This is a real John McCain tweet


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he is dead within three years. his mind is gone and he is lost. his last impression on the voting public is one of confusion, incoherence, and weakness.

i hate this lizard, but i can empathize enough with him to realize he needs to make his exit pronto. his mind is gone. his legacy is tied to his mind.

>How do you do fellow Arizonans? Don't you love watching Arizona Diamondbacks baseball and chomping down and a nice delicious bean burrito?

I wanna know what kind of snapchats he does, or receives

digits and he is out in less of a month

checked. don't be a tease and deliver.


this thread is blessed, start wishing things!


This is delicious.

Yea, we heard that 8 years ago. It never happened

digits and he is out in less than a week

Jesus christ man just retire already

No Problemo, Senator McCain! You gotta give the guest workers time to catch up with your nuanced ideas on American interests.


Don't tease me like this de gea


Old Man McCain out past his bedtime

YES! Replace that old cunt with a democrat for all I care, just fucking get him out!

Digits confirm's

Digits says within half a month

>my questions are going over people's heads
>I'll get more sleep so you simpletons can understand me

kek has willed it


>game was basically over in the 7th
>staying up late for it

Get your shit together Stolen Valor McCain

Off by one

Kek must be trying to tell me something. I am too low on the estimate. I correct my prediction to two weeks and five days.

Digits get.

so was this a case of 'i was just pretending to be retarded!', '2 deep 4 u', or 'too intelligent to win'???

Yeah, maybe fucking not. If I fucked up as bad as he did and my excuse was that I stayed up late the night before watching sports, I'd lose my fucking job.

Ha he couldn't even remember who our prime minister was

I believe

welp welp

He's going down with the pedos and human traffickers.

Oh fuck,
Praise kek!

g-g-guys i feel bad n-now can i cancel my wish?

no digits and i cancel it!

Dude was incoherent as fuck.



rolling he drops dead in 3 years

Too high. Correct and repredict.

My ID: cum



2 years 7 mo


He was confused, and people are giving him a lot of shit. I have seen some of the niggers in congress ask the most ignorant clearly stupid questions that could ever be asked and nobody says dick and donuts.

I don't like John McCain, but he was trying to do the right thing today, and had an old man moment. When I see a headline asking if Cynthia McKinney is smart enough to hold elected office I'll worry about Songbird.

We've had guys that were being kept alive by machines in the wheelchairs for fucks sake.


too low.
he dies THIS year.

>dinosaurs like McCain are going senile.


Lol this was the main thing I got from the comey thing. McCain is done.

If staying up late makes you this loopy and fucked you shouldn't be in politics.

Like his questions legit made no sense and his speaking sounded like he was a stroke survivor

Finally all sides of the political spectrum can agree with something

2 years 5 months 3 days

deliver user

Dbacks? Sounds like a euphemism for gay porn.

He's beem death since his visit to Antartica, this it's the body double.

Please, Kek, make this happen.

the boomers will have nuked the world before then

alright. originally off by one. im rolling for 11 years. final authority confirmed by digits.

Oh fug. Even sooner?

McCain croaks 2 years 1 month.

Someone ask Mike 'i swear I'm not gay' pence.

ill double check

His questions made no sense at all. Clinton emails being tied to Russian collusion, muh double standards.

hmm.. 1 year 1 mo

Final prediction.

2 years 3 months 10 days

>old senile man blaming others for his short comings
I hate this faggot

>John McCain

2 weeks. Cap this

Fuck I'm still too low.

2 years 4 months 10 days

2 weeks. Cap this post

"president comey"

It is written.

I hope the Songbird of Hanoi dies painfully.

where can i watch the whole thing?

Isn't him mother still alive??

clearly he was high as shit on opioids.

Doddering. Old. Fool.

damn his mummy looks younger than him

did his mom had him at 15?


OD's this month

>tfw to intelligent too make your questions make sense

What does it mean tho?

guys its obvious, he leaves office because he dies. i.e. in a month when he leaves, he leaves dead

In the name of Kek, Trump's neoconservative enemies McCain and Lindsey Graham will be politically destroyed, insh'kek.

Ilumenatti immortality confirmed


OD's tonight

Shit dude

And it'll turn out his wife is cheating

Hmm off by one. Daughter cheating on husband with black man?

>"president comey"
Yea, he's done.

What's the little yellow ghosty thing for his picture? I've seen a lot of people have that. Is it a social media thing? Like standing with cemeteries? Seriously, I have no idea

totally incoherent. Here is what I think he was trying to suggest. Why did the FBI close the email case if they are still investigating Russian hacking. Isn't a real possibility that the Russians hacked hillary's poorly secured server?


Digits and he gets raepd by a gook


You gotta be fucking kidding me


>divine providence

He is dead checkem


>"Senator, your time is over."
Truer words have never been spoken


>President Comey

Operation Pepe is a go. We stealth takeover the government on every level it's brilliant.

Step 1. We run for office, civil service.

Step 2. Take over key positions.

Step 3. ???

Step 4. Profit.

About ten years ago I sat behind him at a public event. Honestly, even then he looked like something out of Hellboy.

I salute the walking dead for the desire to serve the public, I only urge them to take the dirt nap that nature wishes to bestow them

I hope so

t. Arizonan

Comedy (((Goldschmidt)))

nigga that's called a job