My 11 year old Brother is degenerate

I've seen my brother multiple times naked with a laptop or phone in his room. I found out today why. I assumed it was porn but now I know for certain. He has done this fucking 10 times in the past month. How can I red-pill him on porn being degenerate? (I've already told my Dad)

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show him this:

UPDATE: I forgot. He's 13, not 11.

Laugh at his little weiner

suck his dick or let him fuck you to at least give him a bit of perspective on what it is to have a sex life

Hey at least it's not your 6 year old brother browsing creampie on pornhub.

Open has different levels of degeneracy. Have you asked what he watches?

I have. It was Straight. I think it was Boy fucks mom or something like that.

Is your mom hot?

You should show him trap porn.

This is a legit question.

>Boy fucks mom
>tfw mom was always fat, ugly and old so never understood this
>tfw fat, ugly and no gf
I'm s-saving the white race guys I-I'm not white

You can't control his life. But yea, definitely warn him about what porn does to you. You don't want to crash down own him and just beat him about it. Just warn him and advise that he stop. Maybe make it harder for him to access it.

Addiction, eventual ED. I've had a porn problem for ten years, and I can personally attest that eventually porn makes you like weird shit.

>>is your mom hot
the fuck?

Just tell him to stick to vanilla stuff.

Warn him that watching a 7 person Furry diaper orgy is going to fuck him up royally for life. Show him pictures of CWC and warn him that this is his future if this is the path he takes.

> Puberty
> Hormones
> Just discovered how jacking it and a good a nut feels

Talk to him like a mature older brother and be truthful :
> I know its new to you. It was new to me
> It feels dam good right? Yes it does.
> It's happening to you.. It happens to everyone
> What else feels good to you? What else are you missing out on due to jackin your dick so much? You have all the time in the world to jack your dick. At some point, when you get older, you will even discover more pleasurable means to an end.

> As did I
> As did I....

> Try not to get caught caught up in fapping. You're missing out on other cool stuff.
> Show brother other cool shit
> Reinforce a healthy relationship with him, show him you're mature enough to talk w/ you about it, show him alternatives
> don't act like a righteous judgemental faggot
> Give him time. It's a phase all young men go through.
> You went through it
> Your dad went through it
> So, (((teach))) him like mature adults.

It's not degenerate. It's natural. It's called puberty and raging hormones. That being said, doing it all day or getting lost in it is degenerate. It carries hidden opportunity costs and detracts from other important things.


Sexist thread on Sup Forums in a while

I haven't done porn. I'm 15 and don't plan to. My Roman Catholic senses are preventing from doing it. Yes, the current clergy is owned by jews but a new Pope candidate claims to be against the Muslim invasion.

just let him fap in peace, asshole

I can't wait for this new Urban guy to call a crusade against mudslimes

Is that you in the video

>thinks porn is degenerate
>goes to Sup Forums

The election brought the worst kind of newfags to Sup Forums

"I think"
"I assumed"
"I forgot"
"told my dad"

get banned you retarded cuntönborn#Evolution_and_the_Catholic_Church

>>is against the Muslim invasion
>>is an influential candidate for a extremely powerful position such as Pope
the tides are turning

btw "I think" I just found the proof

It's his wife's son.

Just hurry up and suck his dick, OP. All this dancing around your true emotions is embarrassing.

It's too late for him.

Heres the proof

what is this, proof for ants?

Enjoy your 3 year ban

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He's fucking 11, asshole.

What the fuck were you planning to accomplish by telling your father your brother is already jerking off?

Do you even know?

Kill yourself, you fucking prick.

I gave the Proof. Heres some examples: MomTeachesSex, Creampie, threesome

Decent taste assuming he's going for FFM when he's searching for "threesome"

OP: Hey dad my little brother has finally discovered what fapping is. I saw him jerking it his room.
Dad: Uhhh, okay son what's the problem?
OP: *autistic screeching about how fapping is degenerate*
Dad: Uhh y-yeah son, i'll see what i can do.

That is assuming this is just not a bait post as it appears to be.

That fucking first post is the best.

Make fun of him and tell him it will make his cock shrink.

Tell him to read porn instead of watching it.