Boy, 8, knocked unconscious at school days before killing himself. Parents weren't notified

>Friday, May 12, 2017 06:23PM
School officials never told the mother of an 8-year-old Ohio boy who killed himself that another student had thrown him against the wall two days earlier and knocked him unconscious in an attack recorded by a surveillance video, attorneys for the boy's mother said Thursday.

Poor little dude

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This whole story is suspicious. I was reading through multiple articles of the story and noticed some slight changes.

>"Reynolds decided on her own to pick him up and took him to the hospital after her sister, who was baby-sitting while Reynolds was at work, called to say Gabriel had vomited and was complaining of stomach pains."

>"After his mother picked him up from school, Taye became nauseous, vomiting twice during the evening. After puking, Taye’s mother decided to take him to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, where he was evaluated."

The video clearly shows him walk up to the group on his own will and shake hands with the other kid. That kid probably died somehow but it wasnt a suicide

I wonder if the head trauma caused it?

He's 8. wtf is wrong with you?

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Weak is weak, regardless of the age. He's better off dead, likely a future welfare leech anyways,

This is just so sad.
Little kids shouldn't have to deal with these things so young. This isn't the Congo for fucks sake.

I have heard depression is a very common side effect of concussion.

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this is the "social interaction" that shitlibs in the US refer to when they criticize homeschoolers

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Looks more like he fell unconscious, along with what said I think he just had something medically wrong with him and the mother is trying to make a web of lies so she can get something from it

>School officials never told the mother
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His home life must have been a disaster as well.

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How did he die from a hand shake?

If you are white, it is child abuse sending your kid to school in a shitskin district.


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was he white?

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it's ok, at least he died for a good cause

No, I just looked it up.

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There's also the Black Parents Association. They defend bullies when the victims aren't black.

They move in blacks to government-sponsored housing and the kids are allowed to go to the public schools. Only one kid is enough to make a child's life hell. And the school is afraid to do anything, especially in cucked states like California.


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the boy who died was a black kid.

How do you kill yourself at 8 years old? WTF. What method did he use?

clearly white you fucking idiot, you can even tell from the video that his skin was darkened through post-processing to avid the outcry if it was revealed he was actually white

media is covering it up right now claiming he was black

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was he white?

>clearly white you fucking idiot, you can even tell from the video that his skin was darkened through post-processing

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you can even tell from this photo, his skin is an uneven tone that you can tell was digitally manipulated

larger version

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Parents fuck with the kids insecurities
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The cops investigated the boys suicide and reviewed the video, never said the kids was thrown into wall, closed case.

(((Lawyer))) claims the kid was bullied and shit, says video clearly shows it. Wonder what her motivation i$?

Public school should be illegal. Everybody should homeschool their kids. Can't trust your kids in this utopia rat experiment with some glorified babysitters I would never put my kids through school after my experiences. All the bullies were poor trash kids who never had a lunch because their single moms probably spent it on crack that week.

>Probably a pagan wannabe
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Should just have much stricter systems in inner city schools. Make it a really tightly run ship, get ex military guys in to run it

Then heavily reward good behaviour

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>Should just have much stricter systems in inner city schools.

good luck with that. we have constant complaints that black students are punished more than white kids and that's "proof" of institutional racism.

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Cincinnati is 49% white. This was surely race-related bullying. They will blur every bit of skin color on these "good boys"... School doesn't report it because they don't want to be racist by getting the blacks in trouble more than the whites(despite the fact that they cause more trouble!) Disgusting.

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the kid was black m8, read the thread

yea I really think someone in the family is at fault.

Sup Forums is nothing but fucking shills. The kid is not white. There was no fight. The kid just collapsed for some reason after the handshake.

>The kid just collapsed for some reason
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