Why niggers are so useless they cant even swim?????

why niggers are so useless they cant even swim?????

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Ya'll got niggers over there?

who cares. problem solves itself.

Because it's a skill you need to learn. Since when do niggers learn anything?

no...we only have immigrants from Europe and they are pretty good and assimilate well

70% ahahahha i had no idea it was that high thats fucking hilarious

Well normal people are taught to swim by their parents. Niggers haven't had good parents for generations. The cycle of not teaching your children to swim never ends.

can someone post the webm of niggers in the ocean trying to swim as a whitey points and laughs at them?

typically it's a skill you learn from your father. Since when do niggers have fathers?

>There's nothing funny about niggers not knowing how to swim

I wholeheartedly disagree.

>puts food stamps in the deep end of the pool

well someone has to teach them how to raise children too

africa is mostly land.

i dont think they ever learned to sail.

Good, keep them stinky niggers out of 'dem pools

Under the sea will be the new Crusaders Battle Hymn.

dense bones, they just sink

>need to learn

stay out of the water and you won't fucking drown.

half this guys country is cucked by turkey..and then like 3% of his land is buffer zone of UK bases

Beat me to it.

Renamed my file to Sea Monkeys so I can find it faster next time.

black parenting at its finest

Most things that require anything more than a prey drive are too complicated for niggers.

East Africans were (and still are) accomplished sailors actually. Most of Arabia's dhows were built on the Swahili coast.


To learn to sail you first need to invent a boat.

My nan doesn't know how to swim and we "bullied" her all the time. If you're shit at something basic it's funny and you should be raggled for it until you fix yourself.

Because white people exist.

Jim Crow, eons of slavery, perpetuating racial stereotypes

Since the parents never learned, neither did the kids.

Thanks again white people.


because they have denser bones and smaller lung capacity

How hard is it to swim just kick your legs and hands like a dog like nigga seriously hahaha

This but also for a long time black people weren't allowed in public pools and lived in urban areas where the only place to swim would be a public pool.

Niggers so stupid, they don't even know how to float.

you forgot the one really really fat black guy who no one really likes but everyone keeps him around who does cannon balls


Socialism is just sugar coated communism. Liberals are just the mentally challenged children we throw in the streets because they shit on the floor.



They're so fucking oily, that they just sink immediately


>for generations


its halved ....turkish roaches on the one side and greek Cypriots on he other

I like how its all solved when the white men are needed to help the niggers out.

actually coming up with names for them like "African Rock Fish" is hilarious!

Swimming is so fucking simple and easy. I guess its their ridiculously low IQ.

>what are rivers and lakes


There's also nothing funny about blacks committing most of the crime in this country.

I fucked up and posted in the wrong thread.

YAAASSS!!!! another nigger hate thread! My fuel!


yeah go swim in a river or lake so you'll just drown or get bit by a snake. swimming is pointlessly dangerous, typical white person activity.

no sweat nigga


we also dont need them around any more.automation has striped them of the only thing they were useful for

When I was 13, I was walking along a pool at the town water park I saw a nigger toddler floating in the water face down. He drowned that day because his cousins left him alone in the pool. I go by that water park every week and reminisce each time.

I swim in a river every few days and I've never been bitten by a snake

Yes, family generations.



i can just imagine you

I was a life guard when I was a teen and the only people I had to save were little niglets. They sink like fucking rocks and their parents don't even pay attention to them lol. Should have left them on the bottom of the pool

They cant even self recognize in a mirror as a child, either.

you saved the thumbnails newfag

I live in Idaho so that's pretty accurate

Daily reminder that you can take white school children who have never been in the water, throw them in a pool, and they will instantly figure out how to swim.

There's everything funny about 70 percent of black americans not knowing how to swim tho

Nature's will


What about the other 30%


muh dick 2 big senpai

>typically it's a skill you learn from your father.
no one "learns" to swim, your dad just throws you in and says sink or swim bitch while laughing as you struggle

i heard blacks start hoopin on the court if you do the same thing

>niggers actually believe this

what? where can I read about it other than here? at what age do they acquire this ability?

If a black man was raised totally isolated from society so that he had never seen a bike, would he steel steal it?

maybe this is why God flood the world once?

What happened to humans? Can't all animals instinctive know how to swim? Why is it only humans that need to learn how to swim? Did we breed that out of our system when we created agriculture?

i will watch that when i feel sad


>there's nothing funny about 70% of black americans not knowing how to swim

>go in water
>literally do nothing, dont even move
>float because of buoyancy

no matter what race if you dont know how to swim you are a fucking retard

Almost forgot about rockfish season, thanks for the reminder, OP.

Nigga, they allowed to go to the fucking pool for over 50 years now. Surely somebody other than that 30% could and fucking go to the pool to learn. They even train kids there.

I disagree, it's hilarious.

come on.

it's a little funny.


They also hate parks....

"African immigrants feared rape, killings, stabbings and drownings. "


>posts an image of a bunch of alpha males having fun
>insinuates that its a bad thing


the are also useless at telling the truth

where's the other person, Latrine?

>being so dumb you can't float and move about in water

>perpetuating racial stereotypes

Nigga, not getting your kids to learn to swim is perpetuating the stereotype

he dindu nuffin

Why do you think Hurricane Katrina was such a disaster? If it had been whites, they would have had a giant yot party before going out of their way to rebuild the levys.

what percentage of America's mentally retarded population swim?

maybe that's why blacks don't swim

It's not that they don't know how to swim it's more like they are genetically unprepared for it. Their ancestors didn't swim. Didn't create ships. Didn't cross the ocean. Didn't even swim in lake Victoria or the Nile.

Niggers are also extremely afraid of heights and hate roller coasters. This is also genetic. Culture is partially in our genes

What if we flood the earth and live like waterworld. Nigger problem solved

its already 70% water