What do you guys think about Murdoch Murdoch?

What do you guys think about Murdoch Murdoch?
>inb4 hey Murdoch Murdoch

leddit tier, middle schooler babby's first redpill cringefest

hey Murdoch Murdoch

does ama on plebbit. ded to me forever. if murdochx2 is gonna pander to plebbit, they should fucking stay there

unwatchable autist trash

good stuff


i like them except for the hitler and nazi shit. why would anyone idolize 2 times world war losers like the germans who killed millions of white people?

I need animated wojaks to validate my political opinions!

Perfect balance of humour, cringe, redpills and feels.

The nazi stuff is a little scary, desu.

Love it, want more.

this but unironically.

Its hella funny. Red pilled me about genocide. Im still not willing to go 88 though

its hilarious. also hilarious to see shitskins on Sup Forums try to shitpost them

Nice shitpost

Good show when is there more content coming, Murdoch?


its the truth. think about it. nazis accomplished this. 1) make nationalism look bad. 2)kill millions of whites 3) destroy the nation he was leading. 4) make communists so powerful i took decades for the big boy(USA) to beat them down. 5) let the world know how shit socialism is (a good thing) 6) ganged up on a bunch of unarmed people that belonged to a group that was superior to him due to jealousy (BLM tier shit)

Their content is great. The 40 minute episode with the hapas was one of the funniest things I've watched in a long time.


>Germany is guilty of losing
The whole world was against them and they nearly won

Autistic and cringy
Seems like what a wimpy introvert cuck bullied by Jamal one too many times would make in order to feel good about himself
Hilarious to see beta losers with shit sense of humor validating what they chose to believe off of Sup Forums with this garbage

It actually inspired me to become a politician in real life.

it is authentic Sup Forums style humor, I like it

one of the voice actors kind of sounds asian though

But how do we fund the coming racewar?

cmon it was the alt right subreddit and they said sorry after

Ayup. If it weren't for NSDAP we wouldn't have Schindler's List and holohoax museums in every white city on earth. Not that I think the holocaust was real (somebody did the math and it was like 12k Jews gassed an hour to get 6M lol), but what really was the point of invading Poland? They didn't even have guns.

I hear they are shills *x-files music*

pawn shop firearms

nope. they had a bunch of countries on their side,actually. And the reason the others were against them was a reaction to their actions. Oh look at me, im Germany. im going to pick a fight with all of the most powerful nations on earth. i will surely win. let me go ahead and alienate all these groups that wouldve joined us by calling them inferior.

what are bullets and starvation?

I identify as a Nice Guy National Socialist.

Do you seriously not see the value in entry level material? You will never redpill the normies if all you do is scream 14/88 nonstop.

>What do you guys think about Murdoch Murdoch?
>>inb4 hey Murdoch Murdoch
Sup Murdoch, when is the next episode? I am in love with Murdoch-chan, I want to make beautiful Aryan babies with her.


They have some good stuff

i've unironically called myself a nice guy national socialist to normies before :^)

Germany wanted a crusade against communism and the eternal anglo and friends got in the way

They used the word "Hispanic" instead of Mestizo in their san jose video

anti white faggots tryin to blame mestizo crimes on the spanish man

Stop samefagging your shitty autistic videos, Murdoch. You are NOT funny.

>doesn't know when something is funny
>afraid to admit Sup Forums is always right bc he might be arrested
c h e c k s o u t

Autistic and great.

Here's entry level for you right here - 65% of European Muslims believe that Shariah law is more important than the law of the country they reside in, 40% of British Muslims want Shariah law, 85% of rapists in Sweden were non-Swedish immigrants

"Nice guy" National Socialist? This is a clash of civilizations, not your lame, friendly TV show fan club. An utter farce. Guys who watch this crap now are the ones who were squealing in school about why pretty girls only go for the bad boys, not their true chivalrous, gentlemanly selves

They need a better tshirt design site Maybe their own website. Navigating that tshirt site is terrible.

They also need a patreon link on their videos

As for the show. Should have another angle besides the normal 3 of them stories. Making fun of reddit cucks was good and there Trump video that got shoahd got watched a ton

Haha, that's funny because Murdoch Murdoch had and an episode about this exact conversation.

If they were smart they could do an entire episode on that idea.

Stop shilling your shit videos. Anyone who take memes seriously is a joke themselves.

Remember kids, sage in all fields

>thinks his country's humor best in the world
>XDDD louis ck, amy schumer, 2 broke girls sooo funneh amirite
>needs to watch poorly animated wojaks to confirm that Sup Forums is right


communism woudnt have existed if it wasnt for the germans. read some history books. karl marx was a german and it was the germans that sent Lenin with a shitton of money to russia to start up the communist revolution.

I'd taunt you for your german standup comedians, but no one has ever heard of any of them.

>karl marx was a german
>communism woudnt have existed if it wasnt for the germans
this has to be b8, shitposting, or truly the end of Sup Forums

I love it

Jews arent German

I don't like it when they use the Lord's name in vain, it makes me uncomfortable watching it, which sucks since other than that the show is amazing.

Last Son of the West Part 2 when

oooh what i would do to murdoch-chan

it seems like the kind of thing i wouldn't like, but i unironically do

germans are people born in germany. plus those jews had been there for like 600 years.

the germans literally sent Lenin to russia with a shitton of cash. nice job ignoring what i said but everyone knows it.

The flag you're waving will still be covered in blood in the end.

I think British humour is the best in the world by far. You are obv a blue pilled faggot to even bring up with obv Jew trash as a semblance of an argument, and there aren't many shows out there that align with my beliefs, plus it is at max 15 minutes long, not like it takes any dedication. Just something to watch that is remotely funny when I'm bored on the weekend. They really put something in the water to make you guys faggots, I'm not even mad at you it's plain sad.

I like about 2/3's of what he does.

They make a good point every now and then, and I guess it serves a purpose. But it's still too memey for my taste and if you enjoy it you're probably underage.

Reminder that if memes are what brought you to the far-right in the first place then you're an impressionable idiot. (We need them too though)

Its trash, like natsoc in general. Edgy highschool faggot looking for attention teir political ideology. I understand why an ethnostate would be awesome but natsoc is shit

Proud Neonazis adapting to and functioning in a caricaturistic leftist suburban setting is a fucking Gold setup for a series, their early stuff with the main 3 characters was amazing and shit like the Bill Clinton episode and the art school episode are still really funny, regardless of your political standings

What isn't enjoyable was their cringey meme war arc where nothing made fucking sense and when they really push hard the "yeah we really murder niggers and kikes in the streets on the daily and you should too" shit.

Make more episodes like Hwite Knights and Pure 100% Bavarian Phenotype. Shit's always a good laugh

y-you ever read any hitler?

anyone who wrote the line "Gaius, cling to my bosom. the darkness approaches!" can't be all bad

in fact they're fucking great

>natsoc is shit
how so?

It is nice to see you occasionally accidentally undermine the beliefs you profess.

Once your gf cucks you, you're always a cuck. Murdockx2 is not forgiven.

100% bavarian phenotype was god tier.

I love their videos and it makes me feel less alone in this world.

I live in a province where being conservative is close to the equivalent of being gay in a muslim country where they dont kill you.

I'm an old school WN and love it.

OP if you got tits, post with timestamp, or ur homomisdirectomy. SAGED

What percentage of men have never been cucked?

>aren't many shows out there that align with my beliefs
Why do the shows you watch for entertainment have to pander to your personal political views? Can you not separate politics and entertainment? Or worse, Sup Forums from IRL? Even if you actually are this autistic that you can't enjoy something unless it jacks you off to your little brand of 1488, there's good Sup Forums-approved shows to watch instead of this rubbish.
>something to watch that is remotely funny when I'm bored on the weekend
Get a hobby kiddo
>You are obv a blue pilled faggot
>obv Jew trash as a semblance of an argument
>put something in the water
Holy buzzwords Batman

Would you really want an authoritarian socialist government run by dictators after we killed all the minorities? I mean its a means to an end but its trash compared to a democratic capitalistic ethnostate.


(((Patreon))) killed their account. I was a supporter.

Can't have a capitalist ethnostate.

This is the final red pill for Libertarians.

I didn't hear that in any of the main cast, but that would explain the push for honorary status for HAPAs.

Good shit.
If I was rich I would fund them to come out with an episode every week.
I love how each character represents a different arm of the denizens of Sup Forums

Murdoch-chan is essentially my inner mental monologue.


A shrinking minority. You can tell by plebbits growing userbase

I mean japan is was a pretty awsome capitalist ethnostate that is only failing because rice niggers are weak beta men and their population is declining. Replace it with whites and boom, economic miracle

Look around you. How many people respond positively to these threads? If there are more than just the OP, then we're here because Murdoch Murdoch has real potential to pill normies.

literal memefest for alt right

nope, they need a 4th character thats redpilled but not into hitler and nazis. no,im n ot talking about r the donald i mean a non retarded character.

amazing nigger hating

Wonder if they are controlled opposition funded by Rupert Murdoch.
It reminds me of shilly South Park.

It is funny and well-produced but seems to be trying to control the narrative pretty hard--directing white nationalism into a race war that the Zionists can then swoop in and benefit from ...

I think they're just terrible

Well written for the most part, probably the best pure entertainment produced by "the alt right"

They're kind of hit or miss though. That transhumanism video from today or yesterday or whenever fucking sucked. Conversely, the meme war video was genuinely moving.

pretty good, glad they kind of dropped the whole "meme war" arc they're a lot better in smaller doses. Although I did find a lot of the jokes in there funny it was mostly not as good as their other stuff.
Their best works are "pure 100% bavarian phenotype" and shills

They are pretty funny desu. I like them but I don't think that they are really successful at redpilling a lot of people. They have no influence over society or normies in general

new vid sucks but it was just to promote t shirts so who cares.

I love their vids and they came on one of these threads a month or so ago and apologized for not doing the ama on Sup Forums.

I think they're amazing and they just get better and better.

Is this character for new fish to relate to or do you think it will make the stories more interesting? If the former, in a lot of episodes that role is played by Murdoch.


That's basically Dr. Murdoch.
Murdoch: Sup Forums weeb
Dr. Murdoch: Neoreactionary
Murdoch Chan: 1488 Hitler did nothing wrong
You see it in the video where Dr. Murdoch is protesting the ghost of William Pierce burning his Thomas Sowell books and his Prince albums.