Hello I am here for the job interview

Hello I am here for the job interview.

this thread has become an island survival thread.
play if you dare

already taken sw beach in red.
looking to callin reinforcements

Great, I've been needing a jizz mopper

This is why I support gas chambers

is that Isla Nublar?

I'd hire you, but only if you let me sniff your hairy braps.

How do we play?

the gooks are the reining champions at the jungle island war games. you'd have to sink that place into the sea to get rid of them once they reconnoiter the island and dig in. then you'd have no island to claim, so who really won?


I would honestly rip one of those knives off his face and kill him on the spot.

I went to high school with him...
>Pauly Unstoppable
>Farrah Flawless

Pretty sure "she" does "straight" porn now.

that's a guy?
i fapped to her multiple times.


Conscript reporting


100% guy

how do you play?


can you get the fuck out of my workplace u absolute freak wtf is with the knives

*takes it out of your nose and stabs you reealy hard*

hope you die


has anyone ever had a fidget spinner piercing

Fuck it


are there a benefit to having holes in your nose?
no more annoying hairs?
does it effect breathing?

>crowdfunding was a mistake

>284 days left