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What an incredible damage control

Kurt found hanging from the rafters in ten days





>called hentai "creepy"

Hentai is creepy. Ecchi is okay.

I don't see how hentai is Sup Forums

fucking traitors. worse than pizzacancer.

>sharp eyed internet users
>hardcore japanese cartoon pornography (it exist)
My sides

As if you couldn't just google tentacle porn and have hundreds of images come up. (Responding for a friend)

bullshit. Tucker is very Sup Forums

Most Japanese porn is creepy, user. Cartoon or otherwise.

You indeed can. Images.google com has plenty of it

>that pic
>Self immolated


Original picture.

Anyway, I don't see if there is anything wrong with what he did. If he was watching this stuff, I'm sure tab name would be way hardcore

So he had hentai on a tab for over 8 hours?

Wait what, did he?

the text was at 11:59 am and the tweet in pic 2 was at 8 something pm

Of course. That's what makes his "I couldn't find any so I ended up here" so bullshit.

Funny as hell though.

He was actually caught with CP and said it was for "research". Needless to say, this guy is a sick puppy.

I don't understand, why do people think he should be ashamed for looking at porn?

Is Kurt for real or some alt-right plant created to make the left look bad? This is where I start thinking how bad the extremes are - on both sides.

s a v a g e

If he was just looking at porn it would be fine, but he's pulling the "The computer got a virus and I got scared so my pants fell down!" routine.

I was only trying to help ;_;

your gif pretty much answers the question sven

What BS. Who calls their kids their "adult sons".

If he had just not responded at all, this would have blown over by now. Why skilled wrongdoers like the clin-tohns will smile and say "thank you, have a nice day" if you accuse them of wiping out a whole village.

holy fuck, it really happened.

best timeline.

Holy shit Tucker's producers have to lurk here

Yup, he is a retard.

You can rest easy knowing that because you are blocked, he must have seen your helpful post.

Good taste.

Welcome to Sup Forums, kiddo.
Happy summer, senpai, it'll be a long one.


It's sad that public figures feel the pressure to pretend that they aren't human.

How so?

>*raises eyebrows* It exists!
my sides

>Tucker Carlson's Downward Spiral

HAHAHAHAHAHA Kikenwald is obsessed

hentai is creepy, boyo.

>When your nemesis fucking reports on your big breast impregnation facesitting hentai fetish.

Fucking Savage.

Whole family was watching, pervs.

>Tucker doesn't really roast him
>instead he pleads everyone to stop Kurt Eichenwald from tweeting again to save his dignity
Class act. I love the TUCC

>Claims he was trying to prove tentacle porn exists.
>Doujin he was looking at didn't even have tentacles in it.
>He was on a specific page of it too.

Please, please ask him;

>Given your history and brush with the criminal justice system for being the admin of a child abuse and child pornography trading website, do you think it's wise to maintain an interest in online pornography, even if in this situation what you were looking at is legal in selected countries?

lurt eichenwald exposed as leader of the alt-right

Well it's 212 pages long. He had to make sure each and every page did not contain a hint of tentacle porn, I don't blame him

Holy kek hahahahaha

This is the best time line

You all better thank baby jesus




I hope he really does kill himself so that at lease /ourguy/ has something to smile about when being raped in prison by bubba.
Although I don't remember what punishment he got, was it jail?

At least it's better than the "muh undercover research" excuse he gave the FBI after he was arrested for running a child sexual trafficking ring.

Christ, I haven't had so much second hand embarrassment since that whole Manti Te'o fake girlfriend thing.

Google "fake text message generator"

I guess h-hillary s-supporters masturbate to a-a-anime too...

He's a civic nationalist.

I cant read those tabs, is it because of my phone? Or the pic isnt HQ?

B-chiku is pretty good desu

>Get caught with hentai tab open
>Oh I was just looking for tentacle porn
Could you have made things any worse ?

I fapped to Kurts Dojin today... Big breast impregnation fetish... nice.

Hentai IS creepy. That's what makes it fappable.

Trafficking ring? I don't remember hearing about this. I thought he was just caught looking at CP?

>with my kids

>that slow fucking zoom in on his face from 0:40 to 1:00 with "KURT EICHENWALD CAUGHT LOOKING AT PORN" at the bottom of the screen

Rule34 of Kirked getting gagged and penetrated by tentacles

How hard is it when people manipulate google? If someone google tentacle porn then Eichenwald picture would come up.

The issue is he's the one who made fun of internet Trump supporters by saying they jerk off to anime.



Or the wikipedia article.

Also that hentai he has up isn't even tentacle porn.

What a retard.

Because it makes him a hypocrite.

What kind of loser looks at CARTOON fucking PORN?

Man what a pathetic fuc... what am I doing with my life


Anybody got that face in the end?

Does Distance have a twitter? He needs to know he temporarily has become e-famous.

Open picture in new tab, and zoom it, it's blurry but you can see it.
I know those things exist, I don't believe it, but I'm just presenting posts by him, so people can get idea what's going on.

Think about the conversation he must have had with his wife today.

Um babe, I got caught beating the meat to cartoon porn. Just play along please.

He didn't that was Rick Wilson.


>convince my wife tentacle porn existed
>couldn't find any

How it possible not to find tentacle porn in this day and age?

Yeah I got them mixed up, all these talking head are too similar.

he did that to make sure the public didn't think he was looking at porn with his underage children, but the fool didnt understand that its a dead giveaway for how fake that conversation was

phones sucks, user. I guess since you're just a phone poster you wouldn't know it but the same thing happens on my g6

tuck browses pol btw

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Did anyone update his wikipage?

DANGER!!!! Evil Jews in charge!!!


He was admin of a site in which young boys were selling nudes of themselves.

He was never actually arrested afaik.


>it's real
>it's REAL



srsly. He isn't fooling anyone. A quick google search can give the fucking HISTORY of the shit


A new subsection

"Discovery as Tentacle Porn Deviant"

according to doujinshi.org/browse/author/1429/DISTANCE/

his twitter is

this is the best timeline

how is this even real

>Pretends he couldn't find any tentacle porn.

>How it possible not to find tentacle porn in this day and age?

Because that was the lie he made up to cover the fact that he was fapping to big breast milfs.

I'm proud of you Sup Forums. You did this. The photo that exposed him was from Sup Forumsacks sending him jew memes in the mail. And Sup Forums always looks at the tabs and found him out.

Eww he finally started with the brown girl meme.

>those comments

holy kek

>Because that was the lie he made up to cover the fact that he was fapping to big breast milfs.

But why would you cover that up, literally no one would find that objectionable aside from the fact that they're drawn.

Anime brown isn't real brown anyway.


kurt is truly /ourguy/

how many famous """political players""" do you guys think that are closet weebs?

How mad is he going to be when he sees this?

>all these newfags