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>5 days left to register to vote

>BBC empirically biased against Labour

>Politicians face investigation over abusing data harvested and sold from social media

>LibDem manifesto: Ganja YES, Brexit NO, Tampons FREE

>Scot Labour threatens councillors for fraternising with the enemy

>Grime artists support Corbyn, rave planned before election

>Wages can't keep up with inflation: Stagflation since 2008

>Man charged with terrorism for not handing over passwords at airport

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>voting for a socialist

Tonight's QT panel.

Also the Leaders Debate (sans May and Corbyn) is on ITV1 at 8pm tonight.

> 16 year olds voting

this meme must end

Vote UKIP lads, and make sure to watch the leaders debate on itv at 8

just cuck my shit up


Jesus Christ, I always had the sneaking suspicion that the UK was the least cucked country in Europe, I guess this confirms it. Hope you lads put up a good fight a few decades from now when you have to fight for your own existence.


Getting bummed feels nice

Westminster voting intention:

CON: 49% (-)
LAB: 34% (+8)
LDEM: 7% (-6)
GRN: 3% (+2)
UKIP: 2% (-2)

(via @IpsosMORI)


this is so biased it's almost satirical

I was on the fence before but they got my vote now. looks great!

>labour shills now arguing we should vote for labour because the tories are too left wing

Would stir priti's tikka masala from last night, Cable is always good banter too.

Gibs is the reason. Yet Ukraine did have a "Nationalist" revolution which was pro EU ironically so you cant talk

You really have to question who are these working class people who vote for the tories. Absolutely and totally cucked.

Try comic sans next time, lefty/pol/ liar

Get out third worlder scum, you have no right to address your betters.

>The Tories are too left wing, they're not going to deliver any conservative agenda.
>Vote for the rabid anti-conservative far-left instead, they are the only ones who will deliver true conservative policies.

This is literally the entire shill argument.

I've never understood people's issue with Grammar schools

(and no, I didn't go to one)


I think that's since the announcement of the snap election though, right? It was expected for Labour to increase because, christ, they couldn't get any lower. But I'd say it's positive if the polls show Tory and Labour closer as it makes more people motivated to vote for the former.


Start buying guns.

t. Nigel Farage

Reminder that all is lost, that cost of housing will continue to rise due to investors and BtL parasites who'll be bailed out when the bubble bursts, that the cost of living itself will continue to rise no matter what they do to minimum wage, that mass immigration will never stop so the degradation our culture, history, and future will continue until extinction.

There is no hope, no light, and nothing to look forward to.

>not wanting to vote to take back control of puclic services
>not wanting to have your children grow up in a country where they have access to world class health care and nutritious meals in school for free.

Aren't you proud of your country or something? Why do you hate your country so much?

>who cares
>They replaced it with min wage rising with inflation
>leveson was compromising a free press
>making pensioners who can afford it actually pay for their shit
>replacing with means tested, why should middle class kids get it free
>rightly so, replaced with double lose
>still committed to lower taxes
>why do the rich need fuel payments?
>free vote, who cares
>good, Germany has them

>universal suffrage

this meme must also end



Reminder that universal suffrage was a mistake.

>This was the tragic fallacy which brought on the decadence and collapse of the democracies of the twentieth century; those noble experiments failed because the people had been led to believe that they could simply vote for whatever they wanted… and get it, without toil, without sweat, without tears.

Time to vote Lib Dems for the right wing revolution

That's gotta be seriously overestimating Labour.

This will never happen.

Proof Corbyn hates the United Kingdom

this. Only 16 year olds who want it are spoilt retards who think they deserve everything they want

It seems to be that people get upset because it implies that comprehensive schools are bad and that they're stupid by default. Personally though I'm for grammar schools, where I grew up the nearest one was a LOOONG way away so going there was out of the question. I feel that if we were to start having more of them then that opportunity would be there for my children.

Have you recently suffered a catastrophic head injury?

This map is bullshit. Scotland voted to remain, north western france voted for le pen.

>quads say it is so


tory mummy boys



>Fox hunting
>Grammar schools

Super same you on the "Fuck Pensioners" from this manifesto though, good thing I'm voting UKIP

>Those digits



how to cause hyperinflation: the post

>Police say a family friend had to force his way into Cornell's room and found him with a band around his neck

Fatal wanking incident. Calling it now.

Wow there are some swell ideas, and how would these be financed?

>implying you vote for a PM
>implying any manifesto so far released is socialist

Lib Dems will deny brexit, we'll be fighting side by side with a militant Nigel on the streets of westminster

Have you given up hope in democracy yet lads?

Just like Drumpf will never become [email protected]!!

>that source

Westminster voting intention:

CON: A gazillion%
LAB: Diane abbot says Thirty-teen?%
LDEM: 2% fat
GRN: hahaha% ()
UKIP: paul nuttall% (2/10)

(via @IpsosMORI)

>t. working class lad
I went to one, didn't really help except making me a class outcast

Heard a UKIP voter on the Farage LBC show saying he loved labour's manifesto and was going to vote for them.

What do you think about Labour's policies?

Do you reckon there will be more younger voters in this election given how angry they felt regarding Brexit after not even voting.

>tax raised

It basically boils down to your usual lefty "everyone is special" bollocks. In reality it fucks over smart working class children.
Germany has a three tier system.
The highest for people who go to uni
Middle for those who might go to uni or might not
Trade schools for people to go into apprenticeships after.

Their system is far better than our shitty comps.


>To permit irresponsible authority is to sow disaster; to hold a man responsible for anything he does not control is to behave with blind idiocy. The unlimited democracies were unstable because their citizens were not responsible for the fashion in which they exerted their sovereign authority . . . other than through the tragic logic of history. The unique 'poll tax' that we must pay was unheard of. No attempt was made to determine whether a voter was socially responsible to the extent of his literally unlimited authority. If he voted the impossible, the disastrous possible happened instead—and responsibility was then forced on him willy-nilly and destroyed both him and his foundationless temple.

All I read their was "turn Britain into Cuba"

God I'd do anything for Labour to win


Farage isn't even running to be an MP you twit

tax the tax avoiders easy really


Oh right, I see.
I thought you were one of those moronic shills.

> Heard a (((UKIP voter))) on the Farage LBC show saying he loved (((labour's manifesto))) and was going to vote for them.

When will Hitchens use his free ticket to Israel?

Even if Corbyn gets 34% and that's a big if, it's still a massive failure.

THINGS man who Momentum love to hate did much better and actually won elections.

Give it a month and he probably won't be.

>16 year olds not voting
>75+ year olds voting
Cognitive complexity peaks at age 24 and its decline is apparent by age 26, no-one should be voting before that point. The elderly are too addled to be trusted to vote and the young are too thick.

trump never had to overcome a 40% lead
He was 4 points behind on election day

>state media has been disciplined into focusing on inane shit rather than any real issues
>non-state media is becoming ever more biased and owned by fewer and fewer people
>voting turn out consistently awful
>sound bites hold more weight than policy

The UK is shit senpai


Reminder Labour are BNP 2.0 under Corbyn

What's wrong with taking shit off pensioners? They've had such a fucking good time for decades, at the cost of everyone under about 40.

>Without debating the usefulness or morality of planned parenthood, it may be verified by observation that any breed which stops its own increase gets crowded out by breeds which expand.

Fuck. Sorry lads. Fetch me a rope and stool.

Is it true that lowland Scots are actually English in ancestry?

Was just looking at our debt to GDP percentage... the 2008 crash really JUSTed us didn't it?

Do you think we'll get the debt down to 2006 levels again?

id rather have corbychev than blair any day

>removed benefits from people with "back pain"

David Davis was in 21 SAS

Why don't you join?

Why don't lefties understand that these pathetic pound shop wannabe psyops campaigns are completely transparent and only make people hate them even more?

If they reported things truthfully everyone would lose their mind at how terrible things are.

He's right though.

Bit random but if you're a fan of Peter, I've been listening to The Two Mikes podcast recently. It's pretty funny but Mike Parry is best friends with Peter and always tells stories about him.
The other week he told a story about him and Peter finding hookers in Moscow and taking them to a boxing match.




Neither do you paki

Doubt it. The Guardian did some articles where they visit constituencies and talk to people. They talked to young people in Wells, the #1 target for the lib dems in the south west who all went
>I don't give a shit, not voting, it's too boring

but knowledge flattens out

When someone offers you a one pound bag of gold or a one pound bag or shit. You take the bag of gold, you don't start querying whether the weight is exact.

>in jobcentre
>white chav with mulatto child walks in
>no father to be seen, of course

I think those with mix-race children should get half the child benefits. After all, it's only half British.

>Gideon Skinner, head of political polling at Ipsos MORI, said: “Labour shouldn’t get too carried away by the rise they see in the polls.
>“The focus on their manifesto may have helped them this week, but on many fundamentals such as leadership the public still puts them a long way behind the Conservatives, and their vote is much softer, with one in six of their supporters considering voting for Theresa May’s party.”

>When you realise some people on here aren't being satirical and unironically support the Tories

Because they despise and hate the average working man and think they are as easily manipulated as they are

Apart from the HUGE difference in that Labour don't have any real policies on immigration

you can listen to it yourself m8, it's the first caller on the labour manifesto show on youtube.