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reply or mom die

A bullet to the head is more merciful than the shit the media and general public puts Trump through desu.

>implying Lincoln or JFK were treated unfairly

Got what they deserved desu

JFK deserved that bullet though, he did nothing as President other than get his dick sucked by Marilyn Monroe and nearly start a nuclear war

Death to the Jews.

>lone gunman assassinate a man
>millions of 'super tolerant' shills constantly harass, belittle, and slander a man

Accurate statment.

OP, did you become homosexual before or after your father raped you?

If they can't impeach him then they will kill him

lincoln and kennedy got btfo's because they stood up to the banks.

the only reason trump hasn't been shot is that the kikes are doing tremendously under his do-nothing presidency

Drop your Redpills Sup Forums!


Trump former supporter here
I voted for him last November, and I've never regretted anything that much in my entire life.
How the hell did we sent a senile Alzheimer-ill old white cis male into the Presidency?
If the white House could talk, it'd say it would prefer be burned down by the red coats again rather than hosting this lunatic clown.

By the media? JFK had mob connections and affairs covered up en masse

Kys Kike

Ya idk man. i was on the Impeach Trump train but i think i have changed my mind as have all of my liberal friends. There is just no solid hold up in court evidence he did anything wrong.

Never seen someone attacked like him. Its obvious elites dont want him. I'm still a dem at heart but i think i support trump now. feels weird

> what's is obstruction of justice

Nice false flagging r/t_d shill

Troll spotted, shoo

>taking the quote out of context
He was clearly talking about the media in the full quote, but we can't expect liberals to be honest, can we?

The shill thinks being shot is being unfairly treatment.

Hahaha yeah former trump supporter here not gonna lie it's hilarious watching him crash and burn but seriously we can't let this guy be the ZOG president anymore

How are you going to impeach Trump when you literally do not have the votes?

>> what's is obstruction of justice
According to whom? Oh right. An anonymous source that has provided no evidence to back up his claim.

Ironic considering they would absolutely kill Trump if they could.

I'm not trolling, I'm a baiting

You should find a new tactic kiddo
your shillshit is old and stale

> (((lone gunman)))

Trump was not talking about them he was talking about (((THE METEOR)))


Shhhhh I'm trying to make a point.

>Pretty boy JFK
>And Abe Lincoln
>Treated unfairly
By fucking who?

Assassinated/Enduring a war =/= threatened


>Comparing Trump's unfair treatment to JFK and Lincoln
They didn't literally have the whole media attack them for shit. Granted they had quite a lot of people attack them for their views on civil rights and shit, but still nothing on the level of just about the whole establishment shit talking them
>But they were killed
I bet if Trump was assasinated right now, you'd be cheering. And funny enough
>Lincoln was a republican killed by a democrat
>JFK was shot by a commie

i said hold up in court evidence, dumb ass. there isnt any. i didnt want to support trump but and have never voted for a republican but damn. seems like a wild goose chase.

he was trying to kick the jews out. he was a good guy.

he was only killed because he wanted to monitor israel's nuclear program and they didn't like that.



Trump will not be impeached.

That's not how it works sweetie


But senpai.
The muslims also want to dominate the world with various conspiracies expending their sphere of influence with infiltration, subversion, intimidation and guerrillas by night.

And we have proof.

Even if Trump did "collude" with Russia (which is false):

Trump has violated the constitution far less than other recent presidents and Hillary. Trump has colluded with forerign nations far less than other recent presidents and Hillary.

Tell me why I would want him impeached? The ones calling for impeachment seem like foreign operatives wanting to literally tear this country down.

Kill yourself faggot


All my lib friends hate Trump, but they fucking DESPISE the media, and all the low IQ, tiny penis, Shareblue shill faggots who do some filthy old heeb's dirty work.