South Master Race

>Warm all year
>Bumper Crops of fresh fruit and peanuts
>Friendly population
>Informal culture (button-up and jeans to church every sunday)
>Nignogs stay in big cities
>Mountains change color through the year
>Based qt3.14's everywhere
>Lush forests
>Great hiking
>Wildlife everywhere
>Lax gun/knife laws
>Perfect mix of city and country
>SSS rank food
>Ethnic pride (Southern is an ethnic group, stfu)
>Praises Jesus weekly

What's your excuse for not already moving to the glorious south?

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Because I already live here.

Because I don't have money to move.

I can't stand the heat is the only reason.
I chose to move to Montana instead.
Meets most of those requirements and also whiter population.

I don't like being cucked out of labor by monopolies like walmart

>GO for a short hike
>400 tick bites

spain is more southern than dixie

>disgusting food
>literal joke Christian ideology
>smell like shit

Bama > Georgia

Enjoy being cucked out of your civil war monuments peachfags

I wish I lived in Montana. Colorado is too liberal and crowded for me.

>button up and jeans to church.
That's yankee bs, dress up for church you bum

If it wasn't for a song bama would literally be known only for its cousin fucking population

Fair enough i like the dry heat of Montana, the humidity kills me here sometimes

Canada too buddy, ticks are breeding faster than an african whore keep safe eh

Montana has it all basically.
>One of the whitest states
>One of the largest states
>Still conservative despite being one of the whitest states
>Perfect state for doing innawoods shit

Those are black folks you're talking about, you racist!

I already live in Louisiana

>go for a short hike
>cry about insects
Just stay inside then

>this place is great
>everyone should move to it!
neck yourself.

I'm just broke. The south is my end goal. What's the best county? I was thinking somewhere in Tennessee or one of the Carolinas. I'd love to be in lots of trees and woods

The only tick thats alright with me is in blue spandex.

>lets go hiking
>flat as hell
>hot as shit

hiking involves mountains and cold weather


Lyme is bit a big deal in the south. Mainly northeast and west coast

Tennesee is a good middle ground, Georgia is nice too, carolinas only if you like mountains a lot.

Stfu dumbfuck, you want the South be overrun with trash like California was? By offspring produced in the South among other "based" places nonetheless, so gtfo, cuntface.

Who gives a shit once they start coming for you.
Don't worry. your enrichment is nigh.

Mountains are fine by me too. I grew up here in Washington State (Don't worry I'm not a fucking liberal). I just want to find a place in the woods with a blonde conservative christian qt with a southern accent


Anywhere below the mason-dixon line and above central Florida is based, but are there any major cities that aren't total dogshit? Asking because I've never really been anywhere that isn't rural.

South Georgia masterrace, reporting. We don't need more northern migrants though.

Excellent tastes my dude, then yeah carolinas should be right for you, especially in the smaller towns where women and still women.

But by all means drive around and visit before making a decision

Appalachia sounds comfier.

I know, that's why I want to move there. It looks so comfy. I plan to move there once I find a wife. I need to find a wife here first because I've heard the dating scene in Montana is a joke.

My town has about 50k people in the metro area and is very conservative, despite the massive black population

Chattanooga is pretty chill, some parts of atlanta, savanna, birmingham is ok, most are alright at least

i live in texas but i dont think were considered the south

you stupid leaf...
you only need to worry about ticks who have been on deer. (at least in my region)

t. NY pussy

Nah texas is its own thing

I already live in small-town NC and its pretty great.

If you southeners are so good, why your region is so fucking poor compared to the rest of America.


Greenville, SC is pretty nice to be as big as it is.

Appalachia is for the lowest white trash garbage in the country

TN: Knox, Blount, Sevier county.
NC: Just stay West, get close to Asheville but not too close.

SC master race


What south are you even talking about? North Carolina and Tennessee? The dirty south (most of Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi etc etc...) is pretty lame.

niggers. we have the most niggers.


Because I grew up here and everyone is a nigger; even the white people.


Memphis is like Detroit, ATL and Nashville are nogland, Charleston, Savanah, Columbia, Charlotte, Raleigh and Asheville are all pretty nice.

Alabama reporting in. The south shall rise again. Everything OP says is true. God bless this land.

We are. Not all southern states are the same. We still all have country accents of some sort that are special to our states.

niggers and alien spics

Savannah is absolutely not nice, it's a giant slum full of niggers with a few historic districts and mansion rows that have survived due to old money.

Truly the best part of the USA

>live in tx
>100% humidity and 90 degrees 9 months out of the year

I am leaving this state and never returning in about a year

T native texan

ITT pussies LARPing as sub-literal blowhards.

It's cheaper to live here.

Food is sorta meh

Was gonna say niggers but literally 4 people already beat me to it.


>when you out yourself as a nigger and it's not even good banter
you tried

>i prefer rain over any weather
>same here
>i don't give a fuck what the culture is, i do things my way
>i don't hate black people
>I'm right next to the Rockys so same
>in the city
>thankfully strict gun laws because i don't trust my fellow man
>no not really here, you can have that one
>learn how to cook
>who fucking cares
>i don't care about what religion other people practice
life up here is much better, that's why

master race my ass.. you are fucking southern white trash. If you drive a goddamn pickup truck just kys you damn white trash. Sick of rural retards.

From some shit I was reading the fucking yankees are already pouring into the south

Its because we have a lot of niggers.

God forbid we aren't loyal to the country that thinks us evil, racist, bastards, responsible for the ills of the world, who deserve to be killed and destroyed.

I already live here too.

TN here. One point of contention, I don't enjoy 95 degrees every day for 3-4 weeks in the summer, especially when it gets so damn humid.


I love the weather here I even work in it.

>100% humidity and 90 degrees 9 months out of the year
this is absolutley the worst thing about living in texas its even hot as fuck at night i live on the gulf coast and its how i imagine hell to feel with the heat and mosquitos

That's like calling everyone who thinks 2+2 equals 4 a hivemind. It's just fact

Okay so you're a masochist

Mfw southern baptists won't let you buy beer on sunday

Mississippi checking in. the weather is great for June

The Californians have been coming to my state for a while, but they never stay.
I think the poor people drive them out, they don't know how to auto-segregate.
Plus, humidity and rapidly changing weather is a mother fucker here.

Already here GA USA

I would seriously consider moving further south if I could live out the rest of my life as a farmhand or something. Working with your own hands is extremely satisfying.

Savannah is a shithole, every nigger in the lowcountry has family there.

lol no.
Work 10 hours in the heat 5 days a week.
Get tan as fuck and sweat out all the bs in your body.
It actually makes you feel really good even though it sucks in the middle of the day.
Some chicks dig dark skin, rough hands, and the stamina of a bull.

>>Friendly population

That varies depending on your skin color and religion.

Fuck these things they're all over the place and it's against the law to shoot them

Fayette county btw

KEEP northern and NOVA fags away from my glorious south. They are ruining Fredericksburg.

North has never respected us down south and as a result, keep them the fuck out.

Hello, Confederate friends

Roll Mother Fuckin Tide

Pensacola beach, Florida. Paradise on Earth

Dad lives in Elejay gated comm. can't shoot em I have counted 60 driving out they are fín everywhere. I thinking crossbow,

Lived near Pensacola a few years back. Loved that city

arkansas here

fuck the clintons

I grew up in P'cola
Pine Forest High

Because you have mexican influence. Family values and we Dont have big nogs, the yanks are cucks

wtf, i love canadia now

This. Only yankees and hobos don't put a dress shirt on for church.

USA only allows spics to move there getting a greencard is basically impossible to me as a white blonde man. And I can't speak English properly so there's that.

Tate High School here. Moving to Flowery Branch Georgia soon

its an underrated state imo i loved it when i visited

Say what Mexican't get across the border...