To anyone who smokes weed but still thinks that it should remain federally illegal to grow and possess: why?

To anyone who smokes weed but still thinks that it should remain federally illegal to grow and possess: why?

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you data minding shillbot

The people that think that are drug dealers you idiot.

Only a person involved in weed distribution would do that. By keeping it illegal, it inflates the price.

It takes all the fun out of it.
And I don't want to smoke weed with nerds that can buy it at walmart

Never met a person who smokes regulary and wants it to remain illegal, albiet i have reservations about letting the government control ot

because they are dealers and want to keep bringing in the money. If it's made legal the price would drop drastically.

The government doesn't control it much, the free market does - and that is awesome.

More gibs?

because i want easily breakable laws


So teenagers don't get dumber than they are.

Weed should be legalized, but with a major restriction - only working people should be allowed to purchase and smoke weed. The plebs should settle with tobacco. Therefore I'm not satisfied with the current proposals to legalize weed universally.

Legal: I buy weed at grocery store with my wage or grow it.
Illegal: I roleplay as smalltime dealer to smoke for free or grow it.

You choose, I get to smoke either way.

>germans in charge of making laws


in SA? Government taxes the shit out of alcohol and tobacoo in the usa, weed would be no different, would likely end up being more expensive

nationalise all illegal drugs

I thought that hemp was a substitute for petrol?

How else would I make money?

Weed should be like every fucking thing not covered in the Constitution: LEFT UP TO THE SEVERAL STATES.

Rot in hell, Lincoln.

Why not? Coffee is legal and it's far more likely to kill you

only people who make their living dealing and fear competition from legal dispensaries

I can tell you from an Oregonians perspective putting the state in charge of weed is an invitation for having the whole "culture" turn to shit.
The OLCC should neck itself.

if image is the reason you use cannabis then you're using for the wrong reasons to begin with, and you should quit because weed is normie as fuck now. You got 70 and 80 year olds toking up still.

Oy vey, the goyim are questioning immigration. Let's legalize drugs to shut them up.

I fucking hate weed but it should probably be legal. They made it legal here this last year and all the potheads grow their own shit, no more fucking dealers lurking around, no cops being called, it's illegal to smoke outside where I live so all the stoner's are stuck indoors and out of the way. It's been a pretty positive shift IMO.

Sorta. The war on drugs is just a good excuse to lock up feral nogs. Are the police going to kick in an upstanding whitemans door because he likes to smoke a joint now and again? No.

Are they going to lock up Tyrone because, well, they can't prove he robbed that liquor store but he did have some reefer? Yes.

its a net negative effect on society. only some people are responsible and smart enough to use it without letting it turn them into an idiot.

i dont like weed, but it should be legal, it will destroy all the drugdealers income and they will be forced to work and pay taxes. taxes which we wouldnt be wasting on police and courts to lock up some people with a herb.

I regularly smoke weed in front of cops, then turn my back and refuse to take my hands out of my pockets when approached. I'm trying to get them to shoot me for being such a shitstain waste of oxygen, but they won't do it. Fuck weed and fuck drug dealers. Maybe I should move to the Philippines.

this. it turned me into a complete docile retard and ruined all my personal relationships. also, it is actually a gateway to harder drugs and drug addiction

This guy is a walking advertisement for why you shouldn't smoke weed

Smoking weed turned me into a junky that sucked dicks at truck stops to get my next fix. Any stoner that says they don't do this is fucking lying to you. Most of them will do worse than that.

For the same reason bootlegging should be illegal. Drugs and alcohol must be regulated.

It is a *weed* that is *native* to my State. Coyotes & Armadillos are non-native species, to my State, and I can kill as many as I want to. The fact I can't plant weed on my own land to use as I feel is ridiculous. I can bring in fruit trees from other countries to plant on my land, but not a weed that grows naturally here. It's just stupid. Make it against the law to distribute without a permit, or something, but if I can grow vegetables, fruits & herbs to consume, but not weed, is just stupid.

Weed culture is the #1 thing that people dislike about weed.

Normalizing the shit out of it and getting rid of it's black market culture will probably help in the long run with acceptance.

Half of weed culture comes from its illegality. All the names people came up for it? Slang is code to keep older people and the cops from knowing what you're talking about. That's why weed slang has to change so often because the people who grew up knowing it as "reefer" or "pot" or "grass" are now police officers, so you can't use those words anymore. The whole 420 thing was just some random ass high schoolers from California's code between them to hide their activities from their teachers and square students who'd narc on them, then it spread among the Grateful Dead concert touring crowd

and the long running gag of encountering the cops and either having to flush or eat your entire stash at the drop of a hat. It's a recurring gag in any stoner related movie (Cheech and Chong albums and movies, Super Troopers, hell I even saw it in one of the early Friday the 13th movies).

The "killer weed" joke like you see in Don't be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood... long running joke referring to the black market creating more potent strains to be easier to smuggle.

Not to mention the bunk weed/oregano joke that obviously only exists because of the black market.

Killing the stoner culture aspects that revolve around its illegality are a good thing.

Cause stoners are fucking annoying as it is now. Sure I smoke at home everyday but if you aren't a fucking retard you'll never get caught.

Those that do deserve it for being complete jackasses. Plus niggers can't drive sober so they'll just be smoking making it even worse

drug war only makes the problem worse and it costs a shit ton and makes the profit margin go up so criminals and terrorist make huge amounts of money from shit that isn't expensive to produce. Only sensible option is to legalize it, regulate it and tax it so criminals lose their biggest source of income.

>gateway to harder drugs
Because your dealer had something else to offer?

the law has to change dramatically first because as it is, it can be hard to get a job if you're on medical marijuana, companies still piss test for it, they don't even check to see if you're actively coming into work high they test for metabolites that linger for weeks after your last time smoking weed, and fire you for being high on the job even if you only smoke on evenings off the clock.

i think this and i would also like to see all drug dealers executed


it will normalize it and everyone will be insufferable, like HEH WOW MAN I LIKE LOVE TO SMOKE WEED

anyone who ever drank in high school or knew someone who had his or her first "drink" in freshman year of college knows what i'm talking about, except it will never go away

You have zero perspective, my friend.

Because you realize how fun drugs are. I don't understand why people have such a boner for denying that weed doesn't put you on a trail to do other drugs

I wish it was legal in my state (Ohio), I'd love to grow a few plants. My state will probably legalize within the next 10 years

because it's not really bad but you don't want to actively encourage it
legalizing sends a signal of 'go ahead and be a dude420weedlmao retard'

Make it legal & all that, that annoys you, goes away.

>Are the police going to kick in an upstanding whitemans door because he likes to smoke a joint now and again?

Yes, depending on the area of the country you're in it might be so white and so low crime that cops will crack down on things like underage drinking, weed, and speeding more often.

In a state/locality filled with niggers they target blacks and other "minorities", but in a state like Montana where they have no niggers to pick on? They pick on young white men.

Please do.Also, I'm putting that image in my school now. it's gonna be the wallpaper of EVERY computer I can get my hands on.

I can buy weed for about €110 per ounce. Why the fuck would I need to suck off some guys dick for such a small amount of money?

Ive smoked weed for 40 years. I don't do, or did do, or want to do, other drugs. I was at one point a heavy drinker. Weed is 100,000 times better than booze.

>legalizing sends a signal of 'go ahead and be a dude420weedlmao retard'

why are all Belgians bootlicking mayonnaise obsessed child pornographers? is it because they have no true national identity?

I know a guy.

He's a lolbertarian durg dealer. He wants his tax free income.

He's also always loudly talking about his cutthroat plans and how machiavellian he is while giving away his plans. Ridiculous

look for the 60 minutes segment about legal MJ in CO. a quintupling of babies born to mothers who smoked a lot of weed during pregnancy happened after legalization
society cannot be trusted with legal MJ as much as i wish that weren't true.

if you don't believe me, post on reddit saying something like "my stoner friends seem to think they drive better while they're high" and see how much chorus like agreement you'll get with that statement

>Because you realize how fun drugs are.
Any sane person also knows the risks that come with drug use of any kind. For many people the risks that come with taking hard drugs are far too great to do it. Drugs being fun does not outweigh the negative effects many drugs have. Weed is a different story in this case, because the negative effects are by far not as bad as pretty much all the other drugs.

>I don't understand why people have such a boner for denying that weed doesn't put you on a trail to do other drugs
I have been smoking weed for about 7 years now and I have never tried any other drug, nor do I intend to. I know a lot more people who only use weed and will never try anything else, as the risks are far too great for them. These are people who live ordinary lives and most people they know don't even know they use weed.
Also, I believe studies have shown that using weed does not increase the likeliness that you will use other drugs n the future. I think it's more the case that people who use hard drugs, almost always use weed too because it's a fairly cheap drugs with a great effect.

This is the main culprit of the "gateway drug" theory, that and it's the first ILLEGAL drug some people try but the real gateway is alcohol, tobacco, and prescription pain meds.

I used alcohol, codeine/promethazine cough syrup, percosets, Shrooms, and LSD all before I ever smoked weed the first time at 18, because I didn't like the idea of smoking, but tried it when really really fucking drunk. My 21st birthday I tried meth.. why? Because I got really really fucking drunk and was passing out and felt I wanted to stay awake because I needed to get back to my girlfriend's instead of passing out at some people I barely knew's apartment. Thankfully that was the one and only time, the fact that I didn't really feel high but wanted to smoke more meth was an alarm for me.

So for me alcohol was a gateway drug to opioids, psychedelics, weed, and meth.

I've never been stoned and took another unfamiliar drug. Only other gateway was being convinced to try ecstasy when I'd hada vial of LSD lose its cap and spill in my mouth so obviously I'd had too much.

later in life, I got a chronic pain issue and was on opioids for years, I hadn't smoked weed in 6 years, I got a recommendation for medical marijuana, and now I use that and dropped the pain pills.

So weed has been nothing but an exit ramp for me.

DESU I don't even deal with the, mostly black and inner city, "culture" of weed. I'm mostly talking about white (again, Oregon) social aspects of weed. Basically the OLCC, now that it gets to oversee pot, is every bloated, know-nothing, itax-everything, bureaucracy that embodies what our dear leader (Pat Buchannon) calls "the swamp."
The most cancerous part of pot around here would be the stupid names the strains get, but even I find them funny most of the time and it's something unavoidable at this point. Growing your own, while allowed, is a pain in the ass because of anything is out of place, Johnny Law is going to come pay you a visit and ask you where your 19 certifications to grow a fucking weed are.
The black market culture you speak is something a rarely, if ever, experienced. From 2013 (when I started smoking) until 2015 when legalization actually kicked in I made probably 2 purchases which would be considered "black market culture." Everything else was just me showing up at a friends house, saying hi to his dad out front, and then buying the quarter or whatever.
Weed culture isn't a weed problem, it's a nig problem.

I forgot Tee Bee Haytch was autocorrected to D E S U lmao

Eh, it doens't annoy me, I've always found stoner movies to be funny But some people seriously hate that shit.

So making it a normalized commercial product like alcohol. I see no problems and I'll gladly deal with that to avoid the things I truly hated about doing it illegally, not knowing the strain I'm getting, having to eyeball and say "well, it doesn't LOOK like he shorted me.." Having to buy in large quantities and "stash" it because you don't know when you'll be buying next, having to buy from shady people you barely know like a friend of a friend's brother kind of shit, being asked if I'm a cop every time I would go to buy, all that. Really annoying. I like walking into a nice clean organized store, with all the products on display and I can be like a kid in a candy store "Oh, let me buy a G of the Northern Lights... and.... a G of the Ghost Train Haze" (I like to have a nice Sativa for daytimes and a hybrid or indica for nights).. and I like to buy just grams, because I don't smoke a lot (actually now I use a dry herb vape, I like it way better, better taste, less coughing, less lingering smell, and weed stretches out longer. 1G can last me days, 1 nug can pretty much get me stoned for most the evening)., this way I come into the dispensary more often to see what they got new that I might like, and you get it when it's nice and fresh and so sticky it won't fall through the grinder holes very well. Also less likely to have mold and no chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

I'm glad for this tradeoff.

I can sell it at a higher price if it's illegal

weed smokers should be gassed

digit confirm im moving to ohio in the next 10 years

This. I'm happy to drop almost all other drugs (and drinking) for weed. Only drugs I'd consider doing again is shrooms, and maybe LSD if I was absolutely sure it was the real deal and not some 25i trash. I haven't done LSD since 2000, and shrooms since 2010 though.

Well shit that's basically the way it's done here in OR. The annoying part is when you want to be more than just a consumer, but from a consumer standpoint it's awesome (except for the tax but it still goes to MUH SCHOOLS so voters approve a hike every time.)

smoked weed daily through engineering school, long story short, graduated as an engineer but have absolutely zero memory, motivation, or fun sober. At least it was lit

teaches you to be on your toes nigga.

>To anyone who smokes weed but still thinks that it should remain federally illegal to grow and possess: why?
No fucking worse than booze.

Illegal or not, it usage won't stop. Might as well take the money from taxations....

Is it true that taking DMT and other psychedelics even just once changes you as a person?

Eh, in Oregon at least where it's recreationally legal you can get the social aspect of smoking by smoking with your friends, rather than smoking with your dealer.

I guess that's the one thing I miss about doing it when I was younger was sharing with friends (though you use so much more and buy so much more as a result of that). In a medical state I can't really do that It'd be illegal again, would lose my medical license and all that.

I never had a weed guy that was a legitimate good friend, I mean I smoked with friends who bought from their weed guy who they were good friends with, but never bought from a weed guy I'd consider a friend. I was always just a customer, just an acquaintaince of one of THEIR friends.

Acid.. acid I used to buy from a good friend and so I kind of know how that is, they hook you up with incredible deals. A vial for $60 and shit like that. "Hey I only got $10 on me, can I score 3 tabs?" "Dude, here's a ten strip, don't worry about it" or randomly just because he's in a good mood he'd just dose me free and we'd go to a party.

.. never had that for weed though. That particular guy didn't like weed, just E and acid mostly.

It can, usually in minor ways like it'll make you appreciate natural beauty more.

The only people that I know who want weed to be illegal federally are a couple drug dealers.
Medical should be legal federally, without question. Then the degree of regulation should be left to the states, so not every state becomes California, where you can easily bullshit your way to a medical license.

Certainly. Psychedelics can induce extremely powerful experiences, ones that may be unrivaled in intensity until you gain more experience in life.
You could also end up with HPPD or DID, so I'd recommend a lot of caution.

no, not unless you take ego death amounts, just take it easy and work your way into a drug instead of diving in the deep end and metaphorically drowning