Nu-pol heroes

Talks out of his ass for $2k/mo
>Stefan Molyneux
Climate change denier, rarely debates dissenters, hypocritical ancap.
>Steven Crowder
Another climate change denier, picks low hanging fruit, lies about his opponents.
>Ben Shapiro
Neocon, climate change denier, ancap tier debate tactics.
>Bill Whittle
"Hip to be square" conservative, climate change denier, Fox News tier political analysis.
>PJW and Alex Jones
Conspiracy theorists, climate change deniers, snake oil salesmen.
Pederast, provocation before principle, recycles tired anti-feminist arguments, attention whore.

How did nu-pol manage to dig up the worst kinds of people to be the gate keepers of right wing thought?

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who is your hero op, mine is peter the great/Napoleon


Styx is okay, the others are shit.

Sage and report youtuber threads, including this one.

That shit goes on /bant/

>doesnt prove any of his claims

I do not watch any of these and neither should you or anyone else for that matter.

think for yourself.

Ohhhh not a dreaded climate change denier, the horror.

Of course, the left have Moochell as a hero..

>think for yourself
>dont listen to anyone elses opinions or information

styx and stefan are /my guys/
the rest are lame

never really followed any of this pol e-celebs

the only decent things they say, they parrot from threads they lurk on Sup Forums

Please cite consistent evidence to prove climate change is real.

This is how you beat a liberal in argument with no effort.

uhhhh you forgot ted kacyznski and hitler on your list

0/10 you will never work for buzzfeeed

Sure half those people are neocons but since when has Sup Forums been a "climate change" board?

Methinks youre a salty statist and rebbit fag

Fuck off /r/politics

Climate change IS real though. The climate has always been changing. The contention is about whether humans are affecting it.

Thats right. So for all you nu-pol faggots take some advice

Sup Forums only has 1 guy. Sup Forums only has 1 hero. The only man that will be known throughout eternity, Adolf Hitler


We are affecting it no doubt, but in regards to global climate, only ever so slightly. Anyone with half a brain knows that the world undergoes natural processes of climate change. Hence all the ice ages and shit.

The idea that climate change is somehow our fault is purely political and economic. Convince the people that they are at fault for something they cannot stop and have them pay penance to the government for it, so they can squander our collective wealth on "alternative energy projects" that are often run by associates of members of government or members of government themselves, and they usually fall through or produce very little in return for our money (see: Solyndra).

What we need to focus on is conserving our local envrionments. Let the Earth do the rest. Invest in alternative energy privately.


Greenland's iceshelf has been growing consistently and has seen record growth this year.

It's our fault, it has nothing to do with politics, leftist just like to spread misinformation about it and pretend it's a left-wing issue, you fall for their traps and deny evidence without even looking at it. you can argue about solutions without anthropogenic climate change.

denying anthropogenic climate change*

You forgot to mention about (You)
>The OP makes US$0,10 for each shill thread

What would Ghost be?


Stefan Molymeme is literally a millionaire in crypto currencies alone yet still begs for donations in every podcast. Does my fucking nut in

What does Sup Forums think about Based Bill Whittle
Is he redpilled?

How do you know that that's his account?

Ghost is a good guy.

Btc address checks out

Fuck that kike cocksucker