How do I prove to my little brother that communism is a cancer to this world?

How do I prove to my little brother that communism is a cancer to this world?

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Let him become a newfag.

You mean like except the obvious stuff?

Send him to gulag

Tell him to share all his stuff with you

Rape him

People in their natural state are feral animals, only discipline and facing hardship is what creates civilization and the positive feelings of accomplishment

teach history

>jewish swine

Take all his property from him and shot him if he complains.

I did it.

It worked.

But then he made himself a disgusting Evangelist (you know, Christian Evangelist) piece of shit. Don't even know what is worse a commie or an Evangelist.

Hello gomrades! XDDDD Dis general is for disgussion of margism-lebonnism, da ideology of revolutionary socialism and gommunism.

Gommunism is da next stage of guckery following real society.

Wat exagtly is gommunism according to gommies:

>Gommunism is a stage of guckery in which the produgtive infrustrugture runs away from gommie country, and no goods are produced and beeple starve. XDDDD
>Gommunism in full form is obressive, statist society dat follows maxim "gib gib gib!" XDDDD
>To achieve gommunism we must replace broduction with murderous obressive rulers liek me, fug working glass beeple. XDDDD Struggle while I liquidate you all lol. When capitalists run away we win and I kill you all. Eventually the functions of state cease and state becomes murderous and indistinguishable from other gommies. Da state withers away liek da people.

GL uses philosphy of gib and starve, see here:

It is recommend you kill yourself so you can avoid starving.


Ask him to prove that communism has helped the world. There aren't any commies with a high standard if living nor any semblance of a working economy.

Your average Russian was much, much better off in 1953 than in 1923 or 1913. In Albania the Marxist Leninist regime turned a literal medieval backwater into a poor but much more modernized country.

Steal his stuff and share it with other kids

You can call me anything while you are giving me $38 billion over the course of a decade. Cheers mate!

Thanks to Hitler of course. Nothing brings working people together like bash-the-fash party!
The only reason Staling stopped shooting his own communists is the great patriotic war.

Send him on a trip to NK or cuba

Ask him if he wants to live like the locals

Or beat the stupid out of him

Bully the shit out of him by applying communist principles to your relationship.

Even if what you said was true, those aren't examples of either a good standard of living nor an economy.

Fuck off

you know nothing about russia

it wasn't after ww11 that grain production reached pre ww1 levels

kys commie shill, you don't deserve to live in America.

Shoot him in the head. That'll teach him.

use you fists you queer

Begin redistributing everything he owns.

>How do I prove to my little brother that communism is a cancer to this world?

Give him a helicopter ride.

In communist Russia, the smartest and best among them were targeted under order of the jews. 60 million native Russians were executed by the invasionary, jewish force that infested Russias government offices. Methods of execution varied in its brutality, with executioners executing russias citizens by turning them into ice statues in -40 weather, or tying them into planks and slowly feeding them into the furnaces. All of this was happening while Adolf watched from his border, and the jews infested his society like some sort of disease. Spreading degenercy everywhere they went, occupying the highest ranks of the media appartus's to push their degenerate neophyte culture. (See fall of the weimar republic) Kids were whoring themselves out in the street, and even being delivered via taxi, mothers and sisters would offer their sexual service simltanouesly. The most vile, degenerate thigns began to transpire in adolfs republic under the guidence of the jews. This is what led them to being rounded up. this is why the holocaust was necessary. This is why no one here has any pity for the jews what so ever. The devils only ever deserve to be sent back to the hell from which they came.

Give him Mein Kampf. If he wants to be edgy, at least make him the redpilled kind.

>Give him Mein Kampf.
>Implying Mein Kampf isn't a terrible book.

No m8.

If you give a kid Mein Kampf the kid will never want to know about redpills in his entire life.

Even if you are NatSoc, gotta admit that Mein Kampf is a terribly boring and not well written piece of crap.

>Your average Russian was much, much better off in 1953 than in 1923 or 1913
That's true about pretty much every developing country at the time, except in most you dont have a significant % of the population in gulags, mass executions or starving to death cause of retarded policies

Get him to read animal farm. Then ask him about all the successful Communist countries out there.

Lol! Jews made pure german women putout for food!
"Oy vey, the joymans forgot the printer running" :-)
Tell me more please!

Devils. Every last one of you. God will never let you win.

Explain to him that Communism is 100% a Jewish system of totalitarianism, they murdered something like 60 MILLION white people (dwarfing the "6 million" who died in Germany), and then make him read pic related to know the true horror of the system.


tell him to visit best korea

Take his shit, tell him you're redistributing the wealth.

If you really can't argue why communism is bad then you probably shouldn't be browsing a politics board. Fuck man. Go google it or something.

in the end they wont, pal. revelation is all about them winning this worldly game, wait on the Lord


Lol. I heard that an existing jewish state is an afront to Islam. But never heart that Canada has anything to do with it. In any case dude. Go punch a jew. We need new blood here.

go to the store/supermarket together
say that you both are gonna buy candy to eat it between you two
let him pick any delicious candy he wants, the bigger and more expensive the better
meanwhile without him knowing, you pick literal garbage cheap candy and small quantities of it
picture this, he brings 8 sticks of hersheys, kitkats, crunch, etc
meanwhile you bring 2 jawbreakers of $0.20 each

now tell him, THIS IS WHAT COMMUNISM LOOKS LIKE BITCH and punch him in the stomach and take away half of his candy, and toss him 1 of the jawbreakers you brought

Best post

is that real?

I'm on chapter 3 and it's absolutely mind boggling how anyone can defend communism as a socio-economic system after reading the atrocities committed by the society's


Show him the North Korean haircut options. You'd better fuckin keep it trimmed too, or they'll fuckin kill you. Possible with artillery. Kim Jong Un loves to experiment.

I love Hitler, his war and the sacrifice of 7 mil of the german people. He didn't even know that what he did would result in me actually existing!
Whatever people did, resulted in me being alive. So it was all worth it! :-)

You don't, spread class consciousness

Tell him about the November Revolution in Germany after WWI, that's what redpilled my brother

Tell him the nazis killed 6 millions jews.

Then tell him Stalin killed over 60 million people starving them to death, with death squads, had rapists and murderers in charge of gulags and how he burried hundreds of thousands of people alive because it was easier to carry people alive than dead.

Then tell him how Mao killed 100 million of his own people and erased chinese culture from history.

Send him off to live in China.

Lovely couple. Gonna be in Moscow this summer. Should I visit Lenin at home?

If you don't know how to explain it, then you don't really understand it, which means that you hold this belief based upon Faith, and not Fact. In other words, you are displaying the characteristics of a cult member

Lenin mausoleum is pretty, I've visited there. Breddy hard to get in though. Might've been the timing for me though.

By that logic, capitalism is shit too because of all the poor capitalist countries.
>two incredibly destructive world wars, a bloody civil war, and massive restructuring affect grain production
Stop the presses.
*revisionism intensifies*
Russia developed many decades' worth of development in less than 20 years, despite being the site of the bloodiest theater of the bloodiest war in human history. That's a pretty unique distinction. Stalin did kill many people though in the 30s.
You mean like how people defend fascism and neoliberalism despite hearing about the Holocaust, the Spanish Civil War, Operacion Condor, US-backed right wing operations in Central America, South Korea's mass killings, the Duvalier regime, or Suharto's reign of terror?

>How do I prove to my little brother that communism is a cancer to this world?
Tell him communism means that one thing cannot be better than a other thing.
Also point out communism has and never will be a successful way to govern people.

>By that logic, capitalism is shit too because of all the poor capitalist countries.

By my logic, capitalism would be shit if no countries that practiced it had a high standard of living or a good economy. That isn't true in the slightest.

*jewish shilling intensifies*

Learn about the holodomor and why it happened then you tell him.

Communism preys on the jealousy of paradytes to take down the natural functioning system and they put themselves on top of it by force. Because they don't know how to produce society goes to shit and then you have the state going into ucraine to steal all their food be ause parasytes usurped the farms and didn't know how to farm because they're the worthless scum of society.

All to stop the possibility of western civilization descending into moral relativism, structuralism and semantics'.
>The globalist Jew is the same as Spanish nationalism or the justified retaliation of national socialist Germany.
Shill harder.

Cuba's living standards are in some ways very unusual for a Latin American country. They're poor but health, literacy, and nutrition are abnormally high.

Break into his house/room and steal his stuff. Then write a note saying the state took it behind.

>hurrr Hitler was right durrr

>not a argument

Show him stuff like this.


>Have fun and remember the 6 gorillion!
>Make sure to stop by and get buy a picture from "the ovenator" and don't forget to pick up a "Oven Dodger" T-shirt!

Christ I hope this is a troll, you could have spelt evidence right

Have you and your friends hog his Xbox One.and then post gay shit on all of his accounts and then when he objects tell him you are all the proletariat and he is oppressing you

Also, watch lectures by Milton Friedman, Murray Rothbard, etc. to get the best arguments for capitalism and how capitalism leaves people more equal then communism.

Essentially you have to argue for capitalism from a left-wing point of view which means talking about how monolpies only exist because of the government and our founding fathers were rebelling against government supported monopolies (bring up the Boston Tea Party and how that was actually rebellion against a state supported monopoly and not against the British Government).

It's better then attacking him for being a retard since you can agree with him about certain points (like how monopolies are bad, lobbying is bad, bailouts are bad, banks are bad, etc.) when coming from this perspective. You have to be on his side and slowly nudge him to your views. I think this is the best method.

"Economic Freedom" is a meme-tier definition of capitalism. Most of the third world ranks low on it despite being anti-communist. The rich capitalist countries with high EF actually got that rich from protectionism, while many third world countries, despite ranking low on EF, would be ancap paradise because they're so unregulated.

Tax evader here. Fuck off schlomo.

Read an economics book not written by Mark.

Pic related properly explains why.

You exist because of Satan's evil magick, Shlomo

I made it really fast, my bad. Here a fixed version.

take him in trip to venezuela


>killed le jews
>is le evil
>le hitler
>wasnt fidel castro a commie too
>i mean theyre bad ppl right
>also who's Karl Marx wasn't he a comedian?

An old fashioned honor killing is the only way

Give him a chilling speech that appeals to emotions in such a hearty way & paints all the facts about communism in such a way it suggests utopia, at the end of the speech punch him in the mouth & tell him only the strong get anything faggot.

Tell him how many people Stalin murdered.. what is it ? 35 million? 100 million.. ask him to think about how many people that actually is...

Buy him a plane ticket to Venezuela.

Buy him a ticket to a communist suburb in Eastern Europe.

Documents leaked after 1991 counted 700,000 killed in the Great Purge. Assuming the real number is more than that, you could say a million or so. The famine of 1932-33 killed roughly five to seven million. The GULAG labor camps had a leaked tally of a million or so deaths. Taking into account how some seriously ailing prisoners were released so the authorities didn't have to fill out paperwork, say another several hundred thousand. This makes a total of 7.5-10 million from 1923-1953.

By taking his stuff

Better to be a poor person in:
[x] west [ ] east Germany
[x] south [ ] north Korea
Better to be a middle class person in:
[x] west [ ] east Germany
[x] south [ ] north Korea
Better to be a rich person in:
[x] west [ ] east Germany
[x] south [ ] north Korea

Have him read about Communist atrocities and how Communist states have never been successful in the longrun.

Thank you commradeski.

Tell him Mao Zedong, the most notable leader of China in the 20th century, allowed 45+ million people to die of starvation under his communist rule because he didn't understand economics.



Get rid of all food in the house

China is basically a capitalist dictatorship. They can't claim ideal communism anymore. They're still going to dwarf us in 20 years. Our growth rate is abysmal and at a trickle compared to the rest of the world. We need another war soon. Maybe N. Korea.

KEK!! What?!

Just fucking show him.. You know all the success!

Communism Doesn't Work.
Communism Has Never Worked.
Communism Will Never Work.
Communism Doesn't Work.

But.. But.. Shhhh! Communism. Doesn't. Work.

This is all jewish lies of course. The true estimates are closer to 60-115 mill. The exact figure remains hotly debated.


>China is basically a capitalist dictatorship. They can't claim ideal communism anymore.

yes, which is why there economy is booming. Capitalism works.

> They're still going to dwarf us in 20 years.

There is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Demographics always win.

>How do I prove to my little brother that communism is a cancer to this world?
Buy him a plane ticket so he can visit Cuba or Venezuela.

>Jewish lies
*tips edgy*
It's not even demographically possible for that many to be killed.