser?

stress + poor diet + alcohol = changes to the brain
constant propaganda simply directs the changes.

It's a reassurance type thing. They want to brainwash people into thinking they made the right decision in wasting £30k hence why they hop on the SJW bandwagon, all they're friends do it so they do it to make themselves feel reassured they are a fine, functional member of society.

It's more about Marxism and relativism being attractive mindsets for low IQ people and weak people who crave power. The intellectual standards for universities are dropping due to universality of college access so the economy of discourse has to appeal to legitimately stupid people. Combine this with the fact that even the highest-quality universities are for-profit institutions and you get A LOT of disingenuous manipulation of feeble minded people. Even top universities are comprised mostly of feeble-minded people these days

at uni you have to basically repeat what you've been told and can't have any opinions of your own. it's basically a big brainwashing factory full of the biggest sheep possible where the people there genuinely believe they're unique and individual

>unis are for-profit institutions

this is the real reason standards are dropping. the more alumni you admit, the more money you make. the more they fail, you more you make so you have no incentive to kick people out on academic insufficiency. even people with high scores and who never repeat courses make your bank because they all had to take extra summer courses, each with the same cost a regular course

5 years and I am currently updating from my phone while I have free time at work. Getting the point across > wasting time worrying about triggering you with my spelling

Not here. In Croatia there is only one uni where only leftist scum goes. It's uni of philosophy. If someone bomb that place he would erase wholle leftist generation.

good you were able to deliver such vital information

Also people in their 20's have a weak personality because they are still half children, so it is easier to stand with the majority than to be alone + everyone spitting at you

It actually depends tbqh. I was pretty lefty and liberal until I started university and first saw what kind of shitfest is ruining our countries. A lot of people I know also changed after seeing this, so I guess it really depends on how you think in the first place.

by definition, a uni is not a uni without a philo faculty. so your country only has a single uni?

the problem is precisely that they encourage mob mentality instead of individuality

I think it is the same thing than in France, there is uni for scientists and uni for history/sociology/ etc

They encourage mob mentality because this is the purpose of the uni, they have to craft naive and obeissant citizens

>Why does uni turn stupid people into cucks and SJW's?
It doesn't, earlier schooling and television does that. Uni trains them to view their ignorance as knowledge, their broken thought processes as a trained intellect, people with real world experience and skills as ignorant rednecks. It's also a giant investment that locks a lot of graduates in a sunk cost fallacy doubling down nose dive.






>agree with dumb people just to get a grade, followed by agreeing with dumb people to get a job, until you just do it by habit and pressure other people to do the same, you realize on your deathbed you were a cowardly cuck that made the world a worse place and it would have been better if you were aborted.


only tumblr snowflakes are unable to reconcile the fact one's true worldview doesn't make our lives harder

Exactly! Well put. Bend over for them now because it makes life easier, continue to bend over in the future, eventually die realizing you've been staring at the floor you're whole life

My brother became a really intolerant lefty after college and now I'm even afraid of him. He thinks everyone's a racist or homophobe and wants to kill them, he'd probably join antifa and I wouldn't be able to talk sense into him. Only argument we've ever had was when he said being racist is just as bad as killing someone. It sucks cause he's really aggressive, prone to lashing out and will feel offended for the smallest things. At least I have a subject to look at to know how antifa mindset works.

doesn't need to make our lives harder*

People who go straight into college after high school are generally still in what I like to call a "childlike" role.
More times than not, these people still live at home with their parents (or otherwise still rely on them for day-to-day living), thus preventing the individual to grow on their own. This, coupled with entering "adulthood", places the young student in a position in which they lack self-reliant skills, but yet still crave their "independence".
By appealing to these literal man/woman-children's desire for independence, they become ripe for indoctrination. They haven't been out on their own yet, mommy and daddy is still taking care of them, and they have no real responsibilities aside from school work (literal definition of overgrown children), so they don't develop and grow the way a person would by living in "the real world".
What is the point of this? It's to keep them reliant on others to shape them. Their lack of life skills and coping mechanisms one would develop by being out on their own keep them in a state of confusion, yet their desire for independence and individuality pushes them away from the answers their parents provide. This is why they look to their liberal-leaning professors to take on that life-mentor role.

They're literally being trained to remain children, but to stop listening to their parents because they're all big boys and girls now. They spend 4-6 years doing the exact same shit they did from K-12 and wonder why "adulting is hard", meanwhile professor Goldstein is working around the clock to reassure them that it's not their fault, but society's fault that they haven't achieved as much as the last generation, and that they should just be given what they want via special treatment rather than instilling the productive values we as Americans had pride in back in the 40's and 50's.

The Soviets delivered the killing blow back in the 60's and we didn't even feel it.

hey shitskin your not white just sayen


It's time to take him for a friendly helicopter ride.

>your not white

My not white? What did he mean by this?

Completely agree. Liberals are usually divided into three groups.
1) The narcessists. People who believe themselves to be totally enlightened and shit wisdom.
2) The hipsters/cool people. They merely use the liberal world to look trendy, yet they can't actually explain why they have their views. Eg anti - eu protestor in blue body paint was asked "give three things you like about the EU" Couldn't provide any straight forward answers.

3) The pussies. As user picked up on, people who are too afraid of being an individual. I would think white knights and cucks are probably mostly in this group

This, my AP US History class in a New England public school pushed that the United States was a backwards hateful cesspool until it got a little tolerable in the 1960s but still has far to go to progress. Its world power status and high development was incidentally stumbled upon by talentless whiteys exploiting everyone thanks to living in a favorable environment conducive to industry. Every notable person always had some section to make sure you didn't look back and feel anything but disgust since they exploited the environment, natives, blacks or something. It's nothing but a mission to make you hate yourself for being white.

gota agree with the fingolian here

I'm English. Fuck off you product of incest!

Vital enough to warrant a reply from you. Clearly you do not agree with my take and that's fine. But, pointing out some spelling errors as a back door way of discrediting my entire take on the matter is childish. You understood what i wanted to say because you were able to point out my mistakes in how i wrote it. Stop throwing stones from your glass house.

Im apathetic to your story but your lack of basic reading comprehension is a glaring hole in your narrative

Yeah but apple is the sole definition of consumerism. He could actually use his brain and look into a coupke different tablets. Get one 400 dollars cheaper with the same specifications!

Because social justice is wrapped in the facade that you are making a difference and fighting for a purpose while also being about a topic that is easy and basically made up fantasy that any Joe shmo can get into and play pretend in. Stupid people feel like they are actually achieving something by thinking of retarded bullshit and acting like females.

They no longer have to study the sciences for decades or work hard all their lives to make a difference now. Now all they need is a pocket sign and a shitty haircut.

You are oversimplifying the issue.
In western society its morally "downhill" to agree with the spectrum of doctrines and viewpoints that the lefties push on society.

Even if you don't care about looking cool, or pretend to know more than anyone, if you dont at least pretend to agree with lefties you will be in a constant of contention. Being a vocal conservative means embodying that state of contention almost everywhere you go.

And that's a shitty way to live day to day, because youll eventually realize you are just playing right into their game: they need the unfliching, recalcitrant conservative from time to time just to pat themselves in the back and group-hug about. Volunteering to be their boogeyman is no better than being their shill.

You should learn and use punctuation, then give people crap on their spelling. Acquiring more self-awareness would be better, but don't strain yerself.

>American tells me to be more self aware
If you knew anything about English that's called "irony"

Fuck off with your blog Nancy

And ye shall know them by their harry potter metaphors.

Because uni professors are all stupid cucks
or jewish

>If you knew anything about English
This is America, speak merican or go back.

I speak Canadian English
It's identical to American except for extra u's and its speakers can use it.

>vacant soulless eyes
>spoiled brat hair
>plastic smile

Undermen nihilism and parent's money

>It's identical to American except we kept the gay english shit, and there's probably been some frog dick in it

>Believe it or not; you can indulge in consumption and still oppose it on a societal/systemic level.
This is why people beat up hipsters

lol SPEAK?? I didn't know we were on a phone call.

But thanks for letting me know I'm not saying my
"apostrophe for plural improper noun" correctly